IJOY Avenger review and instructions. The Specifications, Features, Build and Design Quality

    IJOY Avenger review and instructions. The Specifications, Features, Build  and Design Quality

    The IJOY Avenger is a fully compact vaporizer that runs on dual 20700 batteries. This is a one of its kind voice activated device which makes the technology even better. The kit also comes with 18650 adapters which can hold the 18650 batteries.

    The IJOY Avenger is fitted with an Avenger chip which comes with AI software that allows the users to enjoy certain functions. The unit is built using zinc-alloy and a few selection of RGB lights all round.

    The colors and light frequency of the device can be customized. The on and off voice feature can also be toggled for better performance. The Avenger mod is fitted with a latest release sub ohm tank known as Avengers.

    The tanks utilize a new 0.15 ohm and an x3 mesh that has a heating element. The element is made of cotton and wood pulp wicks and it produces large and more pronounced vapor volume.

    Specifications and features of IJOY Avenger

    The IJOY Avenger mod measures 90mm in height with a width of 31mm. with the 510 connection mounted on the center, it allows it more room to hold all sizes of tanks. The mod has an addition of many lines on the front face and the criss-cross pattern makes it unique. The whole left side of the device has the firing bar and has the RGB lights on the inside.

    The front facing screen is a full color OLED display that measures 1.3 inches and has two buttons fitted beside it. The buttons also have the signature RGB lights and can light in colors such as white, blue and many more.

    The IJOY avenger has a USB port on the face of the device and is used for updating software. Users can use two 21700 batteries which are inserted using the hinged battery door located at the bottom. 

    There are also batteries adapters located in the battery port and can be used for installing the 18650 batteries. It can run on these batteries without having any effect on the power output. The device can operate on a high power of 234w even when using the two cells. The size of the cell added with the batteries inside, means that the device will be a little bulkier.

    Build and design quality of the IJOY avenger

    There is nothing much to say about the build of the IJOY Avenger, only that it looks like the iron man’s kit. While the main color design is designed to look like an Avenger theme, it has so many color options that people can choose from. The paint finish on the unit is equally attractive and is resistant to minor scratches, hits and can live up well to wear and tear that happens regularly.

    While the 510 connection appears to be plain, it is very durable. The pin is high quality spring loaded and the 510 connection creates a good connection with the available tank. One thing to note is that the 510 protrudes a little bit off the top of the mod. So expect to see the smallest gap between the atomizer and the mod as you screw it all the way down.

    The front side of the device has an OLED screen display which is bright enough. The text is very clear and scrip and the ability to see it in the sunlight are very decent. On the side of the mod, the firing button is fitted and it takes up most of the mod. It has been well made to have a crisp click but it can accidentally fire when pressed.

    Battery and charging of the IJOY Avenger

    The device uses two 21700 battery cells and each cell has the ability to give up to 40Amperes. The batteries would drain quickly if someone uses wattage rates above 2-00W, this would happen even with low-resistance builds. A few selections of devices do not accurately give out their maximum wattages.

    The Avenger has been detailed to be giving power up to 234W, but 200W would be the most accurate reading when comparing rebuilds able sub ohm coils. The coils that come with the kit have watt ranges of about 40-90W so the ranges are limited. If you vapes using thee range on the pre-made coils, the battery would extend its operating time by more than two or three hours of non-stop vaping.

    Flavors quality of the IJOY Avenger

    One outstanding thing about the IJOY Avenger is that the mesh coils do a good job at vapor production. The amount of flavor produced exceeds the expectations of the user.

    The mesh clocks at 0.15 ohms and this should be low enough for users who like to do bigger clouds of vapor. The coils are very durable and they can last for more than a week before you feel like the performance is going down.

    The sub ohm tank has a good airflow and this has been contributed to by the bottom design airflow that is adjustable. This design can work with many airflow systems and regardless of your preference, it is very consistent. 

    Performance of the IJOY Avenger

    While many people want to experience the voice control functions of the unit, it is an extremely good performance when used in the right way. The Avenger gives such a good flavor and vapor production and an attractive battery life that would last for days.


    If you are a big fan of the Avengers, iron man to be specific, the franchises in the market are strong and well built. The IJOY Avenger gives all these usable features are spades giving it a strong recommendation for any quality seekers. 

    Pros and cons of the IJOY Avengers


    • The device has power mode settings
    • The LED display is very bright and clear
    • The colors and paint jobs are amazing
    • Has a fully functional voice command feature
    • Is compatible with dual 20700 and 18650 batteries


    • The voice commands are not practical
    • The buttons sometimes rattle up when pressed
    • The temperature control is not impressive

    Review and ease of use of the Avenger

    One feature that has been smoothly making an entry into the mainstream vapes market is the addition of voice control system. The IJOY Avengers has a long list of voice pre-settings that can be used to control a few basic functions of the mod.

    The voice commands can be used to adjust the wattage, to turn the device on and off, to control the LED functions and also to switch between different vaping modes. 

    When using the voice recognitions feature the setting should use a little bit of adjustments. But you can choose to ignore the responsive lights because the buttons on this device are well placed and responsive.

    FAQs about the IJOY Avenger vape pen

    How long does the IJOY Avenger vape last?

    The IJOY Avenger is a very powerful battery that uses the dual 21700 and 18650 batteries. These batteries are strong enough to power the device for more than two days when vaping on high wattages between 70-90W. it is very consistent with performance that does not shift

    Is the IJOY Avenger worth it?

    The IJOY Avenger is a pen worth having in your collection. Considering it is a product series from IJOY, makes it a device that you should not miss in your collection. It is very powerful and is also one of the few devices that uses 21700 batteries



    The Uppen has a very good way of satisfying people from the first puff. This has been made possible by the innovative etchip coil which has an enlarged heating area to improve on the efficiency.

    The mesh coil is of high resistance which gives a satisfactory vapor production with only one puff. The coils were tested to be working with almost all of the mainstream e-liquids.


    The IJOY Avenger is a very solid mod to use and it delivers so well when used in power mode. The large screen is bright enough and it can also carry atomizers that have sizes of up to 30mm and not have any overhang. The sleek iron man design gives it a fully compatible superhero look and it is highly recommended for temperature control users. 


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