HITT MAXX Disposable Vapes Review

    HITT MAXX Disposable Vapes Review

    Do you need a change from your daily vaping to the sophisticated vaping experience, or are you just after a backup vaping device? Hitt Maxx disposable pods deliver what you deserve, with several electronic disposable products falling into some categories carrying mouth-watering flavors.

    HITT is an internationally recognized manufacturer of e-products and a pioneer online store distributor based in California and New York. You can place an order by going to the company websitewww.hittvape.com or the emailinfo@hittvape.com. Also, you can call +1818 806 HITT or +1818 4488 and be astonished by the top-class customer service.

    The company has evolved through many devices that contain several flavors, from Hitt go having 400 hits, Hitt Plus+ offering 700 puffs, Hitt Maxx containing 1800 hits, Hitt switch carrying 2000 hits, to Hitt XL having 3000 hits. In this detailed review, we shall turn all stones on Hitt Maxx.

    Design and Appearance

    HITT MAXX carries an internal 550mAh battery that outputs up to 1800 puffs, five times the regular device. Come in a prefilled tank having 5ml of liquid with an ideally soaked medical-grade cotton that aids in delivering excellent throat hit and better flavor. Available in over fourteen flavors holding a minimum nicotine salt of five percent.

    The appearance of each flavor is unique, with eye-catching colors on the front side of the card box, company name, flavor name, and nicotine warning on the backside carries the company information and expiry dates.

    HITT MAXX holds three outstanding disposable pods, including Hitt Maxx vape, Hitt go Maxx, and Hitt Maxx V2, each carrying delightful flavors.

    1. HITT MAXX Disposable Vape

    Maxx is a fantastic device from the HITT series, with a solid in-built non-chargeable battery outputting over twelve watts that support up to 1500 puffs. No filling once you have the pod, start vaping directly and dispose of it when finished. The draw-filling design makes the usage easy and enables safety when traveling.

    • Carries 1000mAh internal battery
    • Contain 6ml juicy capacity
    • Draw activation with no buttons
    • Provide up to 1500 puffs
    • Handful flavors to choose from
    •  50 mg nicotine by volume
    • Output 7 to 12 watts
    • The device weighs 40g
    • AIO disposable vapor system

    1.1 Blueberry Pom

    Hitt captured this distinctive blueberry pomegranate flavor perfectly with the perfect blend of fresh, sweet blueberries and drizzled with the sourness of pomegranate, providing a succulent taste. The nicotine level in the flavor offers a great throat hit and large clouds for a refreshing vaping experience.

    1.2 Lemonade Ice

    The flavor brings memories of your best summer drink, with the fusion of juicy and fresh lemonade topped ice cream gives a soft citrus taste that will puzzle the taste buds. It is available in a single pack and a 50mg nicotine level, making it gain popularity on menthol lovers and those who hate tasty flavors.

    1.3 Lush Ice

    A robust flavor that cool menthol and fruit lovers crave every day combines fresh watermelons and a cool mint, making a mouthwatering flavor for all-day vaping. Lush ice provides a marvelous smooth throat kick and long clouds due to the maximum nicotine level in the taste.

    1.4 Fresh Mint

    It is a unique succulent flavor with an exquisite merger of tart notes and fresh cool mint. It provides a classic mint flavor with a delicious mint taste for a refreshing vaping experience.

    1.5 Banana Ice 

    Banana ice has a candy-like flavor with a shattering taste. Banana ice is a perfect blend of cool mint and ripe banana, kicking the throat smoothly and greets the palates with menthol and fruity flavor that will satisfy your vaping.

    1.6 Strawberry Milkshake

    The fantastic flavor revives the memory of drinking the ideal strawberry milkshake, carrying a creamy, yummy, juicy taste. The fresh strawberries and creamy taste control the draws tantalizing the palates.

    1.7 Peachy Ice

    The flavor offers an outstanding vaping experience with a simple blend of soft menthol and tasty peach, leaving the taste buds refreshed. The calm and smooth mentholated peach-flavored disposable vape is a satisfying flavor like no other.

    2. Hitt MAXX Go Disposable Vape

    Maxx Go disposable pod is the newest addition to the Hitt product series. It arrives with a non-chargeable, in-built battery size of 1000mAh capable of outputting over twelve watts and allowing up to 1500 puffs. 

    Come in a prefilled 6ml e-liquid tank used once. With the 50 mg nicotine level, the vaper gets the perfect throat hit and long thick clouds for a fantasizing vaping experience.

    The device is an all-in-one disposable vape system with a draw activation mechanism lacking fire buttons as you start using the pod directly. Maxx Go is the best match for newbies and an alternative backup for die-hard vapers. 

    Besides this,  the device weighs 45 grams, making it easy to carry. Available in many mouth-watering flavors made from the finest ingredients.

    • Offers 1500 plus puffs
    • It carries a 1000mAh battery
    • 50mg nicotine option by volume
    • Compatible mouthpiece
    • Big 6ml e-liquid capacity
    • All-in-one disposable pod system
    • Power output over 12w

    2.1 Lemonade Ice

    Top-selling flavor with a refreshing taste that will make you crave more reviving memories for the summer drinks. The flavor is a perfect blend of fresh lemonade drizzled with cold menthol for a soft throat hit.

    2.2 Lush Ice 

    The exceptional blend of mouth-watering fresh watermelons and the cool menthol, upon inhale,  the fruity melon tastes, and on exhale, the menthol fills the buds.

    2.3 Orange Pop

    It’s a fantastic vape juice that holds a taste of fresh oranges flavor that most vapers love. Orange pop delivers the classic orange soda flavor, making it one of the fizzy tastes that you can spot from the first draw. 

    2.4 Punched Ice

    Hitt brand got everything right in the mixology of this one providing a satisfying flavor. Punched Ice is a combination of fresh fruit punch with cool menthol making a flavorsome vape.

    2.5 Mystery

    The name suggests the Hitt vape brand has a mysterious vape juicy that will tantalize the taste buds. If you need more excitement in your vaping lifestyle, then have mystery flavor on your hands.

    2.6 Pink Lemonade

    The delicious vape juice offers an exceptional vaping experience with an authentic, fresh lemonade taste and ripe watermelon to provide the pink color for a succulent and refreshing flavor.

    3. HITT MAXX V2 Disposable Vape

    Maxx V2 is the latest disposable vaporizer from the Hitt series, equipped with an integrated 1000mAh battery supporting over 1800 puffs equivalent to 120 cigarettes, constructed to ensure appeal, durability, and easier to carry due to the compact design weighing 42.7g.

    It comes in different colors, with each carrying succulent concocted flavors from a strawberry milkshake to a menthol merged banana and several sweet mixture flavors, an all-in-one system with a draw activation mechanism lacking the fire button.

    • Several flavors
    • Provide up to 1800 puffs 
    • Contain a 6ml juice capacity
    • 50 mg nicotine salt base
    • Outputting over twelve watts
    • Input voltage of 3.7v

    3.1 Blue Razz Ice

    The unique universal blend gives a beautiful vaping experience combining an excellent merge of blue raspberries with cool menthol providing distinctive flavor. The fresh blue raspberry taste dominates on each inhale, and during exhale, the menthol flavor bathes the palates.

    3.2 Nana Berry

    A fascinating flavor that brings together the fresh mix of strawberries and creamy tart bananas, making a delicious fruity flavor. The great throat hit is peached perfectly in this flavor and thick clouds due to the nicotine level.

    3.3 Melon Ice 

    Melon ice is a highly crafted juice with well-balanced juicy melons and chilling menthol flavor, giving a remarkable vaping experience.

    3.4 Pineapple Dream 

    A wonderful concoction should be your favorite, with a tropical pineapple flavor that will bring a tasty vaping dream from the first draw.

    3.5 Strawberry Milkshake

    One of the satisfying disposable e-liquid the first draw gives the natural flavor of strawberry milkshake with the creamy, juicy, and yummy familiar taste. On every inhale and exhale, the balanced taste of juice mesmerizes the palates.

    3.6 Maui Mango

    The most delicious flavor that will make you want more with the succulent taste of fresh tropical mango fruit. Maui mango is smooth, juicy, and tasty, creating the sweet, refreshing flavor holding teacher clouds and soft throat hits.

    3.7 Banana Ice

    An incredible flavor with a shattering taste combines ripe banana and cold menthol flavor, providing a candy-like flavor for a refreshing and tasty vaping experience.

    3.8 Guava

    Guava is the unique and outstanding flavor, guavas’ delicious taste that satisfies vaper’s cravings from the first to the last puff for a refreshing vaping experience.

    3.9 Peach Tea

    One kind that is highly crafted to fit the user’s desires, the blend contains tea and peach flavor providing a tasty lingering taste that will tantalize the taste buds.

    Final Thought

    HITT MAXX disposable vaporizers have proven to stand above the Hitt series with the magnificent features and the vape quality. With several mouth-watering flavors at a pocket-friendly price, the Hitt Maxx disposable vape is the best option if you want a delicious and refreshing vaping experience.

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