WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Refill a Juul Pod. All Flavors of Juul Pod

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The cost of buying a new vape pod after a short time is expensive. Thus, it is time to consider purchasing a refillable vape pod. Juul pods are the best refillable pods in the market. Now that I am done vaping the e-juice in the pod, how do I refill?

So, if you are a new Juul pod user, we will simplify that for you after many of our users contacted us to refill these pods by Juul. We decided to inform all new Juul pod vapers on how to fill a Juul pod.

Is it hard? No! Follow all the steps in this review, and you will have an easy time refilling your Juul pod.

Are Juul Pods Refillable?

Yes! Say goodbye to disposing of pods after use. This is because Juul pods are refillable.

NB: Suppose you have a Juul pod; you cannot refill it with a CBD e-juice. This is because they are not available. You can only fill a Juul pod using a nicotine salt e-liquid.

How to Refill a Juul Pod

The vape juice in the pod is over, or you want to change the juice that comes with the pod. What steps should you follow when refilling a Juul pod?

In this part, I will take you through all you must know when refilling these pods by Juul.

Step 1: Detach the Cartridge

Now that you have your Juul pod with you empty or with e-juice. First, you need to remove the cartridge.

After you detach the cartridge from the pod, you will see a black cup or lid. This lid hard to remove, and if you are new, you can break it. When you do so, you must buy a new pod.

So, you have to be careful when opening the lid. This lid (mouthpiece) has snaps on the sides, which hold it firm on the cartridge.

We recommend you either use a flat screwdriver or a small knife to open the black cup.

After opening the lid, let's go to the next step.

Step 2: Remove the Black Rubber/Silicone Cover

After opening the cartridge, you will notice a black rubber/silicone cover. Its importance is to prevent the juice from leaking.

Use your nails to remove the rubber from the cartridge. Make sure you don't lose it, as it is an essential part of the pod.

Step 3: Pour the E-Juice

Suppose your pod isn't empty, but you don't want to vape the flavor in the cartridge. You must pour the e-juice and clean the cartridge before adding a new flavor.

Step 4: Add Your Favorite Nic Salt E-Juice

It is time to refill your cartridge with your favorite salt nic e-juice flavor. Ensure you don't fill the vaping juice past the line. This will make it hard to close the cartridge. This is because you need to fit back the black rubber or silicone to its usual position.

Step 5: Close the Cartridge

You are now done filling. It is time to close the cartridge and return it to the Juuls pod system. Fix the black rubber or silicone to its original position.

Then close the lid. Make sure it fits firmly on both sides of the cartridge.

Step 6: Reattach the Pod

Ensure that the cartridge is not leaking the e-juice you have added. If it is dripping, you can reattach the cartridge back to the pod system.

Everything is okay. Now you can start vaping your refilled Juul pod.

In case you notice the e-juice, the flavor is not strong. Remove the cartridge and squeeze the cartridge. This will make the e-liquid produce a stronger flavor.

You can do this till the e-juice is over from the cartridge before refilling again.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more.


Can You Buy Refillable Pods for Juul? How Much are Refillable Juul Pods?

Yes! You can purchase a refillable pod.

A refillable pod is an empty pod cartridge that you can fill with your choice's nic salt e-juice. All you require is to purchase your salt nic e-liquid brand. They come in different brands and strengths.

Fill the pod cartridge and put it in the pod system, and start vaping.

According to the eliquid depot, four Juul refillable pods cost $11.99.

Refill What Flavors to Your Juul Pod? Mango, Mint, or Crème?

For a long Juul has been selling mango, mint, and crème flavored pods. But at the end of 2019, they discontinued the sale of these three flavors.

So, what flavors can you refill when you have a Juul pod?

The sale of flavored vape pods was due to the US government's consideration to ban such products' sale due to its link to causing lung damage.

But that wasn't the end of flavored Juul pods.

Currently, you can purchase Virginia tobacco, classic tobacco, or menthol flavors. The Juuls Lab directly sells these.

Additionally, you can purchase the Juul pod fruit four-pack. This product provides you with a sweet vaping flavor. Peach, grapes, berry, and mixed fruit are the pods in this pack.

When you buy the Juul pod fruit four-pack, every pod is filled with 0.7 ml nicotine salt e-liquid, and you can vape up to two hundred times.

You can purchase the four-pack Juul pod fruit at the pricepoint.

Benefits of Using Juul Refillable Pods

You might be wondering why not use a closed vape pod? The reason we advocate for the use of refillable pods like Juuls. Is that you have vast benefits when it comes to usage, storage, and cost.

So, the following are the advantages of using Juul refillable pods.


The best thing about buying this vape pod is that you can add your choice's e-juice flavor. You are not limited to one type of flavor.

Usage is Simple

You already know how to refill an open-system vape pod. So, in case you buy an empty Juul vape pod. All you need is to fill up the e-liquid tank and put it together before vaping.

It doesn't have challenging controls. Once the vape juice is in the cartridge, and you have fixed the pod system very well. You can comfortably start vaping.

Lightweight and Portable

Don't worry about how to carry your vape pod. This is not a giant pod. It is small and lightweight, meaning you can carry them in your pocket without worrying. But you must be careful as you can lose it without noticing.

Fewer Chances of E-Juice Leakage

Vape e-juices are not cheap, and you must be careful with your usage. Spillage is not only expensive to you but can destroy the pod system.

To curb such instances. Juul pods and other refillable pod systems are made to prevent the dripping of the e-juice.

When refilling, you must be careful to attach all parts of the cartridge the way they were.

Also, test if it is leaking before closing the vape pod.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Vape mods require you to use a lot of cash to maintain. Vape pods are dissimilar as you only need to change the coil. The other components remain the same. This is cheap.


Refillable vape pods are inexpensive as a majority of them don't cost more than $50.

Alternative Vape Pods: UPENDS

Suppose you are looking for an alternative vape pod system of Juuls. Then UPENDS is the best in the market.

There are a variety of UPENDS vape pod systems. They include; the UpOX, Uppen Plus, Upcott, and Uppen.

They are open pod systems (refillable) which is similar to the Juuls refillable pods.

Refilling the UPENDS vape pods is simple. Unlike that of Juuls, in which you have to detach the cartridge. They have a side-set filling opening. Please open it and refilling your vape pod.

Frequently Asked Questions About Juul Pods

What is the Amount of Nicotine Present on a Juul Pod?

You already know that Juul pods contain nicotine. This is because you can only add nicotine salt e-juice on a Juul pod.

So, how much nicotine is present on this pod?

Before answering you that, a packet cigarette has between 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine. Is this the same amount of Juul pods?

Let's wait and know.

Juul labs have standardized the nicotine amount on their pods. The nicotine strength varies from one to two per cent per pod.

But you can either purchase the 5% or 3% nicotine strength Juul pod. The 5% contains 40 milligrams of nicotine in each pod. At the same time, the 3% has 23 milligrams.

This means if you have a Juul pod, you are smoking up to twenty ordinary cigarettes.

How do Refillable or Open System Vape Pods Work?

Refillable pods are also known as open system vape pods. This type of vape pod has three parts; the case, tank/cartridge, and coil.

The case holds the coil and the tank or cartridge.

When your nic salt e-juice is on the cartridge, the coil heats the e-liquid when you are vaping. This enables it to generate the vapor.

What are the Health Risks Using Juul Pods?

Vaping has health risks. This should not be a debate. Juul pods are also in this category

Continuous vaping using Juul pods leads to addiction. This is because the pods contain nicotine which is an addictive substance. Also, it is toxic.

One of the common health issues vapers develop is irritation on their mouth and throats.

Additionally, you can develop lung problems when you vape too much.

This can lead to cardiovascular disorders, which can pose a risk of death.


This is all we had about how to refill a Juul pod. In case you don't have a Juuls refillable pod system, consider buying the UPENDS vape pods. They are the best and offer you an easy time when it comes to usage and maintenance.