How to Buy Wholesale Puff Bars: Reviewing Popular Vape Brands

    How to Buy Wholesale Puff Bars: Reviewing Popular Vape Brands

    There are a lot of alternatives to traditional smoking these days such as e-cigarettes, hookah, and more. The products like e-cigarettes or puff bars have become extremely popular and a lot of online vape stores are providing a huge variety to choose from. As the number of vape companies and suppliers is rapidly increasing, it can be challenging for you to find the best wholesale puff bars.

    If you are the one who wants to buy wholesale puff bars, we’ve provided some useful information in this article. Puff bars are extremely light, reliable, portable, and make the perfect on-the-go vape. As there is a huge variety of puff bars is available, this article might help you find the most suitable product.

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    How to Buy Wholesale Puff Bars?

    Let’s face it, puff bars are the new trending disposable and mimic the massively popular JUUL and other e-cigarette devices. They come in many flavours and are priced significantly lower than other disposables. If you’re looking for wholesale puff bars, here are a few things to keep in mind and you can find the best fit for your needs…

    • Know What is a Puff Bar: First, you should know about the product as there are many vaping devices available on the market. A puff bar is a disposable vaping device that comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavours. It is a kind of all-in-one product as you don’t need to refill it or charge it. It comes ready to be used straight out of its packet and once finished you can discard it.
    • Take a Look at Flavours: As puff bars come in many different flavours, it will be great if you can explore some. Most puff bars are available in over 25 different flavours such as cool mint, strawberry, grape, banana ice, blueberry ice, peach ice, pineapple lemonade, watermelon, mango, and tangerine ice, pomegranate, and more.
    • Know the Ingredients: Whatever you’re going to use, you should about the ingredients to make sure you’re buying the right product. Most puff bars only contain 4 ingredients, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings, and nicotine. When you know the ingredients, you feel more confident about buying the product.
    • How Many Hits Are There: A puff bar has around 300 hits which means it should last an average adult vaper a few days to a week. However, this will also depend on your vaping habits that for how many days your puff bar will work. So it is important to know your pace before buying.
    • How Much Nicotine Is There: Most puff bars contain 1.3 ml of e-liquid and nicotine. You can choose between 2% (20mg) or 5% (50mg) of nicotine salt. You should also keep in mind that Nic

    • Salt is different from freebase nicotine and imitates the effects of conventional smoking. Today’s puff bars come with a quicker nicotine delivery rush.
    • Where to Buy a Puff Bar: Once you know about the product you want to buy, explore different websites to buy them. Many popular online vape stores are offering a huge variety of vape products. Check for different options available on different websites to find the most suitable product that fits your budget and needs.

    If you’re planning to buy a puff bar, there is one point to keep in mind how much time do you inhale when you’re taking a hit off the device. If you’re taking much longer draws, you are using more e-liquid as well as draining more battery life per hit. It simply means that you can make your puff bar last longer by taking smaller hits.

    Apart from making your puff bar last longer, you can also experiment with different flavours as it is a disposable device. Every time it finishes, you can attempt brand-new tastes more often without committing to a whole container that you might or might not like.

    Wholesale Vape Brands

    If you’re looking for the best wholesale puff bars, we’ve listed some popular brands that you may consider. Check some options available out there…

    Hyde: Apart from vape products, you can also buy Hyde gear like iPhone cases, flags, t-shirts, hoodies, etc from their website. Here are some products that are worth wholesale…

    • Hyde Edge Rave: This rechargeable 50MG puff disposable features adjustable airflow, an LED light, 600mAh battery, and around 4000 puffs.
    • Hyde N-Bar Mini: A miniature disposable puff bar featuring around 2500 puffs, a non-rechargeable 800mAh battery, and 50MG nicotine.
    • Hyde Rebel Pro: This is a rechargeable puff bar offering around 5000 puffs and featuring a 600mAh battery.

    iJoy: The company is known to provide the highest-class e-cigarette products and offers a wide range of products like pods and mods. Some popular products include…

    • IJOY Neptune II Pod Kit: This draw-activated pod comes with an upgraded 0.8 Ω mesh coil, 2ML pod capacity, 650mAh internal battery, Type-C charging, and more.
    • IJOY Aria Pro Kit: This pod device features a type-C port, LED indicator, fire button, 900mAh battery, and many safety features.
    • IJOY Captain Link Kit: A compact mod device featuring a single external 2x700/18650 battery, 5ML e-juice capacity, and Type-C charging.

    Innokin: One of the leading vaping manufacturers, Innokin offers a wide range of products including pod systems, pod systems, vape kits, vape tanks, and CRC products.

    • Innokin Sceptre Tube: This vape kit comes with a rotating airflow system, 1300mAh battery, two power modes, and 2ML pod capacity.
    • Innokin Klypse: This draw-activated vape pod features a magnetic dust-proof cap, 700mAh battery, USB-C charging, and 2ML capacity.
    • Innokin Kroma 217: An all-new-kit featuring the new Z-force tank, 21700/20700 battery, Coil+ mode, USB-C charging, and 2ML/5Ml tank capacity.

    JUUL: JUUL is known for offering a wide range of high-quality vape products and using nicotine salts derived from tobacco supplied by one-time-use cartridges.

    • JUUL Starter Kit: This is a popular product from the brand and contains a USB charger, JUUL V3, 50MG KIT JUUL pods, and 18MG KIT JUUL Pods.
    • JUUL Pods Classic Tobacco: This is a classic tobacco flavour that offers a fantastic throat hit and comes in a pack of four pods.
    • JUUL Pods Multipack: This is a package of four premium-quality JUUL salt e-liquid pods that comes pre-filled with 0.7ml e-liquid and each pack offers around 200 puffs.

    Lost Vape: A relatively new brand offering high-end devices and has been releasing different vapes including pod systems, puff bars, vape kits, tanks, and accessories.  

    • Orion Bar Disposable Vape:This bar features around 4000 puffs and comes in 11.5ML capacity, 400mAh battery, 5% nicotine, Type-C USB, and adjustable airflow dial.
    • Lost Vape Mana Stick: This 20MG disposable vape device provides around 600 puffs and features 2ML e-liquid, a built-in 550mAh battery, and many different flavours.
    • Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Mod: This vape device is equipped with 950mAh rechargeable internal battery and comes with a 2ML pod capacity, stainless steel design, and micro USB cable.

    Mojo Vape: A brand new e-cigarette company offering advanced vape devices such as Mojo Pods that are designed to provide an alternative to nicotine intake.

    - MOJO: The next-gen disposable pod vape is designed for adult smokers and as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. It comes with a 1.2ML juice capacity, 5% pr 50MG nicotine, 240mAh battery, and ultra-compact lightweight design.

    SMOKtech: Also known as SMOK, the company is one of the oldest and most popular companies in vaping. It offers a wide range of disposables, pods, mods, pens, tanks, coils, and accessories.

    • SMOK Stick Bar: This disposable bar has a 550mAh internal battery and is designed to provide around 1000 puffs. It is available in 10 different flavours and is simple to use.
    • SMOK Minione: This mini vape bar is ultra-compact and delivers around 1600 puffs and is equipped with an 800mAh battery and is available in 22 different flavours.

    Suorin: One of the most popular companies creating the most convenient mini vaporizer and all-in-one e-cigarette. The main products include…

    - Suorin Air Bar Diamond: A disposable pod device that comes pre-filled with 1.8ML of 50MG Salt Nic and provides around 1000 puffs. It comes in many different flavours and features a 500mAh battery and 2.7ML e-liquid capacity.

    UWELL: A high-tech enterprise brand that specializes in electronic cigarettes and offers products like kits & mods, pod systems, tanks, and disposables.

    - Gabriel: This series has many disposable vapes like Gabriel Equal, Peace, Respect, Freedom, BC2500, and XA10000. The products feature Pro-Focs flavour adjusting technology and come in many different flavours.

    VAPORESSO: Created by parent company SMOORE, Vaporesso deals with products like pods, pod mods, tanks, pens, and accessories.

    - XROS Mini: This vape device is designed to provide the best MTL vaping experience and comes with a built-in 1000mAh battery, top filling system, SSS leak-resistant technology, Type-C charging, and 2ML pod capacity.     

    UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Alternative Product (200 words)

    If you’re looking for wholesale vape alternative products, there are many websites that you can explore. However, visiting UPENDS will allow you to explore products that are designed for reducing the use of combustible tobacco worldwide. You can choose from a wide range of products including disposables, pod systems, pod mods, and accessories.

    UpBar Box, UpBar RS, UpBar Air, UpBar Mini, UpBar Titan, and Upone are the most popular disposable puff bars available. Also, there are many different flavours to choose such as banana ice, orange ice, tobacco, mango, blueberry ice, cola ice, mint, strawberry, peach, watermelon, pineapple coconut, passion fruit, lemon, blueberry raspberry, and more.

    As far as wholesale puff bars are concerned, the products offered by UPENDS are worth giving a shot at. The company provides you the opportunity to become a distributor or a domestic or international retailer. You can contact the wholesale department for detailed information and become a wholesale distributor.

    UPENDS is one of the most popular disposable vape wholesale suppliers and offers many benefits when you collaborate. The company is securing its position in the vaping world by providing quality products and unmatched customer service. If you want to resell or distribute the highest-quality vapour devices, this can be the right platform to explore.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.