WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How many puffs in a Juul pod?

12th May 2022 | 968 | upends v

A Juul pod is a portable nicotine-delivery device designed to deliver physical and sensory satisfaction of cigarettes without appearing like one. The device resembles a USB flash drive and it may close to impossible to identify, if you do not pay attention. 

The Juul pod is made up of two parts, the lower part is the battery and temperature regulation apparatus which make up the device while the upper part is the e-liquid cartridge and mouthpiece that is mounted onto the device. 

This device is can be charged and has its USB charger that you can use to charge. At the same time it is disposable and non-refillable so you do not have to deplete the Juul pod before you put in a new one

The Juul pod is fitted with hot coils that produce heat that extracts vapor from liquids.  

How many puff are in a Juul pod?

Depending on how often you vape, you may notice that you have to get more e-salts when you feel less satisfied after taking a draw. The amount of puffs in a Juul pod is similarly the amount of nicotine in a normal pack of cigarettes. This number is about 200 puffs per pod. So it means that for you to achieve a great hit, you may need more than one pod on a regular basis to improve your experience.

How many milliliters of e-liquid are in a Juul pod?

A Juul pod holds 0.7 milliliters of e-liquid, a 5.0% Juul pod nicotine strength holds roughly 59 mg of nicotine per milliliter, so basically it means that each pod will hold approximately 40mg of the entire nicotine.

The 3.0% Juul pod nicotine strength holds roughly 35mg of nicotine per milliliter, which brings the total nicotine contents of each pod at approximately 23 mg. These nicotine content figures are calculated at the time of manufacturing and are expected to slightly decrease over time.

How long do Juul pods last?

Each Juul pod is estimated to hold at least 200 puffs, the duration of your puffs will determine the actual number of puffs you can get from each pod. You need to ensure that the nicotine strength in your Juul pod is the right amount you need. As this will allow you to use your pod more often as you would in the case of smoking cigarettes and feel well satisfied.

A Juul pod will last you a day if you are a person who would smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in a day. Also if you find yourself using many pods in a day, it is advisable that you get a pod with increased nicotine strength to fit your needs without running up pods.

While in storage, it is recommended that your Juul pods are not kept there for more than a year. Juul pods may not have expiration dates, but the volatility of the liquid nicotine does not favor the pods to stay forever while in storage.

Because Nicotine undergoes oxidation when exposed to air and light, you are advised to store your Juul pod in a cool and dark place in its initial package, away from direct sunlight.

However, after sometime of storage you may notice a few changes such as the e-liquid in the pods slightly turning yellow or taking a brown color. The flavor and nicotine content of the e-liquid may also change slightly.

What is in a Juul pod?

Juul pods use nicotine salts as a vape juice, this is another method for extraction of nicotine from natural tobacco leaves. This nicotine salts ensure that nicotine levels are higher in a given formula recommended for a Juul. 

At some point you may have wondered what ingredients are found in a Juul pod. There are many ingredients used to achieve the different flavors in a Juul pod, and here we will only look at the basic ingredients found in an e-liquid.

  1.  Nicotine is the main ingredient in an e-liquid contained in the pod, it is a chemical compound and a stimulant that may increase your heart rate and blood pressure.
  2.  Propylene glycerin is a liquid usually added to the pod to preserve flavors and moisture. It does this by preventing evaporation when heated. 
  3. Glycerin; sometimes referred to as vegetable glycerol, is used as a thickener due to its syrup-like consistency. It assists in production of vapor, it produces thicker clouds but has to be combined with propylene glycol to create a balance. 
  4. Benzoic acid is normally used as a food preservative and is used to achieve the same in a Juul pod as well. It makes the nicotine intake to be a lot smoother without causing throat irritation as seen in combustible cigarettes.

How to refill Juul pods

There are a few limitations when it comes to buying Juul pods, firstly they are designed according to tight specifications and are meant to last through one cycle only, also there is a limit to selection of flavors, secondly you cannot vape CBD because CBD pods from Juul are unavailable. However, here are some basic steps you can follow to refill your Juul pod.

  1. Pull off the plastic cap and extract the silicone cover. You will then have to hold down the knobs found on each side of the pod and detach them from the indentations.
  2. Find a slim metal stick with a curved tip and push it into the space at the center of the pod and take out the silicon cover as gently as you can.
  3. Use a paper towel to absorb e-liquid residue. Remove and dry off the silicon stopper.
  4. You can use a dropper or a syringe to refill the pod using a few drops to the required marked level. You should also remember that you do not have to fill more than three quarters of the pod to avoid leakages.
  5. Lock the knobs in their indentations to place back the stopper then proceed to reset the cap into its position.
  6. Tap on the sides of the pod to gently release the tiny air bubbles floating on the e-liquid. 

If this does not work for you, you might need to find refillable Juul pods from other companies located outside the country of patent rights reach.

After the process of refilling your Juul pods, you can manage approximately 4 refills if you decide to use clear juices. Once you note that they are tasting burnt, you should then dispose them and try finding other refillable devices’

UPENDS; Uppen Plus

UPENDS Uppen plus is an upgrade of the MTL open pod system Uppen. The Uppen plus is developed from the core components of the Uppen to create a unique version and a self-identified style.  

Using similar Etchip coils, Uppen plus still holds down the excellent taste experience of the Uppen pod. Uppen plus is meant to satisfy you from the very first puff, it is also super volatile like the older version of the Uppen pod.

The Uppen plus is made using aerospace grade aluminum and has a metal cap that protects the e-liquid to ensure it maintains the original freshness even when you go days without vaping.

The Uppen plus comes with a TYPE-C charging port, the 2A fast charge will get it fully charged in 30 minutes. This is supported by LED indicators that show you amount of charge left.


Use of Juul pods has been effective in handling nicotine addiction among cigarette smokers. Juul pods are not only considered a safe alternative ton cigarettes, but they are also considered to be economical. The safety is achieved by using pharmaceutical grade of nicotine with different percentages which allows vapers to make better choices depending on what they require.

Currently no flavored pods are available on the company websites or local retailers except tobacco and methanol. All the flavored pods were pulled out after it was accused for being responsible of the teenage vaping pandemic.

Therefore if you may want to enjoy a different flavor on your Juul pod, you will need to get a few mods in order to get more use for them but there is a possibility they will go bad.