IJOY RDTA box review and instructions. The Design, Quality, Battery, and More Details

    IJOY RDTA box review and instructions. The Design, Quality, Battery, and More Details

    The IJOY RDTA box is a fully compact all-in-one vaporizer tool designed and manufactured by the Chinese company IJOY. The end product is a collaboration between IJOY and the YouTuber vapingwithtwisted420, a reviewer of vape products.

    The unit features a substantial 12.8ml tank for e-liquids and is powered by a cell that can ramp up to 200W power output. Other notable features of the pen include the interchangeable RDA builds and a fully functional temperature control system. Among others

    Design and quality of the IJOY RDTA box

    The IJOY RDTA measures 135mm by 55mm by 28mm and has an average weight of almost 300 grams when the battery is inserted, and the tank filled up. The box unit is somewhat more significant than most of the dual 18650 battery mods. This is because the tank mainly takes up the top part of the mod, and if this part were taken out, it would be the same size as the IJOY limitless mod.


    Despite the large size and heavy frame, the IJOY RDTA feels very comfortable when held in hand, and this is mainly contributed to by the curved design of one side. When using the pen, you need to hold it with the screen facing the other way and the index finger pressing the firing button. The firing button on this device is the giant firing button that you will ever see on a vape pen. 

    A sizeable metallic cover covers the battery. IJOY used a very intuitive design that slides off and on the position, which is different from the magnetic locking design. The ingenious notches do an excellent job in holding the system into position.

    This makes it very rare to get any rattling problems or the device coming off when using it. When you want to pull off the mod, there is a little pressure you need to use. Again, it is sporadic for it to come off when dropped accidentally. 

    There is a giant button on the flat side of the RDTA box and a big bright LED display visible when you are holding the mod at arm’s length. There are also two small adjustment buttons made from metal, and the micro USB port is located at the bottom. Unfortunately, the port is only used to update firmware, so you will need an external charging system if you want to charge the device.

    The most impressive part of this device is the top part, where many tanks are built into the mod's body. It has the 510 connection sticking out of it and allows you to use any RDA decks and other IJOY coils. The RDTA box is also compatible with the interchangeable decks found in the IJOY combo making this unit highly customizable.

    The large tank has a capacity of 12.8ml of e-liquid, which is more than sufficient for vapers to blow the whole day without stressing over refills. Depending on the type of coil you use, you can get somewhere between one day and two days when vaping is heavy on the tank.

    It would help if you had your eyes on the liquid level in the tank, which is made easy by the valuable features available. There are two tank windows on each side that are cut into the body. Because the body is opaque primarily, the inside can seem dark, which is why there is a colored LED light that turns on when the fire button is pressed. This makes the visibility of liquids easier.

    Flavor quality of the IJOY RDTA box

    If you are looking for a suitable flavor device, the setup on the RDTA is responsible for the good flavors. If you are not so familiar with vaping, you should know that the RDA is so good in vapor production.

    The RDTA design means that the wicks are hanging in to be fed directly from the tank, and you can also use it with direct dripping instead of direct feeding from the tank. In addition, the many deck designs give you the variety of experimenting with different top designs. 

    Battery and charge

    The battery on the RDTA Box is very flexible. It can efficiently deliver more than 200w of power with a complete temperature control system. The TC modes are titanium, stainless steel, nickel and can hit a maximum temperature of 600F.

    When using the device, you can get a minimum resistance of 0.05ohms. Since the USB port is used for updating the device firmware, you will need external chargers to charge the device.

    Ease of use of the device

    The RDTA is very easy to use, but it appears to be complicated for beginner users. The fact that you have to build decks and personally build coils should not have been included.

    Screwing things up could cause so many problems, so you only do this after thorough research, and you are very confident in what you are doing. The mod is very to use and navigate in terms of operation, especially the simplified menu, which should not give you any problems.

    Pros and cons of the IJOY RDTA


    • The build deck is interchangeable
    • The price is affordable
    • A huge tank capacity
    • Tank is easy to refill


    • Complicated for new users
    • Battery drains quick when used frequently

    IJOY RDTA instructions

    Modes of use

    • Norm mode
    • Hard mode
    • Soft mode
    • User mode

    The norm mode is good for maintaining the selected power levels, while the other modes can increase and reduce the power. The device also functions as a variable wattage device, and in this mode, you can shift from 5 watts to 100 watts using the buttons.

    The temperature control mode is compatible with Ni200 nickel, stainless steel, and nickel coils. To use this setting, enter the menu, select the T setting, and press the firing button.

    The firmware on this device needs to be updated regularly, and to do this, connect your vape to a computer using the USB cord. It would be best if you then pressed the adjustments buttons simultaneously and the power button to upgrade. Then, when you have upgraded the firmware, reset your mod by pressing the control buttons simultaneously.

    IJOY RDTA box vs. GeekVape aegis 100W

    The geekvape Ageis is also a variable wattage device, but some differences need to be considered. The main one being that the Ageis runs on 26650 battery cells while the IJOY RDTA uses internal batteries.

    The other known difference is the design and quality of the build. The IJOY RDTA is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. This makes the Ageis a device for very active people.

    FAQs about the IJOY RDTA

    How much is the IJOY RDTA?

    The IJOY RDTA is sold at different prices across stores. You can get this device at as low as $79.50. This is a reasonable price for a compelling device such as the RDTA

    Is the IJOY RDTA worth it?

    Yes! The RDTA Box is a device worth having. First, it is cheaper compared to other devices in the same category. Second, it has so much power and can serve for a very long time.


    UPENDS Upcott

    Using a simple design, the UPENDS Upcott does away with the unnecessary expenses and gives users a very pleasing vaping alternative. The Upcott can cut costs by up to 50% because it is three times bigger than the regular pods at the same price. In addition, the organic cotton makes sure the Upcott does not leak or spit.


    The IJOY RDTA is the biggest hit for the Chinese company. It has so many attractive features, and there is no chance that it could fail. The massive tank is good enough to convince users about it, and it also lasts long.

    The interchangeable features of the deck make it a worthwhile investment for people who want to stick to vaping. The 200W power and the other features are very crucial for any vape user in the current economy.


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