IJOY Limitless, IJOY Limitless lux 215w, IJOY Limitless RDTA MOD Kit review, and instructions

    IJOY Limitless, IJOY Limitless lux 215w, IJOY Limitless RDTA MOD Kit review, and instructions

    The IJOY limitless is the products series of vaping mod boxes and pod systems from the IJOY Company. The Limitless series has contributed so much success to the RTDA products and has made a remarkable introduction to the market.

    The genesis style that can be rebuilt is very classic and features a 4ml juice holding capacity. The refill style features a very innovative side style and hybrid compatible cotton reservoirs. The classical RDTA has opened its ways to more product series under the Limitless editions such as;

    • IJOY Limitless lux
    • IJOY Limitless RDTA
    • IJOY Limitless XL tank
    • IJOY Limitless sub-ohm
    • IJOY Limitless 24 RDTA

    IJOY Limitless classic

    The IJOY Limitless classic edition mixes all the desirable features of the previous versions of the IJOY products, including the Limitless plus and the limitless combo RDTA. The Limitless classic uses similar build capabilities, which feature the rebuildable tank. You will get to feel and taste the fantastic dripper flavor combined with the confidence of the tank.

    The Limitless RDTA features a 6.9ml e-juice tank which uses a very innovative side system for a refill. This hole can be seen when you remove the top cap. The classic edition uses the sub-ohm, RDTA, and RTA compatible features.

    It can be swapped by using pre-built atomizer heads for the deck rebuild. The tank can hold IMC-Coil-3 Kanthal 0.15ohm atomizer heads which are very good for variable wattages.

    The IJOY Limitless classic edition also supports the new interchangeable gold plated system that you will find in the older design combo. It can use different IMC decks which have a variety of designs. The classic version of the Limitless includes an IMC-7 rebuildable deck, which uses the post-less features. The IJOY Limitless comes with replacement glasses, replacement contact pins for the 510 connection, drip tip adapter with a 510 thread, screwdrivers, O-rings, and many more.                   

    Features of the IJOY Limitless classic

    • Has RDA, RTA, and sub-ohm compatibility
    • Has been co-designed by IJOY and Limitless
    • It has a 6.9ml e-juice capacity
    • Has an innovative refill system on the side
    • Airflow can be adjusted
    • Tank is built using Pyrex glass
    Pros and cons of the RDTA classic


    • The battery system is compatible with 18650 batteries and 26650 batteries
    • The design and build looks good
    • You get temperature control features
    • Can work on different modes
    • The device has a low lag rate on massive builds
    • The firmware may be faulty at some times
    • There are some issues with the build type
    • Limited finish color options

    IJOY Limitless lux 215w

    The IJOY Limitless lux 215w vaporizer is an extensive dual 26650 battery mod system equipped with interchangeable sleeves. It has some of the best advanced features, including temperature control, personalized draw features, and a user-friendly menu. In addition, the mod looks so good and feels comfortable in your hand.

    The most impressive feature of the device is that it can fire up seamlessly, whether using the two 18650 batteries or the dual 26650 batteries. So you can get around two days of activity before it starts running low on power. In addition, there is a LED screen that is very bright and makes it easy to navigate the settings, which allows for customizations.

    The mod can fire up to 215watts when operating on power mode and fires up to 650 degrees when working on temperature control. You can turn on the device by pressing the button five times, and the menu can be reached by clicking three times. The device can use titanium, nickel, and stainless steel coils for heating. The partnership between IJOY and Limitless has significantly impacted the mod, and they are very promising.                         

    Features of the IJOY Limitless 215w

    • It has an IWEPAL built-in chipset
    • usable with dual 18650 or 26650 batteries
    • has a stainless steel construction
    • fitted with a 0.66 inch OLED screen 
    • the firing button is large enough and complex to miss
    • equipped with a USB port for updating the device firmware

    Pros and cons of the IJOY limitless lux 215w

    • The battery cells are perfectly working
    • It has impressive looks
    • The temperature controls are competent
    • It is well designed and comfortable to hold
    • The firmware is inconsistent
    • It does not work on TCR mode
    • The paint finish is poor

    IJOY Limitless RDTA mod

    The IJOY Limitless mod is a dripping tank design that can be rebuilt. This magnificent product is part of the limitless series, a collaboration between the Chinese company IJOY and the American company known as Limitless. It is built with a quality 4ml tank capacity with a dripper style with two post decks on top of the tank. This gives the device the biggest airflow, which you can find on a tank. 

    This device can be classified among the best gadgets that are very appealing to cloud chasers. The device is built using stainless material and a glass tank. The safe is constructed from hybrid material, and the 510 threaded connections are created using gold plated material that can use a hybrid mod.

    The cap on the top is built using Delrina and has a width equal to the whole top cap. The airflow can be adjusted from the top cap, and this is done by turning the cap to close. 

    The IJOY Limitless comes with a two-post build deck, and you can similarly strip down the whole tank to show the deck. It gives you ample space that you can utilize in building your unit. It has some significant holes which can hold thick build wires.

    Wicking the IJOY Limitless is a straightforward step. The wicking holes are cut out of the corner build decks, and all you are required to do is ensure that your wick goes through all the holes and down to the tank's base.  

    Features of the IJOY limitless RDTA

    • Dual post deck design for the top
    • Fixed positive e-pin that is gold plated
    • 4ml e-liquid holding capacity
    • New design side port for refills
    • Adjustable airflow with the top cap made from Delrin
    • The top cap can be removed for an easy rebuilding process

    Pros and cons of the IJOY Limitless RDTA 

    • The airflow of the system is very massive
    • The vapor production is very high compared to any tank
    • It is easy to rebuild the whole device
    • The innovative side refill port works perfectly
    • It is equipped with a hybrid safe connection
    • Some people might feel that the device is too airy
    • There is no option for using single coils
    • Some users might find the chuff cap to be very hard to use
    • There could be excess leaking from the under wicking
    • When operating under 50w, it could be slow


    Uppen plus

    The Uppen plus uses the same chip coil adopted from the original Uppen design. The device still maintains the taste and experience with a perfect and authentic taste. From the first puff, you get satisfaction.

    The pen is similarly versatile as its predecessor. The metal cap fitted on the Uppen plus is good for protecting e-liquids from being exposed to air when not being used. This pod system from UPENDS is recommended to anyone who wants an alternative to vaping.                       


    The IJOY Limitless collection is an excellent introduction to the vaping market. The collaboration between IJOY from china and the limitless company from America has proven to be a worthy course that has put customer need before anything. You get building capabilities when using the pen, and you can build it to perfection using the deck design that they all adopt. The Limitless collection is that they differ very much in performance and features, and you will not feel as if you are using the same device all over. The battery compatibility is also a good addition. This device is recommended for any vape user who seeks to get quality and functionality.


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