WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin Disrupter Review: Features, Performance and Alternative Vape. What is Innokin Disrupter?

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The Innokin Disrupter kit system combines an updated version Curve C50 battery and a 50-watt disrupter controller. You can find this in a 21 massive color combinations. It has an advanced ergonomic curved edge structure. With this device, you can add an extra battery and enjoy a continuous vaping experience between charges.

The Innokin Company has been around for quite some time. It has manufactured lots of quality vape devices including the Goby, IO, Proton 235W TC, ITC and more. They have designed an advanced APV portable vaporizer known as the Disrupter. This vaporizer has a special InnoCell LiPo lasting battery which they term as InnokinCell.

Innokin devotes to prioritize safety in order to provide highest quality vape products for a better overall vaping encounter.

Contents of Innokin Disrupter

Innokin Disrupter 50W Mod System

1 x InnoCell (InnokinCell) LiPo replaceable battery

Micro USB – USB cable

User manual

Features of Innokin Disrupter Box Mod

Operating voltage of between 3.0V and 7.5V

Operating wattage that range between 6.0W and 50W

Provides a minimum resistance of 0.0 ohm

L/R Screen Flip

The slide and click InnokinCell LiPo 2000mAh replaceable durable battery

Offers up to 30% extended life than the equivalent 18650 battery power

A 21 massive color selection combination

MOD controller comes in Black, Gold and Silver

The InnokinCell battery comes in a range of Black, Blue, Emerald Green, Aquamarine, Red, Purple and Pink.

The Disrupter is the first Innokin vape mod to use the InnoCell replaceable battery. It features the Vaping Power System LiPo technology.

The Innokin Disrupter consists of an OLED screen display, a single firing button as well as two selector buttons. It has a maximum output combo of 50W which seems low in terms of wattage.

The disrupter kit doesn’t include a tank but can perfectly fit 510 thread tanks. It has a genuinely created slide and click system whereby you can easily and nicely fit the battery to the MOD.

At the bottom of the device, we have two gold-plated prongs which sticks out and plugs into the base of the battery.

The side panel features a firing button in plastic form and produces a clicking sound like other power buttons. According to the information from the Innokin website, they’ve tested it 100,000 times and proved to withstand the test of time.

The Innokin Disrupter’s OLED screen looks quite big with a clear readout display. The OLED screen shows the battery level and nothing else. The LED light shows the battery level and is in three distinct colors of Green, Yellow and Red. Green shows a fully charged battery while red means you should recharge or replace another InnokinCell battery.

The Innokin Disrupter has the 510 connector pin which allows connections with most popular 510 threaded tanks or atomizers. It has a standard temperature control with variable wattage modes which you can easily access and adjust via the screen options.

Innokin Disrupter Performance

You can only use the Innokin Disrupter in a variable wattage or temperature control mode (nickel, stainless steel or titanium). It doesn’t provide provision to use both modes which is a con for an innovative device. The OLED screen shows the modes which you can choose using the + or – buttons.

The disrupter has a maximum power output of 50W only which makes it significant for the coil used. This is evident especially in circumstances when the atomizer needs something above 50W to perform well. It has a minimum resistance of 0.2 ohms.

When out of the wattage mode, (only effective when in temperature control mode), the ramp-up function can be programmed precisely. The Disrupter also has a secondary menu that lets you see amount of puffs you take. It also indicates the coils resistance used down to a fifth decimal point. This is as accurate as AF. When you keep the Disrupter between 30W and 40W, you can have a good battery life extension of a day.

Innokin Disrupter Battery

As mentioned, the Innokin Disrupter utilizes the InnokinCell LiPo Battery, specially engineered for safer performance. It offers a prolonged vaping period if used with advanced and powerful vaporizers.

With InnokinCell Vaping Power System, you have guaranteed real power supply for a wonderful vaping experience. It maintains a full capacity of 2000mAh and a full pack of ideal power.

Other than the quality features mentioned above, the vaping power consists of integrated smart-PCB. This provides maximum safety of the device as well as the user. It provides enhanced protection features too. This include overheat protection, short circuit protection, the overcharge protection as well as auto-shutoff.

Safety features on this device shields the vaporizer coil against a burn up. It also protects the device against damage because of overcharging or any other significant damage.

Pros and Cons of Innokin Disrupter


Reliable and solid design

Highly compatible with any 510 threaded atomizer/tank

Uses large OLED screen

Utilizes the InnokinCell Slide and Lock System battery

Features power life indicator

Overheat and overcharge protection for safety reasons

Multiple color combo options


A bit complex for beginners

Very little cutoff time (15 seconds)

Innokin Disrupter Vs SMOK Priv V8 Vs Kanger Subox

Kanger Subox

Kanger Subox is a single and removable 18650 device that has 50W as maximum power output. The Disrupter on the other hand has C50 and a battery power of 2000mAh with the ability of reaching 75W. The Disrupter and Kanger Subox have the sub-ohm vaping abilities. They also have a complete temperature control suite for Titanium, Nickel and stainless steel. The Disrupter is a bit costlier than the Kanger Subox based on the innovative InnokinCell battery.

SMOK Priv V8

SMOK Priv V8 represents a single-cell 18650 vape device. It is a bit slimmer than the Innokin Disrupter. Unlike the Innokin Disrupter, the Priv V8 shuns the OLED readout to utilize the LED indicator light that appears on the top. It shows the battery level as well as resistance settings. More so, the Priv V8 features a paired TFV8 Baby tank. This is what makes it quite expensive than the Innokin Disrupter and the Kanger Subox.

FAQ About Innokin Disrupter

How many colors does the Innokin Disrupter come in?

You can find the Innokin Disrupter body in three different colors: Black, Silver and Gold. The battery comes in a 7 different color combos. They include Blue, Black, Aquamarine, Emerald green, Purple, Pink and Red. You can choose a standard color or match the various colors to make your own unique style.

How does the Innokin Disrupter battery perform?

The battery of the Disrupter features a replaceable pack which requires a slide and lock system. The technology makes it an easy to use battery pack and can give at least 300 or even more cycle charges or discharges. It is 30% better than an equivalent 18650 battery.

How can I power my Innokin Disrupter mod?

To power on/off the Disrupter, you need to press the single power button three times. Then start vaping at low power as you increase on the way. When not in use within 15 seconds, the device shuts itself automatically and you have to power it again.

Is Innokin Disrupter compatible with other tanks or atomizers?

Yes. Since the Disrupter has the 510 connector pin, you can fit tanks and atomizers with 510 threads. It can work perfectly without spillage or any other issue.

How much does Innokin Disrupter cost?

The price of the Disrupter may vary from one supplier to another. However, it should not cost more than £35. Although slightly higher than other devices, it is worth the price. Considering the fact the Disrupter utilizes the InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo Battery technology, it costs higher.

Can you use the disrupter both in temperature and variable wattage modes?

Not at all. You can only use one mode option at a time. It can either use the temperature control mode or the variable one at a time.

Alternative Vape: UPENDS



Uppor by UPENDS provides the best alternative to the Disrupter. The pod can give you maximum satisfaction with a good hit upon making the first draw. This is because of the high-quality Etchip coil that has improved surface, suitable for efficient heating delivery.

Uppor is an ultimate solution pod mod for vapers who like RDL and DL style of vaping. It delivers a rich vapor and is user-friendly with high portability. The pod features the Etchip 3.0 Cloud Chaser that can fit most mainstream e-liquid brands.


Innokin has done a great job in manufacturing a mod with quality features. By utilizing the latest technology, the Innokin Disrupter is an amazing package. Performing under a low wattage, this device can deliver a high-quality vape. The safety features also makes it a user-oriented vape device that many vapors can truly admire.