Humboldt Vape Tech Hyperion, Sai Atomizer, and Sequoia Reviews & Buying Guide

    Humboldt Vape Tech Hyperion, Sai Atomizer, and Sequoia Reviews & Buying Guide

    If you are a vaping enthusiast, you must have come across Humboldt Vape Tech. It is a growing destination for world-class atomizers, mods, and coils. They are part of the pioneers in the vaping world who can’t stop innovating and bringing designed products to vaping hobbyists.

    For starters, Humboldt County of California is regarded as the epicenter of marijuana cultivation in the whole state. With that, it is not a surprise that this destination is a home for cutting-edge vaping devices. They have been in this industry for a while now and people just can’t stop talking about how amazing their collection is. They gota special interest in dab vaping, which they are dedicated to perfecting, but still got a long list of products showcased on their website.

    In this review, you will get to understand more about this destination and what they got for you. We also recommend video guides for those of you who want to learn as you watch.

    Even better; this guide will go a long way into responding to most of the frequently asked questions about the Humboldt Vape Tech.

    Humboldt Vape Tech Review: Are they up to the task?  

    You will realize that besides dap devices which Humboldt Vape Tech got an eye on, they still got other devices to offer. In this section, we review some of their products so you could better make an informed decision.

    1.      The Hyperion

    The first product Humboldt Vape Techbrought into the market was the Hyperion. The device is designed to work well with all Sequoia coils for the vaping concentrates. The base section bears the battery and has a different section for the coil. It also features a glass bubbler situated at the base sticking up the device.

    You will like its touch-sensitive button incorporated with a LED to help keep track of the battery. This means you will know when you are about to drain the battery. The good news is that the product is rechargeable with the USB-C. The device is also designed to allow users to adjust the temperatures. These heat variations are coded with colors to ensure a hassle-free user experience; green depicts the highest temperature while red shows the lowest.

    Away from the temperature settings, the Hyperion is designed to accommodate three different coil designs. We have the AVS Hex-Core which is compatible with titanium, and the other two are bucket-style coils compatible with quartz or titanium.

    Features at a glance:

    • Device compatible with Sequoia coils
    • Easy to clean
    • USB-C charging
    • Easy loading
    • Compatible with all Sequoia coils


    2.      The Sai Atomizer Line

    Humboldt Vape Tech’s most popular product is the Sai Atomizer Line. It is not a single product by represents a collection of elements that serves different purposes. One of them is the base Sai starter kit which encompasses the atomizer, the top cap airflow, and the bucket coils. The Sai Atomizer Line is compatible with both the titanium and the quartz coils.

    One thing about the company is the fact that they do not restrict buyers to purchase the Sai Atomizer Line as a whole. It allows users to purchase any specific element they might be looking for: from the coil baseto the top cap. And since the Sai represents a diverse collection of elements with different colors and styles, the ability to purchase the specific element presents an opportunity for users to experiment with different combinations. If you are still trying to find your best choice, you can take this chance and try out different combinations until you identify your favorite spot.

    The base atomizerunit, for instance, comes in four different colors with an exterior featuring stainless steel. For the coils, Humboldt Vape Tech presents up to fifteen options of stainless steel, Kanthal, ceramic, and titanium materials. This is a good opportunity to experiment and get yourself what is best for you.

    Features at a glance:

    • Up to 15 coil-styles
    • 4 different color options: gold, stainless steel, black, and titanium
    • Three coils: titanium, Kanthal, and ceramic coil

    3.      The Sequoia Line

    A huge portion of the Humboldt Vape Tech success is linked to the Sequoia line of atomizers. This is a comprehensive line of atomizers with a large collection of different coils.

    For those of you who have not had a chance to use the product, this is how it looks like: It features a stainless steel exterior with a cap at the top and anairflow to its bottom. Its diameter measures 25 mm and has a gold plate at the base.

    Just like the Sai, the Sequoia Line comes in various types of coils and two options of colors; titanium, and stainless steel. Users also got the privilege to choose from its numerous varieties of coils. 

    Features at a glance:

    • Coils wattage ranges from 20-30W
    • Temperatures runup to 450F
    • Got seven types of coils
    • Features airflows at the top and the bottom
    • Four types of materials: Kanthal, quartz, titanium, and ceramic

    Videos guides

    This section highlights some of the video tutorials that address some of the common concerns with these products. They address those issues such as using your device, cleaning it, and addressing coil breakdowns.

    Let’s get to the point:

    Cleaning your Hyperion

    If you are there wondering how to clean your Hyperion, this video guide will take you by hand and lead you through the whole process. One thing about the guide is that you can follow it as you implement the lessons learned. At the end of the video, you will have your product clean.

    Coils Breakdown

    Maybe for some reasons your product is not working as expected. Even though Humboldt Vape Tech products are fairly good, some nasty inconveniences could arise along the way rendering your coil ineffective. Luckily, there is a way to fix the issues. This video guide will help you fix the problem and get you out of the ordeal.

    A guide to using the Hyperion

    For some reason, the thought of having to use the Hyperion could be a daunting undertaking. Maybe you are a starter and you want a step-by-step guide that will answer most if not all your concerns. A video tutorial is certainly what you need to get off the ground and enjoy the world of vaping. This guide will serve the purpose; it will burst away all your concerns and raise your confidence with using the device.


    How long would it take to charge theHumboldt Vape Tech Hyperion?

    It would take around 1 hour 45 minutes to achieve a full charge. You will know it's charging when there is a red flashlight. Once the battery is fully charged, the flashlight will turn green. Just in case you might not be aware of how to charge; you only need to plug in the USB-C cable, connect it to the power source and you are good to go.

    I have never used the Humboldt Vape Tech products, can I trust them?

    Yes, you have all the reasons to trust them. One is for its promise of quality and the other is for its relationship with its customers. They are not up for any mischief, and a background check on customer satisfaction revealed that most users are indeed satisfied with how they aretreated. A big proportion of the users affirmed that every time they have had complaints about their products, the company has always amicably responded to them.

    Is Humboldt Vape Tech on social media?

    Yes, they are on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. The company is clear that through their active participation in the Reddit forums, they have been able to understand their customers better and that has allowed them to better respond to the customers’ needs.

    I’m a starter, how do I switch my Humboldt Vape Tech device on and off?

    Well, all you have to do is locate the power button and press it 5 times in quick succession. While on, you will tell the power capacity through the color of the light as summarized in the table below:






    Battery status

    Very low 




    To turn it back off, press the power again five times in quick succession.

    Do they offer free shipping? And what happens if I’m not satisfied with their products?

    Humboldt Vape Techoffers free shipping for all orders above $25. This is completely free and they do not inflate their prices with hidden shipping fees. They also promise 100% satisfaction among their customers. This means should you want to return their products for some unfortunate reasons, you can do so flawlessly.


    Parting Shot

    Indeed there are thousands of vaping products out there, and the industry keeps growing. If you are dedicated to adding some top-notch products to your shortlist of favorites, it is high time you try what Humboldt Vape Tech got to offer.


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