House of Vape Review: Are they up for something Good?

    House of Vape Review: Are they up for something Good?

    House of Vape is an online vape store founded in Australia and operates out of Sydney. We have considered reviewing this company as they do a good job when it comes to the supply of vapes and vaping accessories. They have been in this industry for a while now, and their customers have attested to their exceptional customer service and supply of the right quality products.

    House of Vape is located in Neutral Bay, Drummoyne, and Belmore. If you want to reach out to them, you can always call them at +61437497993.

    In this review, we cover their product categories, customer experience, and shipping policies. We also cover most of the frequently asked questions about this Australian store.

    You might be wondering:

    But how do they navigate through the prospect of supplying vapes? Yet the Australian law is clear that no one should manufacture and sell products with nicotine.

    Well, the store is compliant with the regulatory law and you will not find nicotine in their products. This could be a great opportunity for you if you are looking for nicotine-free vaping products. But if nicotine-free products are not your thing, you could still import nicotine vapes for your own use, which is allowed.

    House of Vape Product Categories

    House of Vape, as the name suggests, is a real home for various products. With them are the pod systems, starter kits, e-liquids, atomizers, mods, and accessories such as batteries, chargers, and wick and wire. The only category you will miss here is disposables.

    In this section, we review their main product categories so you can have a clearer idea of what to expect from them.

    1.      E-liquids

    When it comes to the supply of e-liquid, the House of Vape is the real ‘house’ for the vape with the strongest sense of the word. It is never an understatement or anything short of it. A review of their e-juice varieties revealed that the store got a huge collection of varieties from five countries. If you are looking for e-juice of Australian origin, USA Liquids, UK Liquids, Malaysian Liquids, or Canadian, you can find them here.

    What this means is that you can always get anything you’d wish to have at any point in time. They never disappoint.

    House of Vape E-Liquids at a glance:

    Australian/NZ Liquids:

    • I.G.
    • Clouded Visions
    • Frank & Atticus
    • Hoots
    • Red Back Juice Co
    • Altin Leaf
    • Vape Force One
    • Totally Minted E Juice
    • Sub Zero E Juice
    • The Daily Grind E-Liquids
    • Vg And Pg Liquids

    USA Liquids

    • Anarchist
    • Barista Brew Co
    • Pachamama
    • The One By Beard Vape Co.
    • Blackbox
    • Black Note
    • Cream Team
    • Custard Shoppe
    • Fresh Farms
    • Ice Monster
    • Jam Monster

    UK Liquids

    • Dinnerlady
    • Dinnerlady Tobacco
    • Dinnerlady Tuckshop
    • Konceptxix
    • Riotsquad
    • Riotsquad Punk Grenade
    • Tenshi Ice
    • Vampire Vape
    • Angel Elixir

    Malaysian Liquids

    • Aj Vapes
    • Cushman By Nasty
    • Dr Frost
    • Lulu Juice
    • Nasty Shisha
    • Thirsty Juice
    • Tobacco By Nasty

    Canadian Liquids

    • 12 Monkeys
    • 12 Monkeys Origins

    2.      Starter Kits

    When it comes to starter kits, House of Vape plays its game ahead of the rest. They are the industry leaders in Australia, supplying up to 60 varieties of them. This store is popularized majorly for its promise of quality and exceptional customer service. They hold to a principle that a customer is always right. Furthermore, their products reflect some of the contemporary make. If you are a beginner starting out with vaping, you will like the simplicity yet the stunning feel of House of Vape’s Starter Kits. This feature makes it easy for new users to comprehend and use the products with ease.

    3.      Pod systems

    If you are still in the experimental stage looking for a vape product meeting your preference, you are better off with a pod system. This will allow you to replace the pod and get a whole new different feel. This allows you to change as regularly as you would like until you find your match.

    As you can see, a pod system presents you with an opportunity to try our several pods. You need to invest in one which is easier to change and is durable. The House of Vape will provide you with a lasting solution; giving you the convenience of changing the vape flawlessly. Theirs are products that have passed through the right design and you can trust them.

    4.      Vaping Accessories

    If you are the kind of person who enjoys doing your stuff by yourself and enjoys customizing your vapes, you will need good accessories that will allow you to have a hassle-free operation. House of Vape understands the agony of working with accessories that, just, disappoint.

    Their flagship Avid Artisan Build Kit, for instance, comes with everything you ever would like to build your coils.

    Battery cells, battery chargers, and battery wraps are also available. And they have passed through the right customization for you to get the best out of the money you invest with them.

    Trustpilot review of the House of Vape: what do the customers have to say about the online store?

    As you might be aware, the Trustpilot’s reviews are often sincere and real. Most of the House of Vape reviews show that over 90% of the customers are enjoying the products and services they are getting from the company. There are some, however, who have not reviewed the store positively. Otherwise, from the many who gave a positive review, we can safely conclude that the company got their customers' interests at heart. We hope you will join the group of happy customers.


    Is House of Vape offering free shipping?

    House of Vape is not offering free shipping for just all the purchases unless your order is worth over $80. This means you are going to independently meet the shipping cost of your products for anything less than $80. The cost of shipping will depend on the weight of the product, which is usually computed at checkout.

    Is House of Vape liable for losses or breakages that occur during shipping?

    House of Vape ships its products through the Aus Post using the eParcel System. They are clear on their website that they will not be liable for anything that happens after their products are submitted for shipping. The store is not obligated to offer a replacement in an event that the Aus Post delivers a damaged product or fails to deliver at all. The good thing is that the company is careful when it comes to product packaging. They package them carefully to ensure that you receive them in their right condition.

    In case I have inquiries to make, which is the best mode to contact the House of Vape?

    House of Vape has listed a phone number; +61437497993, which you can use to reach out to them. You can call them and air your concerns at any time. They are also available 24 hours for a chat through the Messenger account integrated into their website. You can always contact them for support.

    Which payment options are accepted in the House of Vape?

    When it comes to payment, House of Vape would not have made it any simpler! In their payment, they have listed VISA, MasterCard, Zip Pay, LayBuy, and Poli as the acceptable channels. They wanted to have as many modes as possible to ensure that each customer’s needs are met.

    Is House of Vape manufacturing vapes?

    No. House of Vape does not manufacture vape products. What they are doing is sourcing these products from reputable manufacturers and selling them on their website. Before they buy these products, they first ensure that they are of the right quality. They do not compromise, for if they do, they would be compromising on the quality they are offering you as a customer.

    How safe are the House of Vape’s products?

    One thing you can be assured with the House of Vape is that they will supply you with products tested and ascertained of their quality. Every product passes through a rigorous quality check before leaving their warehouse. You can thus rest assured that you will get quality products supplied your way. The company understands the agony of wanting to quit smoking and taking up a new lifestyle. They do not want you to struggle to quit and land back to even worse products harmful to your health.

    Looking for disposables? Try UPENDS

    House of Vape can get you almost all you would ever need to have when it comes to vaping. The company is, however, missing one important product category that is largely common; disposables. If you are looking for a one-time use vape, and the thought of other vaping products scares you, we can get you covered at UPENDS. We pride ourselves in supplying some of the best disposables you could think of. We got various brands of them, and we give out competitive wholesale pricing. We bet you will like them.


    As always, we at UPENDS are dedicated to seeing you all enjoy a quality vaping experience. If you are in Australia and its environs, House of Vape is the destination you can trust to meet all your vaping needs.



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