Innokin Gala Pod System Review and Instructions

    Innokin Gala Pod System Review and Instructions

    About Brand

    Innokin strives to flourish healthy lifestyle in community by providing the tools for better living. The brand has its roots in Shenzhen, China where team of engineers and designers tirelessly works to bring forth ultimate creativity and innovation in the product. Furthermore, the brand aims to excel in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers with persistent innovation.

    Overview of the Product

    Light weight, stylish and high performing are the three words that do justice to Innokin Gala Pod System. For people transitioning from cigarettes to vaping, it is ideal because of user friendliness and versatile features. You will totally adore its powerful battery, fancy design and extra ordinary performance. Some general specifications of the model are mentioned below:

    Model Name: Innokin Gala Pod System

    Dimensions: 108mm x 24mm x 9.5 mm

    Maximum Wattage: 14W

    Juice Capacity: 2mL

    Coil Ratings: 5ohm Mesh Plex3D Coil, 0.8ohm Ceramic Coil

    Battery: 500mAh

    Weight: 50g

    Built and Design

    Due to its fancy design and lightning effect, its majorly famous amongst young vapers. Food-Grade Plastic Pod Construction and Zinc-Alloy and Resin Chassis Construction make it extremely durable and robust. Coming in variety of colours, you can pick whatever matches your style and mode. It has a shiny finish which is accentuated by round edges which makes it easy to fit in hand. The design has 2mm LED light running down the body. The LED light flashes when pod is connected and when you vape. You have seven colour options to choose your favourite light.


    Now coming to the main part, performance! Innokin Gala doesn’t disappoint in that as well. Along with the device you get two pods of varying resistance. You can use these coils with varying e-liquids and get the most out of it. Not only the design is physically robust but its equipped various safeties and protections as well like over charging protection, low battery alarm and overtime vaping protection. So, by all means Innokin Gala is here to stay for a long time. The 2ml capacity of the cartridge is enough to last you a full day or half of the day.

    Ease of Use

    We found Innokin Gala significantly easy to use as well. Let’s first have a look at the pod refilling system. The device comes preinstalled with 0.5-ohm pod and you are also getting a 0.8-ohm pod in accessories. Both of them have varying colours so you can easily set them apart. On side of the pod, silicon cap is located that can be lifted for the pod refilling. Innokin Gala has a button less design, so you don’t have to go through any hassle of pressing the button for starting. It has intelligent draw activation feature for initiating vaping.

    Battery and Charging

    Talking about the battery, Innokin Gala is equipped with 500 mAh of rechargeable battery to aid your vaping throughout the day. The battery is sufficiently long lasting. To charge the device, bring in use the micro USB cable provided to you in accessories and connect it with the pod and charging source. Lastly, it takes over an hour to charge.


    Innokin Gala Pod System is available at the price tag of ‎$19.95. However, you will find different prices in the market since different stores offer different discounts.

    Pros and Cons Associated with Innokin Gala

    Every device has its pros and cons. However, in case of Innokin Gala, pros outweigh cons by a long distance.


    1. Innokin Gala is extremely well built with robust construction and sleek design. It has various safeties and protection along with resin and zinc-alloy that make it durable.
    2. The design is accentuated with 2mm LED light with different colour options. The light flashes when you take a puff and also shows the battery level.
    3. It comes in different plain and printed fancy designs to match your style.
    4. The coil performs brilliantly with versatile range of e-liquids relieving your nerves with sensational puffs. Furthermore, it is durable enough to last you significant amount of time.
    5. It comes with two pods. One is of 0.5-ohm and the other is 0.8-ohm. You can employ both depending on your need of vaping.
    6. The battery is long lasting.
    7. In the accessories you are also provided with the three tip adapters of varying shapes to assist you in the refilling of the pod.
    8. It also comes with lanyard if you want to wear the pod around the neck for convenience.


    1. It’s difficult to keep an eye on the juice level as all the designs are of dark colour. So, you really don’t know when you are out of juice unless you start having dry hits.
    2. It is not suitable for Mouth to Lung vaping. The pod is way too tight for that. So, if you are a fan of MTL, it is not for you.
    3. The LED seems like a useless addition to the design. It doesn’t have any particular function.
    4. As the pod is draw activated, it takes few draws to activate fully.

    Review of Innokin Gala

    We were really impressed with the performance of Innokin Gala Pod System in generally, so it earns the recommendation from our side. We adored its simple functioning, beginner friendly and easy to use design. Furthermore, the two pods was a treat for us. We also liked that it comes with adapters to make the refilling easier.

    A Guide to Using Innokin Gala

    To further ease the process of using Innokin Gala Pod System for you, we have compiled a guide for you.

    1. First you have to open your package and take out the device, pods and charging cable from it. You can also read the user manual to go through the overview of product.
    2. Now, you have to charge the device before using it. Connect the pod with the cable, and when the LED light turns green, that means that the device has fully charged.
    3. The next step is filling the cartridge with e-liquid and later attach it with the main unit.
    4. Since the device is draw activates, take puffs to initiate the device.

    Why consider UpOx?

    UpOx is the new launch from UPENDS that is making waves in the market. It maintains the UPENDS aim of making vaping affordable and high quality for everyone. Some general specifications of the model are mentioned below.

    Size: 10.6mm x 21mm x 99.15mm

    Battery: 400mAh

    Capacity: 2.0ml

    Resistance: 1.2Ω

    Weight: 22.0±0.5g

    Built and Design

    In the first look, you will be impressed by how compact the model is as it is smaller than the palm of the hand. Furthermore, it has aesthetically pleasing design that is accentuated by anodized finish. It also gives it a great texture and makes the design finger proof. Aerospace-grade aluminium construction of battery shell makes it extremely light weight, sleek and durable. When not in use, you can also insert the pod invertedly in battery. This keeps the contaminants away from entering the airway. 


    We were duly left in awe by the performance of UpOx. It mounts the flavour of e-liquid like no other thing. This is credited to the use of pure organic cotton employed in the design with the flawless balance of fibre density and liquid absorption. Furthermore, the integrated Etchip 2.0 Flavor Master coil makes UpOx compatible with range of e-liquids and makes sure you are getting flavourful first draw.

    Ease of Use

    UpOx is really easy to use as it has a buttonless design. To get started on vaping you have to take in a puff, and you are all set. Talking about the refilling, the cartridge can hold 2ml of the e-juice. On the side of design, you will notice a silicon cover that can be pinched out. It gives you access to the cartridge for refilling. The hole can easily accommodate a standard dropper making refilling mess free. As the mouthpiece is transparent, you can keep an eye on the level of e-juice as well.

    Battery and Charging

    UpOx is integrated with 400 mAh of battery. The battery can last you half of the day easily. Furthermore, it also charges rapidly.

    Final Thoughts

    Summing up, we can say that we liked Innokin Gala Pod System but we totally loved the performance of UpOx. It comes with far more range of features as compared to Innokin Gala Pod System. So, why wait more? Get yourself UpOx now and enjoy your vaping.


    1. How much is an Innokin Gala?

    Innokin Gala costs ‎$19.95 in the market. However, the price can vary in the market as few stores offer discounted price.

    1. How do you charge Innokin Gala?

    Charging Innokin Gala is simple. You have to connect the cable with it by inserting it in charging port. Then insert the bigger end of port in charging source. 

    1. Is the Innokin Gala worth it?

    Innokin Gala is totally worth the purchase. It is suitable for all beginners and veteran vapers because of its user friendly nature.


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