WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin CoolFire IV Plus Review: Features, Performance and Alternative Vape

19th Aug 2021 | 174 | upends v

What is Innokin CoolFire IV Plus?

The Innokin CoolFire IV Plus comes as an improved version of the earliest CoolFire IV. It now has 70watts output and a powerful durable 3300mAh battery capacity. However, it has the small form like the CoolFire IV hence portable on the go.

The CoolFire IV Plus boasts of great improvements and can perform better in areas where the original couldn’t. However, the Plus doesn’t feature the temperature control which is present in the Innokin Cortex box mod. The kit can feature the Innokin Apex or iSub G sub ohm tank.

The 70W Innokin CoolFire IV Plus is different from the 40W mod with iSub G Tank sold on different sites. It is so far the best of the CoolFire range.

Contents of Innokin CoolFire IV Plus

CoolFire IV Plus 70W Vape mod

1 x iSub Apex or iSub G Sub Ohm Tank

1x extra iSub coil (0.5 ohm)

1 x Micro USB charger

8 x extra O rings

1 x English User manual

Features of Innokin CoolFire IV Plus

Box mod module that measures 3-3/8” x 1-7/8” x 1”

Spring-loaded stainless steel 510 thread provision

Features a power switch at the base of the mod

Features the 3 click lock and unlock feature

Comes with a clear OLED display screen

Micro USB charging port with pass-through feature – vape while you charge the mod

Beautifully designed case with a sturdy finish

Tri-color LED battery level sign

15 second cutoff timer to save power for the next vape

Has an operating voltage of 2.0V to 7.5V

Operating wattage of 6.0W to 70W

Internal battery capacity of 3300mAh for all-day long vaping experience

Clearomizer minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm

This upgraded Innokin CoolFire IV Plus provides an output power of 70 watts that can fire down up to 0.1 ohm. It has a curved design that makes it user-friendly. The device is TPD compliant and can perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. It has ergonomically placed fire button at the bottom of the device. This is for easy control as you reach the true vaping excitement.

The micro USB port is well-positioned at the end of the two scroll buttons. And since it is pass-through style, you have an easy time of vaping while the device is on the charge. It comes with a quality USB charging cable. You can charge the device when in the standing position.

The CoolFire IV Plus offers various protection to keep you and the device safe. This include features like the over-discharge and overheating protection. You can easily make temperature adjustments between 2.0 and 7.5 volts with .1 volt increments.

It comes with an intuitive OLED screen as it is large and displays the figures brightly for you to see. You can read the coil resistance details, wattage as well as voltage.

Finished with an aluminum, the CoolFire IV Plus feels very solid. Overall, the mod has a very good design and can feature amongst top quality devices. It has improved buttons than what we saw on the original CoolFire IV. Besides, the buttons don’t rattle at all. It has a wonderfully designed 510 threading connection. The 510 connection also comes handy with a wonderful spring-loaded pin.

Performance of Innokin CoolFire IV Plus

The Innokin CoolFire IV needs few simple steps to start enjoying your favorite vape. Both beginners and professionals can operate this device. Besides, it comes with a straightforward manual that you can find very helpful.

Clicking the fire button three times puts the device on or off depending on the mode you are in. To switch between variable voltage and wattage modes, you press and hold down the fire and + buttons for a second. To make variable wattage and voltage adjustments, press and hold both the + or – buttons for a second. Then use either the + or – button to set according to your preference. To flip the OLED screen, hold down the + and – buttons at once.

You need just few minutes to learn and get used to the CoolFire IV Plus. It only has few buttons and the menu is handy and straightforward.

With up to 70W power, it simply implies that the device can fit all users. The resistance range also means that you can have easy time using whichever atomizer. It does have the temperature control which is not an essential with all vapers.

The battery life of this box mod is amazing. You can use it in different watt settings and you can have a consistent vaping experience. However, a much higher wattage setting can drain the battery significantly.

Made with an excellent size, the CoolFire Box mod is very portable and comfortable to handle and move around with.

Battery Life and Charging of Innokin CoolFire IV Plus

As mentioned, the Innokin CoolFire IV Plus has 3300mAh built in battery. With such power you have guaranteed all day vaping experience before a next charge. On intensive settings, the battery can last at least 3 days. It can last even longer on spread out vaping.

The battery level is displayed on the smart OLED screen. The Red LED lights with a low voltage and switches off once the battery voltage hits 3.3V. The overall battery performance is far much better than the Innokin CoolFire IV.

Charging the CoolFire IV Plus takes more than 2 hours because of its capacity. However, once charged, it lasts longer. To charge the battery, you connect the provided micro USB charger in the micro USB port provision. The device is a pass-through style, it allows vaping while charging.

Pros and Cons of Innokin CoolFire IV Plus


Has a wonderful build quality

A good battery life

Both the iSub Apex and iSub G tanks provide great performance

The 70W power is sufficient for most vaping labels


Lacks the temperature control, although not a big deal

Innokin CoolFire IV Plus vs Innokin CoolFire IV

The new version CoolFire IV Plus is quite thicker and heavier compared to the original. It boasts of an advanced battery capacity, a higher maximum wattage. It also has the ability of firing down to the lowest resistance. The 3300mAh battery capacity of the CoolFire Plus vs the 2000mAh on the original brings out the big difference.

The Plus now boasts of a maximum wattage of 70 watts from the 40 watts of the original one. Also, you are able to fire up to 0.1 ohm with the Plus where the original could manage a low of 0.3 ohm.

An original CoolFire IV had a pretty cool sleek design while the latest version looks a bit chubbier. However, it is sleeker than the original one. The one with a Black shade looks pretty cool.

FAQ about Innokin CoolFire IV Plus

What is the difference between Innokin CoolFire IV Plus and Innokin CoolFire IV?

The CoolFire IV Plus is a newer version of the original CoolFire IV but with few critical enhancements. It has general better performance in different ways compared to the CoolFire IV. The battery power of the new version is 1300mAh better than the original. The newest also is sleek although slightly heavier.

How long can the Innokin CoolFire IV Plus battery last?

It depends on your vaping style. Otherwise, with intense vaping, the battery can last for 3 days when fully charged. With spread out vaping experience, it can last longer.

Is Innokin CoolFire IV Plus worth your money?

The Innokin CoolFire IV Plus has proven to be an amazing box mod that suits different vapers. With ease of use, even beginners can easily assemble and use it. It comes handy with extra features that vapers can appreciate. At the same time, it has a long-lasting battery and the overall build is great.

Alternative Vape: UPENDS



Uppor vape device by UPENDS is an ultimate pod we highly suggest for your vaping satisfaction. With this pen, you can receive a sufficient throat hit, thanks to enhanced coils that delivers great heating.

The pod system is a perfect fit for your palm and is ergonomically comfortable to grip. It comes handy with the antibacterial mouthpiece which inhibits bacterial growth for an enhanced hygiene.


Overall, the Innokin CoolFire IV Plus is an amazing box mod that has an excellent build quality. It offers reliable performance and is suitable for both beginners and professional vapers. The enhanced battery capacity provides you with an extended vaping time until the next charge. Regardless of the rich features of this mod, it is quite simple to use. And with the inclusion of safety features, it is a brilliant vape device you can own.