Indica Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Indica Vaporizer

    Indica Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Indica Vaporizer

    What is an indica vape pen?

    The indica vape pen is one of the most unique vape pens you will ever come across. This pen is designed to look like a well-known devices among smokers. That is the lighter. The pen is actually well made and it extremely feels solid to a point it does not look like they used any cheap components to build.

    You will have to appreciate how the pen is small and it can be regarded to be the smallest vape pen among the vape devices. 

    We need to take time and appreciate how the device is very unique and has been priced to equate its compact design. The oversized lighter design of a lighter has an overworking powerful battery that is fitted with extra-large heating chambers.

    The dry herb vaporizer comes with five heat pre-settings and it also heats up quickly. Some people have found it difficult to adjust the temperature of the vape device.

    Design and build of the indica vape pen

    One thing that will grab your attention when you first encounter the indica vape pen is how its design straight out looks like a zippo flip open lighter and even though it could come off as a little bulkier than normal lighters and vape pens, you will definitely enjoy the vape quality of this pen. 

    The indica vape pen have also joined a long list of vape pen maker who have chosen to disguise their pens as some common tools and accessories that are used on a daily basis. This makes it even more convenient for vape users who choose to be discreet in their actions especially who do not want to be noticed when in public.

    We also have to appreciate how convenient the pen is and once you open the unit, you will see how the mouthpiece blatantly sticks out of the top. This method of packaging makes sure that the mouthpiece is not loosely hanging free in your pocket and collecting a lot of debris. To keep your product safer, it is important to have it covered.

    The pen does not just come to you without having some convenient usage tools. You get a complete charging kit and a few selected cleaning tools to keep your jewel maintained.

    The only issue you would not here is that the packing chamber is not properly designed so you might end up losing a few dabs of herbs into the sides. You still have the advantage of taking them back in without going through so much trouble using the tools included in your kit.

    Performance of the indica vape pen

    The vape pen comes in five different pre-settings and they range between 340-412 degrees Fahrenheit. That range is actually so much variety for most people and you should not go through any hassles trying to find the best temperature for you to use.


    After using the pen for some time, you will notice that the device actually works better with middle range temperatures. The lower temperature settings are good for creating mostly hot air and the higher temperature settings will tend to cook up your herbs quickly and you will end up with burnt and blacked out herbs.

    You also get indicator lights that change color from blue to red and you turn up your heat so you do not have to worry about how hot your vape pen is becoming.

    The vapor production of the pen is a perfectly acceptable for the size of the device and price range. The pen will not produce a vapor that is mind-blowing or disappointing. You get a rubber mouthpiece that does a good job in reducing the heat produced in the small vape pen. 

    One thing we have to appreciate is how this vape pen is made from quality parts and there is nothing actually cheap about it and even if you accidentally drop it, you will not get any real damage to the pen. By holding the pen, you can tell that it is a sturdy device that has no shortcuts aimed to saving a few dollars.

    It is even more frustrating that the pen takes close to 12 hours to fully charge and after a full charge, it will be taking you like three hours to charge. This is one unique feature that makes this pen to be outstanding compared to the competitors.

    Tips on how to efficiently use your indica vape pen

    1. To load your device, make sure you grind your herbs to be the finest consistency. This makes it easier for the coils to vaporize them to get good vapor
    2. Pack you chamber tightly without leaving room for air to escape. But you need to be careful not to jam up the chambers wall to wall. But your herbs need to have free movement. The chamber can hold anywhere between 0.05 grams to 0.4 grams and you get two extra spacers to get you a tight pack using small amount so dry herb.
    3. If you want to get shorter vape sessions, you will have to pack your chamber half full and then add the metal spacer in the kit to make it even better. 
    4. Take shorter draws and easily to get a more quality vapor production. To change the temperature settings, press on the button twice and when your pen achieves the selected temperatures, the color indicator will blink twice.
    5. After using your pen, you need to brush out your chamber to avoid buildup of residue that would block your mouthpiece
    6. Clean your mouthpiece after prolonged use with rubbing alcohol to protect from bacteria building up and ruining your flavors

    Pros and cons of the indica vape pen


    • The pen comes with five heat settings that let you customize the temperature of you device to get the best vapor
    • The pen has a small and compact design that has been made to mimic the zippo lighter brand
    • It is one of the pens that comes with large heating chambers that can efficiently heat your herbs
    • You get to enjoy some good and speedy heating up time
    • The pen has a pass-through feature that lets you vape even as you charge
    • The pen has been tested and found to be having a battery that lasts longer than the other vape pens


    • The pen comes off to be more expensive compared to other portable vape pens
    • For many users, the temperature settings are a bit complicated to set and can be annoying
    • The pen is fitted with an automatic shut-off timer that is shorter going by standards
    • The vapor quality is very much average compared to how other vape pens perform
    • When it comes to charging, the vape pen takes some longer time compared to what other vape pens would go through.

    Alternative Vape: UPENDS

    UPENDS Upcott

    The UPENDS Upcott has a new way of introducing simple, innovative features and still giving you an excellent alternative to vaping at an affordable price. The Upcott cuts cost by far for disposable and prefilled vape pod users.

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    When you choose to add this vape pen to your collection, you will notice that there are a lot of things to like about this vaporizer. This pen is more than a novelty vape item and even though the lighter look has its advantages it still has downsides to it. The pen is a superb compact vaporizer which comes with a few extra inches.

    The vapor production of the pen has a slight difference compared to the best brand of vape pens. There are many things that you have to get rid of in a normal vape pen to get the best performance of the vape pen. The small size sometimes overcrowds the tank and having spills all over

    Even though everything cannot disqualify the authenticity of this pen, the pen still does a good job in offering difference by utilizing the least space.


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