Innokin Coolfire Mini Review: Features, Performance and Alternative Vape

    Innokin Coolfire Mini Review: Features, Performance and Alternative Vape

    What is Innokin Coolfire Mini?

    Maybe you have not heard of Innokin as a brand when it comes to vaping. The brand has a line of quality vaping products. This include iSub, iTaste and more. They sell their products to Europe, America and the rest of the world. The company has pioneered the vape technology right from 2011 and Innokin CoolFire mini MTL kit comes as amongst their latest release.

    The CoolFire mini is a stylish, powerful box mod that gives you freedom to powerfully have a tailored vaping experience. It is ultra-compact and very ergonomic, small but very powerful to deliver a rich flavor.

    This portable box mod has a special design that makes the sub ohm vaping very straightforward.

    Contents of Innokin CoolFire Mini

    Innokin CoolFire Mini 40W Box Mod

    Slipstream 0.8 ohm coil head (pre-installed)

    Micro USB charging cable

    1 replaceable stainless steel drip-tip

    1 extra coil (0.8kal)

    2 Innokin stickers

    User manual

    Features of Innokin CoolFire Mini

    510 gold-plated spring loaded connection

    Bright and clear OLED screen display allows easy access of vaping information

    In-built 1300mAh battery provides maximum power supply for continued vaping experience

    A selection of five different brushed metal finishes

    Has an elegant ergonomic structure

    The voltage ranges from 3.0 to 7.5 volts

    Has wattage range from 6.0 to 40 watts and adjustable in .5W increments

    Supports pass-through vape, you can vape while you charge

    As a regular user of the Innokin CoolFire series, you can easily familiarize with the features. The Innokin CoolFire Mini is quite identical in each aspect.

    First is its size. Just by the name, the Mini is quite small in size with 2/3rds size that of CoolFire TC 100.

    Despite of it having a built in 1300mAh battery, the Mini is considerably lighter. You can operate this device in both wattage and voltage variable modes. Each of the modes lets you set vape settings of your choice. Once you have set, the chip will recognize and remember your settings.

    The Innokin CoolFire Mini has an impressive sleek, modern and simplistic design. It fits perfectly into your hands and if you happen to have a wider palm, you cannot realize it. Therefore, it is a wonderful kit when you prefer portability as well as stealthy vaping.

    The CoolFire Mini comes in a variety of colors of Black, Blue, Gold, Pink and White. Both the White and Gold finishes winds up with the ombre effect at the bottom. That means, the white and colors at the bottom fades into black.

    Although it is lightweight, Innokin designed the CoolFire Mini very well. It has a zinc alloy chassis with OLED screen mounted on the side. It has a gold-plated 510 connection which accepts all 510 threaded tanks/atomizers. The front part of the mod features the OLED screen, firing button, two adjustment buttons and the micro USB opening. On the sides of this Mini you can realize nicely placed vents that keeps it cool when vaping.

    Another interesting feature of the Mini is the Zenith D22 tank, although we have another with Mainstream. The tank measures 22mm in diameter and holds a 2ml e-juice, perfect for MTL vaping style. The tank uses the Zenith coil series.

    The Zenith tank is made of stainless steel. It features the 4mm Derlin 510 drip tip and with a wonderful 510 connection.

    Filling the tank is quite simple. First, you unscrew the cap at the top which is a threaded system and fill in your favorite e-juice. The fill port is quite large and allows you to fill safely without any mess.

    Because the Innokin CoolFire Mini is an MTL, the adjustable airflow features a total of four incremental holes. A larger hole measures 2mm while the smallest measures 0.5mm.

    The CoolFire Mini kit includes two coils. The 0.5 ohm coil is for 4 to 19W while the 1.6 ohm coil is for between 10 and 14W. The two are all MTL coils with kanthal material. They provide the easiest way to fix in and out because they are plug and pull coils. To make it more a mess free tank, it has the juice control system which kicks in once there is twisting off of the top cap.

    For a slightly warmer vaping experience, you can choose the 0.5 ohm coil. If you need a cooler vape, perfect with the nic-salts, the 1.6 ohm coil can serve you better.

    Innokin CoolFire Mini Delivery

    The Innokin CoolFire Mini first impression is quite amazing. The small and ergonomic design makes it simple and very discreet. Filling the tank and charging the battery is straightforward. The Slipstream tank is well designed with no leakages or spills and you might have some dry hits if you extend the draw. In this case, we suggest vaping slowly and timely for a long-lasting CoolFire Mini kit.

    The coils of the CoolFire Mini produces amazing flavor. A warmer vape from the coils gives you a better flavor than a lower wattage. It has a well-balanced flavor even with the low 10W. With high concentration e-juice or nic salts juices, the Mini kit coils offers the best delivery of vapor.

    How the Innokin CoolFire Performs

    If you want a simple MTL vape flavor, then the Innokin CoolFire Mini is a vape kit you should go for. First, the small size brings a lot of simplicity and high portability. You easily handle and carry along everywhere you go.

    I may not highly recommend this kit to vapers who have been in the seen for the longest time. Nonetheless, the CoolFire Mini is a perfect suit for beginners. It is also ideal for vapers don’t like MTL kit with a lot of fuss.

    It has a wonderful battery, a nicely designed tank with effective airflow no matter how you set it. Even though it isn’t a revolutionary or unique kit, it can deliver what it is designed for. It suits vapors who don’t want detailed vaping experience.

    Battery Performance of Innokin CoolFire Mini

    The CoolFire Mini has an internal 1300mAh power capacity battery. It delivers 40W of power output and you can adjust to as low as 6W. With such power capacity, you can vape all day long before another charge.

    The kit comes with a micro USB charger which you can charge the device through the charging port provision. To charge the device to full capacity, you need close to an hour.

    Pros and Cons of Innokin CoolFire Mini


    It is small in size hence highly portable

    Has a great design structure

    Features variable voltage and wattage

    Comes with the Zenith tank

    Comes in different colors

    The battery can last for a long time


    Not a perfect suit for experienced vapors

    Innokin CoolFire Mini Vs Innokin CoolFire Ultra TC Kit

    The Innokin CoolFire Ultra TC features iSub VE tank and is a high power starter kit. It is an easy kit to handle, a supercharged version of CoolFire IV mod. It can deliver up to 150 watts unlike the Mini that produces up to 40 watts vaping power. The kit features handy temperature control functions and with a high capacity battery of 4000mAh. You can have an all-day vaping without difficulties.

    The Innokin CoolFire Mini on the other hand is small and very portable. Although with low battery power, it delivers what it was designed for. It is nicely designed and in very attractive colors.

    FAQ about Innokin CoolFire Mini

    How do you fire Innokin CoolFire Mini?

    To power your Innokin CoolFire Mini, press the power button 3 times. This puts the device on. To put it off, strike the power button three times again.

    How do you switch between variable wattage and voltage mode?

    To switch to variable wattage mode, press and hold the + and fire button for 2 seconds. To switch to variable voltage mode, press and hold the – and fire button together for two seconds.

    Does the Innokin OLED screen display battery reading?

    Yes. The OLED screen on the CoolFire Mini shows battery reading. The battery reading allows you to know the battery level so that you can prepare for the next charge.

    What are the battery LED lights displayed on the Innokin CoolFire Mini?

    We have three LED battery lights in different colors that shows different power levels. The green LED indicates a fully charged battery. The Yellow LED indicates half charged battery while the Red LED means you need to recharge the low battery.

    Alternative Vape: UPENDS



    UPENDS designs quality vape pens which can give you great satisfaction. The Uppor pod mod from UPENDS is all that you need for quality vaping. The device has an enhanced coil surface that delivers effective heating for rich flavor production.

    The features of Uppor gives a lot of simplicity to this device which both new and professional vapors can understand. It is the best alternative pod mod system to the Innokin CoolFire Mini.


    The Innokin CoolFire Mini is a reasonably effective, attractive and durable device. It is hard to find flaws with the Mini. Besides, it is very portable easy to use and you won’t experience leakages.

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