Innokin Go S Review And Instructions

    Innokin Go S Review And Instructions

    About Brand

    Highly committed towards promoting healthy lifestyle, Innokin has earned positive reputation in the community. The brand has been highly appreciated by smokers seeking a way to quit smoking. Innokin products pave the way toward smooth switch to vaping owing to their trouble free and user friendly vape gadgets. Furthermore, the performance and design of the products clearly reflect the hard work put by the designers and engineers in manufacturing.

    Overview of the Product

    Unlike any other Innokin model, Go S stands out because of its intriguing design and exquisite finish. It is more like pen shaped and claims to give you intense flavour like no other pod. It is a single button design that makes its functioning relatively easy. So, we found it to be extremely modern in looks and highly functional in performance. Some of the general specifications of Innokin Go S are following.

    Size:  128 x 20 x 20mm

    Output Wattage: 13w

    Resistance range: 0.6 – 3.5Ω

    Battery: 1500mAh

    Capacity: 2ml

    Built and Design

    If you are thinking that Innokin Go S has a same feel like any other Innokin model, then you are probably wrong. Go S feels luxurious in packaging and design as it has extremely modern design. The front of the mod has a square firing button surrounded by LED light. It comes in five vibrant colours to suit your style. It also comes in pink for all the ladies vape lovers. Owing to stainless steel construction, it’s extremely robust and light weight. The sturdy construction makes it impact resistant as well. The prime highlight of the built is 1.6ohm MTL coil made from organic cotton and wood pulp to mount the flavour. It is coupled with a hard-wearing tank constructed from Food Grade PCTG Plastic. The tank comes in three varying colour, is transparent and can hold 2ml of e-liquid.


    In terms of performance, Innokin has made sure that the Go S performs amazing with variety of e-liquids and nicotine salts. The 1.6Ω coil gives matchless flavour. Furthermore, the max output wattage of 13W is another treat for vapers who are a fan of Mouth to Lung vaping. We were able to get concentrated, flavourful and sensational puff with Innokin Go S. In addition, it offers full adjustment airflow to make you more delighted.  Lastly, the LED keeps you aware of the battery level of the device.

    Ease of Use

    Innokin Go S is extremely easy to use. To get the pod started, you have to press the firing button five times. Your battery level will also be indicated by the LED indicator around the firing button. Green means your battery is above 20% and red means its below 20%. Talking about the refilling, we found it mess free as well. You can slide the top of the tank gently for refilling it. Fill it with your favourite e-liquid and let it set for few minutes.

    Battery and Charging

    The Innokin Go S is driven by a powerful and long lasting battery of 1500 mAh that will last you an entire day. So, the 13W output wattage and 1500 mAh of battery is an ultimate delight giving you exceptional vaping experience throughout the day. The battery is also integrated with safety protection to save it from over charging. It takes like an hour to fully charge. On the back side of the pod you will find micro USB port that accepts the USB cable. So charging the Innokin Go S is fairly easy too.


    Innokin Go S retails at the price of ‎$22.99 in the market. However, to save yourself some extra bucks you can also purchase it from a vape store that is offering discount.

    Pros and Cons Associated with Innokin Go S

    Let’s check out the pros and cons of Innokin Go S in detail. Still keep in mind that the pros of the device outweigh cons significantly, so Innokin Go S is a reliable option to consider by all means.


    1. It is easy to use starter kit with fairly simple operation which makes it ideal for beginners and novice vapers. Just press the firing button five times, and you are all set to start vaping.
    2. Refilling Innokin Go S is hassle free. We are very pleased with how easy it is to replenish the pod with favourite e-liquids.
    3. The device is sufficiently portable. It has sleek pen shaped modern design that is light weight and pleasing to the eyes.
    4. The coil is made from organic cotton and wood-pulp to make your puffs more flavourful.
    5. The adjustable airflow is another convenience for the vapers who want to try different styles of vaping.
    6. There is a 510 connector located at the top that makes Innokin Go S with other tanks as well.
    7. It has extremely powerful battery and full charge lasts you whole day.


    1. Disposables tanks is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, its highly despised by people who don’t adore disposable tanks.
    2. Another disadvantage is it doesn’t have Type C USB port.

    Review of Innokin Go S

    Summing up, we were pleased with the performance and operation of Innokin Go S. In an affordable price tag, it offers plenty of features such as adjustable air flow, 1500 mAh of battery, portability, sturdy design and safety protections. So, we think Innokin Go S is worth the purchase.

    A Guide to Using Innokin Go S

    As mentioned previously, the operation of Innokin Go S is extremely easy. Let’s dig into the detail of how to use this pod. You can also read the manual for detailed instructions.

    1. Take out the accessories and the device from the packaging.
    2. Attach the pod with the tank and fill it with your desired e-liquid.
    3. Then charge it fully by utilizing the USB cable.
    4. After it is fully charged, press the firing button five times.
    5. Adjust the airflow if required and start puffing.

    Upone: A More Suitable Alternative

    UPENDS has never disappointed the vaping community in terms of delivering exceptional products. Similarly, Upone is another landmark by UPENDS that is an exquisite pod system ideal for both beginners and veteran vapers. It is a disposable pod that makes vaping further hassle free and mess free for you. Let’s review it in detail:

    Battery: 850mAh

    E-liquid Capacity: 4.5 ml

    Resistance: 1.6Ω

    Size:18 x 111.3

    Built and Design

    Upone carries the signature minimalist, modern, sleek and pen shaped design of UPENDS. So, it more about the performance rather than the design. It comes in six different flavours that are: Lychee Crush, Raspberry Blueberry, Cool Mint, Juicy Grape, Pineapple Ice, and Cuban Tobacco. The pod is carries the colour of the fruit to keep you free from any confusion. Upone has a button less design and integrated intelligent draw activation.


    Like the simple design, Upone is simple in the performance as well. Its 1.6Ω coil makes vaping more pleasureful owing to its  thick cotton-base based construction. It also prevents the risk of popping, leaking and condensate to give you uninterrupted vaping experience. The mouthpiece has been constructed from food grade PC material and has a filter to make your puffs flawless. The pod has the capacity of 4.5 ml. So, it lasts for significant days.

    Ease of Use

    Upone is extremely easy to use. There is no mess of charging and refilling as it is a disposable pod. We know how much of a headache it is to refill the tank throughout the day and recharging the pod every other hour. So, Upone is hassle free to use in that sense.

    Battery Capacity

    The battery capacity of Upone is 850 mAh. It is not as powerful as 1500 mAh but still strong enough for a disposable pod. The 850 mAh of battery coupled with 4.5 ml of e-liquid gives you a flawless vaping experience. The safety of the battery is guaranteed and it has been constructed from A-Grade material.

    Final Thoughts

    Undoubtedly Innokin Go S is one of the most intuitive pod the brand has come up with. However, it doesn’t competes with Upone in terms of ease of use, portability and operation. There is no mess of pressing any button five times as Upone integrated draw activation. Furthermore, there is no mess of refilling and recharging. So, Upone wins our recommendation and it is indeed and great value disposable pod.


    1. How do I turn on my Innokin Go S?

    In order to turn on Innokin Go S you have to press the firing button five times. The button is located on front of the design.

    1. Is Innokin Go S worth it?

    Yes, Innokin Go S is totally worth the price. We found totally worth of the purchase as it offers plenty of features in a reasonable price.

    1. How do you charge Innokin Go S?

    On the back of the design you will see a USB port. With the provided USB cable you can easily charge Innokin Go S.





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