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How to Vape CBD Oil. How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape?

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CBD oil has various health benefits such as getting rid of chronic pain, reduce anxiety, inflammation, and more. Vaping CBD oil or e-juice is one way to consume cannabidiol. So, if you are new to vaping CBD e-juice, how do you vape?

Also, how much CBD oil should I vape? Suppose it is your first-time vaping CBD e-juice; you will get more insights about CBD e-juice vaping.

Definition of CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also known as CBD e-juice, is an extraction from the hemp plant or cannabis. This extract is produced from cannabidiol, a chemical compound in marijuana.

Vaping CBD oil doesn’t make you intoxicated because it contains not more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Are you looking forward to vaping or consuming CBD oil? You might be asking yourself how CBD oil tastes like.

Is the taste of CBD oil unpleasant? Let’s get into details to know more.

According to reports, CBD oil has an earthly flavor. Some say that it has a relatively bittersweet taste.

But the taste of CBD depends on the form you are vaping. This is because there are three forms of cannabidiol. They include;

  • Isolate CBD has a bitter taste.
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Broad-spectrum CBD

The full and broad-spectrum CBD has a clear taste. But some CBD e-juices have flavors that increase the taste of CBD oil.

How to Vape CBD Oil

As a beginner, vaping CBD can seem challenging. But is that the case? If you don’t know how to vape CBD oil today, I will take you through the ways of vaping CBD e-liquid.

Using a Disposable CBD Vape Pen

There are various vaping devices you can use to vape CBD oil. First, you can purchase a disposable CBD vape pen.

When you have a disposable CBD vape device, you throw away the vape pen once the oil is over or the battery power is over. Using this pen is best for starters as it is cheap and doesn’t involve too many operations.

All you need is to purchase the vape and start vaping.

More Ways of Vaping CBD Oil

Other ways of vaping CBD oil are using cartridges, pods, or refillable vape pens. But all these need you to have expertise. They are different from disposable vape pens.

When you go for a cartridge, you will purchase one filled with CBD oil, and you must have a vape pen. Fix the cartridge on the vape pen and start vaping your CBD e-juice. When the cannabidiol is over in the cartridge, you get rid of the cartridge, fix a new one, or buy another cartridge to continue vaping.

Note: When you connect your cartridge to the 510 battery, you should press the power button five times to switch on the vape pen. Also, start slow, and after the first puff, wait for at least five minutes. Always ensure you recharge your battery or vape pen as it comes with a Micro-USB cable.

Using a CBD vape pod is another method of vaping CBD oil. So, how does it work? You require to have your pod and the Juul battery or pen.

Make sure your Juul device is fully charged before connecting the CBD pod. If it is charged, fix the CBD pod and power the device. Wait for a few minutes for the e-juice to heat before you start vaping.

Puff slowly as you increase after few minutes. Ensure that after your first puff, wait for five minutes to see how the CBD reacts with your body (for beginners).

When the CBD e-juice in the pod is over, dispose of the pod. But some users are currently refilling the pod independently. This is a good option as it saves you the cost of buying new cartridges.

Using Refillable Vape Pens

The final method of vaping CBD oil is using refillable vape pens. Using such a device requires you to know. This is because it requires expertise when it comes to filling the tank.

After the tank is full, wait for the coil to prime. Additionally, leave the coil to saturate with the e-juice for about ten minutes before turning on the vape pen. Check if it has advanced settings and selects your favorable.

NB: You should always clean your tank regularly to maintain its performance and prevent clogging.

Also watch this YouTube video to learn more on how to vape CBD vape oil:


How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape?

Is there a set amount of CBD oil an individual should vape at a given time?

Before you vape CBD e-juice, you need to consider your weight. This more of medical and weight is a factor to whether a particular dosage is right for you or not.

As a beginner, you need to start vaping a low CBD oil dosage to increase it with time. As per house of vapes London, we found out the effect hits differently depending on your weight.

For more about that, here is a table showing the proper dosage amount for your weight.

CBD Oil Effect



Less than 11 Kg

12 – 20 Kg

21 – 38 Kg

39 – 68 Kg

69 – 108 Kg

More than 109 Kg

No to Mild





















So, as you see in this table, you can choose your proper CBD e-juice dosage as per your weight.

Can You Vape CBD Tincture? Tincture Vs. Vape


You cannot vape CBD tincture. This is because this product is meant for oral use. Even though the intake method is different from that of CBD vape oil, they both serve the same purpose.

For your information, a CBD tincture is made of high-proof alcohol. The approximate percentage of alcohol on this CBD extract is between 60 to 70.

Additionally, CBD tinctures have a long-life span of three to five years. The taste of this product is very bitter; thus, you may find it irritating if it is your first time.

However, CBD tincture producers are reducing the bitterness by adding flavors to make them less bitter.

A tincture is meant for oral use, while CBD vape oil is for vaping. They tend to have the same effect but what makes them different is how they are produced.

We can neither tell you that one is effective than the other, but that will depend on how you want to consume CBD.

Suppose you like vaping. Go for CBD vape oil/e-juice. If vaping is not your thing buying a CBD tincture will be beneficial as you take it orally.

Also, in case your body reacts to alcohol, vaping CBD oil will be the best option. Furthermore, CBD tinctures contain more ingredients than vape oil.

When it comes to how you take CBD tinctures, place the tincture under your tongue. This ensures that it is absorbed faster into your bloodstream.

Can You Put CBD Vape Oil Under Your Tongue?


It is not advisable to place CBD vape oil under your tongue. This is because they are produced specifically for vaping.

In case you want a CBD product to put under your tongue, I would advise you to buy CBD tinctures. This is because that’s the way you consume them.

Is it Safe to Vape MCT Oil?

MCT oil is an additive that was added to nicotine salts and CBD vape oils. But its adverse effects led to the banning of the substance.

This oil is extracted from coconut and palm oil through fractionation. After extraction, MCT oil is concentrated before being added to vaping e-juices.

When it comes to MCT oil safety in vaping products, we don’t have enough information to say if it is good or not.

Studies have shown that it contains high amounts of vitamin E acetate and PEG (polyethylene glycol).

Experts recommend that it better to ingest MCT oil or apply it on your skin but discourage vaping.

This is because this substance is linked to lung diseases when vaped. So, at all costs, make sure you don’t vape MCT oil.


We hope you have learned more about vaping CBD oil. It will be best to share this information with your peers to learn more about vaping CBD.