IJOY capo review and instructions. The Specifications, Features, Build Quality, Design, and More Details

    IJOY capo review and instructions. The Specifications, Features, Build Quality, Design, and More Details

    The IJOY capo is among the latest products made by the famous Chinese manufacturer IJOY. The device is a small and fully compact unit that holds the capo 100 box mod and the mini sub-ohm tank. The capo 100 box is also an in-house mod developed by IJOY.

    It was designed to follow up devices such as the captain pd270 and the IJOY Maxo. The IJOY capo mod is compatible with 21700, 18650, and 20700 batteries. The unique feature is that it uses the captain mini sub-ohm tank, the smaller version of the captain sub-ohm tank. 

    Specification of the IJOY capo

    • The device size stands at 78.2 by 52.3 by 30 mm 
    • The box mod is regulated squonk
    • Has battery compatibility with 18650, 21700, and 20700 batteries
    • Can put out a maximum of 100W
    • The device can support fast charging
    • OLED display screen

    Features of the IJOY capo mini sub-ohm tank

    • It has a 2ml capacity
    • Built from stainless steel and glass
    • It uses a sophisticated sliding design for the top cap
    • Coil head design does not have any threads
    • The airflow is adjustable
    • The drip tip is built from Delrin and is a wide bore
    • The chassis is grooved to control the heat transmission

    Build quality and design of the IJOY capo

    A more significant part of the IJOY capo 100 is the box mod which stands at 78.2 mm and 52.3 mm. the firing button on the side is large-sized, and it has a 510 threaded spring-loaded connector at the top. This is a good and firm size that you can hold in your hands. It has a little bit of weight when the battery is installed onto it.

    The IJOY capo box mod is among the pioneering devices that can use 21700 batteries. The company went ahead to make their version of the same with the introduction of 3750mAh batteries. You also have the flexibility option of utilizing 20700 or 18650 batteries if you have the appropriate adapter.

    The transparent OLED screen is impressive, and it looks similar to the captain PD270. Under any conditions, you can easily read the screen. It shows the wattage setting, the battery life, coil resistance, battery voltage, ampere rates, the power mode, and a puff counter.

    The mini sub-ohm tank on this device stands at 2ml capacity, but you can use up to 4ml tanks. The tank is made from stainless steel and glass tanks, not forgetting the Delrin drip tip, which can be removed. The top-fill design easily slides off and makes refilling a straightforward process taking only a few seconds to refill fully.

    The company made the replacement process very easy for the coil heads using the mini sub-ohm tank. This has been made possible by the threadless design that only requires you to slide the coil from the tank's base. The airflow slots make it easy to adjust the airflow of the tank. The glass can help to dissipate the heat and keep it accessible on the cooling.

    How to use the IJOY capo kit

    To start the device, press the power button five times. This feature can also be used to turn the machine off. For example, when you click the button three times, it will take you to the menu, and the up-down features help navigate the menu, and the fire button confirms your power selection.

    When on the menu, select the ‘P’ button to set the power mode. The adjustments buttons will be used to control the wattage. The intensity setup option allows you to choose the power boost mode, and the norm mode maintains the selected power setting.

    The hard mode will push up the power option by 30%, which is higher than the initial power setting. 

    The 'T' icon will select the temperature control mode, which you can then choose between Ti (titanium), Ni (nickel), and SS (stainless steel) or the other TCR slots. After selecting the TC setting, you will be asked to set the wattage selection of your choice.

    Ease of use of the IJOY capo

    The IJOY capo is very easy to use. Starting from the initial build, the process is very straightforward. The only issue is with the post screws, which are set at an angle, and you have to place the screwdriver at a certain angle for it to hold down. After inserting the screws, insert a wick and get it tucked down on the wells. 

    Flavor and cloud production of the IJOY capo

    If you seek to get some massive clouds of vapor from the IJOY capo vape unit, you will surely get that. The best vape juice to use is the riot quad punk grenade juice. It gives the best flavors that cannot be found anywhere elsewhere. The device is a good catch for cloud chasers but for people who like the deep flavors, and they might feel the unit to be a little underwhelming. 

    Performance of the IJOY capo

    The IJOY capo uses an IWEPAL chipset which makes it fast, responsive, and with an accurate performance range. In addition, it can support resistance levels ranging from 0.05ohms to 3ohms while giving out 5-100 power outputs. 

    The box also supports the Ni200, stainless steel, titanium outside the box, and the temperature control mode using the custom TCR input.


    There are no issues with the power delivery when running on power mode, and there is no delay as you press the fire button. The resistance reads correctly, and a single battery device as this gives so much power. When compared in terms of battery life, the one IJOY 21700 battery offers the performance of two 18650 batteries. 

    The IJOY Captain sub-ohm tank and the captain mini sub-ohm is the most preferred tank for this device. It works so well with the device and gives the best flavors. The coil head, which is at 0.5 ohms, provides a good kick with a lot of vapor.

    Pros and cons of the IJOY capo


    • The build quality of the IJOY capo is impressive and remarkable
    • The size is a perfect fit that feels comfortable when held in the hands
    • It has a good vapor production capability that is up to the time
    • The 21700 battery is a new invention that keeps the device working for long
    • The device is efficient and usable


    • When using the 18650 batteries, the device feels a little underpowered
    • It is not as innovative as the devices that came before it
    • The buttons feel inconsistent and wobbly
    • The post screws are angled, making them hard for people to fix them

    FAQs about the IJOY capo 

    Is the IJOY capo worth it?

    Yes, there are many reasons why the IJOY capo is a pen worth having. It has many desirable features and an impressive vapor production that is attractive.

    How much is the IJOY capo?

    The IJOY capo vape device has different prices across different stores. You can get this device for as low as $80. Many stores sell it at a much lower price, but you will have to cater for the delivery fees on your own

    My IJOY capo is not working.

    There could be many reasons why the IJOY capo is not working. Most of them could be caused by the battery not taking in power or not being charged. So, before you use the device, ensure that it is fully charged. If it still does not function, try replacing the batteries to see if there is any change.



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    After building devices with top-range wattages, the IJOY Company took a different turn to see how good they are at making full performance devices on low wattages. The device is compact and feels good, especially on the weight and sturdiness. No feature lacks on the device, and the only component is the insensitive button which can misfire.


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