I-Vape Slim 2021 Features and Reviews

    I-Vape Slim 2021 Features and Reviews

    What is I- Vape Slim Pen?

    Rove Company manufactures I-Vape slim pen. The design of this portable vaporizer is perfect! When it comes to using organic cannabis oil, the Vape is effective, pocket-friendly, environmentally friendly, and disposable. Its slim nature makes it portable for any user, as seen below.

    These slim vaporizers are available in two categories; nicotine free and 2% nicotine. I-Vape slim pen comes in different colour but the same design to meet the customers' needs. For more details, click here. The products are easily available in international and local outlets. Using the product is simple.

    Basic parameters

    The company started with Cartridge, R-Vape pen, and now they have introduced the I-Vape Slim pen to complement their brand and device quality effectively.

    I-Vape cartridges contain cannabis oils with THC concentrations of 70% or higher. These high TCH thresholds produce among the most impressive vapour clouds, appealing to those who enjoy massive clouds.

    The cartridges are made from stainless steel material as well as high grade Pyrex glass. Bottom flow air channel equipped with atomizer from Ceramic enjoy the sweet taste and effective flow.

    The cartridge has a rove battery with a 350mAh lifespan. This feature gives the user an ample opportunity to Vape hash oil anytime, anywhere.


    I-Vape Slim pen has the following features:-

    • The battery capacity of 350mAh giving you a long time to Vape
    • The pen design is high-quality, compact, and magnificent, and it is very easy to use.
    • The glass window of the cartridge makes it easy to check the level of oil in the cartridge.
    • The battery voltage settings are variable for controlling the maximum temperature.
    • The battery has 510 connectors, allowing you to use other portable 510 cartridges.
    • For a more enhanced vaping experience, use a 1ml reusable oil cartridge with natural oil.
    • The mouthpiece on the device helps to maintain discreetness.


    In the package:-

    • There a USB cable(Hypercharge)
    • Mouthpiece
    • Large polycarbonate visual chamber
    • Reaction chamber
    • Low temperature calibrated ceramic ring without coil
    • Cleaning wipes –two
    • Single ceramic Ti coil atomizer

    In the I-Vape series, the cartridge gives room for stealthy use. Its slim build nature can easily help conceal the product in avoiding unwanted attention.


    • Vaping is safe compared to smoking. Why? The public health England, royal college and many more have proved this. They concluded that (PHE) Vaping is 95% less harmful when compared to smocking since there is no both smoke and combustion. This design has a health benefit to users with the introduction of a non-nicotine I-Vape slim pen.
    • You will not smell smoke after vaping. Vaping has an aroma when compared to smoking. The smell of vaping in either flavour is noticeable, and at a point, you end up getting compliments.
    • Controls nicotine intake; Nicotine intake is controlled while vaping. E-Juice varies from 2% nicotine to nicotine free. This gives you a chance to choose your nicotine dosage. Even those with 2% nicotine gradually reduces strength with time.
    • You can control the quantity of vapour you inhale. Other Vapers prefer I-Vape remote devices. This is because it conveniences the volume of vapour and high power cloud chasing feature.

    • It has the various flavour of e-juice where you can choose from—the common ones being tobacco, mint, fruit etc. Equally, one can make his or her juices if commercially available are not fit.

    • I-Vape slim comes prefilled with instant satisfaction. I-Vape slim pen's upkeep is simple since the battery can take you throughout the day. This has simplified vaping.

    • Since competition and market are huge, I-VapeSlim is pocket friendly for any user. They are simple and disposable.

    • There is no experience needed. A Vape product does not require any previous experience to use from the starter kit.

    • The vapour products are worldwide at any convenience store. Not forgetting online shop with shipping option to your doorstep.


    • There are too many choices to choose from. This ranges from nicotine free to 2% nicotine with various flavours.
    • The simple starter Vapes are the best choice always.
    • Vaping has potential health dangers, though it's the best choice if it's for distancing from smoking.
    • Vapers are also facing a smoking stigma. Vapers who switched from smoking have been reported to be disheartened.
    • Sometimes, Vapers shy away from as it is perceived as youth issues.
    • Nicotine is misinformed worldwide. The reputation is terrible. It does not in any case cause heart or malignant disease.
    • There are very restrictive regulations to reduce vapouring choice. Most countries are banning postal delivery of products while others are imposing high taxes.
    • FDA rules might eliminate choices of vaping.
    • It is not easy to find the truth about Vape. It threatens tobacco firms as well as anti-smoking companies. Due to many frightening myths about vaping, users get scared.

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    I-Vape slim pen Reviews: Is I-Vape slim good?

    The product is safe for vaping at an affordable price and readily available in the markets. The Vapes are designed in the same manner but with different colours. They have connectors meaning; they can be connected to any portable cartridge.

    And the best part?

    You don’t have to be experienced to use it. They come with a tool kit containing a coil and an L-shaped charger for convenience operation.

    Although Vapes exists in different modes like lost Vape Grus mode 100w, lost Vape Thalema pod mod kit, lost Vape Q-ultra coil and lost Vape Orion plus, they differ by shape and battery size. They go beyond triple battery power house. You are guaranteed to get your preference regardless of your vaping style.


    What next?

    Vaping with I-Vape slim pen has the following benefits:-

    • It is even safe than simply smoking. This improves heart functions, lung operation and presents you with the best sense of taste and smell.
    • It helps you control the level of nicotine intake. Additionally, there is also nicotine free Vape in the market.
    • It has lots of option for your preferred flavour/aroma.
    • Easily available in the market
    • Preheating takes laser time, and you are good to go.
    • They are modified for maximum and quality vapour output.
    • You can easily select your preferred temperature by varying the voltage.
    • You can adjust to obtain the big cloud.

    Although the I-Vape slim pen has drawbacks, the advantages outweigh them hence customers' preference.

    Below are some of the brands with different colours.

    We have other varied colours available, you can check them from our website. It’s now slim with the colour of your choice everywhere. We can deliver to your doorstep. Reach out to us for more information brand@upends.com.

    By now, you decide. Vaping is an alternative to smoking; the best choice among the two is obvious well. Say no to deadly combustion. It is not 'perfect' but the best alternative.

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    FAQ about I-Vape Slim Pen

    How do I turn on my I-Vape slim pen?

    Immediately after unscrewing the lid of your pen, insert a Vape cartridge, twist clockwise motion until it is in position. After making sure there is no leakage, press the power button five times continuously to turn the device on. Press five times for the pen to read the signal.

    Where can I buy an I-Vape?

    The products are available in the global channel distributors; check from most vapours shops and online stores here.

    How much is an I- vape?

    I-Vape slim pen is cheaply available in the online store at a price range of €5.62 worldwide. The supervision team is out on the market to monitor the price.

    How do you charge an I-vape?

    There is a USB charging cable in your kit. Connect the cable to the charging port while connected to the charging block on the other side. When the pen charges, the LED indicator displays light and turns off when fully charged.

    How to choose the best Vape?

    Follow your complete guide. Consider the functionality you need, mind the vaping material you want and their availability; the heating method is also critical and battery life. Then lastly, choose your Vape design according to your price. Avoid low melting materials like Teflon since it has dangerous side effect.

    How long does an I-Vape last?

    I-Vape slim pen can last for more than 12 hours with a strong battery when fully charged-vaping moderate.


    The company has made a tremendous advancement by introducing I-Vape slim pen. This is organically made with the perfect battery lifespan.

    Ensure the products are legit before using. The products are cost-effective with less than €8 price tag. This pen is best for you; check it out here. Be on the safer side by enjoying the advantage of our advanced technology offer!

    Worry less, checking out on UPENDS can help you meet the vaping needs. You will be happy with your purchase.


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