WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Heavy Hitters Disposable Vape Pen Review. The Features, Battery Quality, Pros & Cons, FAQs

15th Oct 2022 | 71 | upends v

What is Heavy Hitters Disposable Vape Pen?

It is the original social vape that gives vapers a tasty and most enjoyable high. It majorly consists of a blend of terpenes and CBD oils distilled for pure taste and potency. The pens are manufactured by a leading company, True Ceramic technology, whereby the pens are mostly disposable. It is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes. 

Heavy Hitters Disposable Vape Pen battery has a capacity of 350mAh that is the best when it comes to utilizing a vape cartridge, and comes with a chrome finish. 

The most spectacular feature of this pen is its outward look. It looks like a flash and can stand on its own since it has a thin surface. You also get a charging feature for the battery that gives you the power to have a pleasant vaping experience. 

Heavy Hitter Disposable Vape Pen features

The pen features a stylish chrome finish with a 350mAh battery capacity with a variable voltage and preheats mode. 

The pen has a button operation setting mode which helps to moderate the voltage when vaping. Five clicks you turn it off or turn it on, whereas the rest of the clicks work as follows: 

  • 2 clicks for preheat mode
  • 3 clicks voltage switch

The pen has a length of 96mm and a diameter of 14mm, which makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. 

The pen has a 510 thread connection, and the cartridges are refillable. When it comes to the refilling of the pen, there are endless options to select the best flavor for your vaping experience. At the base of the device, a charging port comes with a USB charger that charges the device very fast. 

The Disposable vape Cartridge meets and exceeds the standards of California for safety and quality.

Heavy Hitter Disposable Vape pen Battery Quality 

The pen has a battery capacity of 350mAh and can charge in less than an hour or so. The battery comes in a fine silver and chrome finish with a USB connector with voltage 3.7V for easy charging. 

Refilling of the Heavy Hitters Disposable Vape Pen

The refilling of this pen is almost similar to most of the pens, especially the Hybrid Disposable Vape pen. The procedure's as follows: 

  • First, one has to remove the mouthpiece by twisting it clockwise until it is entirely detached. Then, oil is put into the cartridge using a syringe to avoid any sticky mess that spills, which could be hard to clean. 
  • Push the syringe tip slowly and fill it to the top. After that, squeeze slowly to push the oil into the cartridge. 
  • Once done, turn the mouthpiece back and rotate it clockwise until snug, and careful not to turn the mouthpiece more since it will damage the threads.

Refilling of the vape cartridge

Every cartridge has an expected lifespan of roughly four to 5 fills. After that point, the cartridge performance may not be as lovely, and it's recommended that one replaces the cartridge. 

Heavy Hitters Vape Pen Pod Kit

The kit supplies the essentials needed to take cannabis on the go for a unique vaping experience. 

The pods last for 200 puffs and weigh 0.5g. The pod comes with a USB connector and a vape pen. 

Heavy Hitters Vape Pod Lifespan

The pods are designed to support all-time vaping, and they are expected to have a lifespan of 24hours when customarily used. The lifespan will vary depending on how frequently used, and THC or CBD is in the cartridge.

 Its makeup is designed to be leak-free, hence used in seconds for effortless prolongation. 

For a 5-gram size, it will typically give out 150 puffs and 300 puffs for a full gram cartridge. 

Using Hitters Vape Pod

Assembling the device is relatively easy and fast, but the issue comes from filling the pods. The pod is small; hence you are advised to use a syringe to avoid spillage during refilling. 

Once you have filled the pod and some liquid has seeped into the coil, let it relax for 10 minutes. After this time, the vapor production will be superb. One is advised to keep on refilling oil since the coil consumes a lot of oil. Hence, you should be well prepared by walking around with a tank just in case the pod runs out of oil.

Cleaning and Vape Pen Maintenance

Cleaning the vape pen is simple, and it's highly advised to be cleaning your pen from time to time. It would be best if you had a clean vape pen all the time so that you can save money on buying new pens each now and then. 

The following are easy steps on how to clean your pen:

  1. Dismantle your pen. Unscrew all components starting with the mouthpiece heading downwards. Make sure the chamber is fully emptied by tapping out the contents. 
  2. Use a brush to clean the parts of the pen. It is not advised to use water since the pen also includes electrical components. Most of the pen comes with a brush in the kit. 
  3. You can also use soft tissue or cotton to clean the mouthpiece, that is, if it does not detach. Also, you can use running water.
  4. Once everything is clean and dry, screw everything back and make sure it is properly attached. 
  5. Press the button a few times to start your device. 

Pros and Cons

Most of the vape pens share or do have similar pros and cons. Therefore, it can be applied here, they include: 

  • The pens are portable, and they easily slide into pockets or purses. This is not only because of their size but also their weight. It's light. 
  • Due to their stability, the concentrate tends to stay more potent and more prolonged, maintaining a reliable potency. 
  • They've got a variety of cartridges that come in the same strain-specific variety.
  • Discrete outlook that gives you the confidence to take it anywhere you need.
  • Electronics used together with the pod and pen may be faulty.
  • Vapor Production may be insufficient, which can be resulted in cartridges having issues. Inadequate vapor production you can solve most of the time by setting up your cartridge upright on a flat surface.  
  • Most of the cartridge producers are starting to manufacture additive-free products. Nevertheless, most vape cartridges contain PG (Propylene Glycol) or PEG (Polyethylene glycol). 
  • One has to charge the battery from time to time. 
  • General maintenance includes cleaning the pen so that you may get the best vaping experience possible from it. 

FAQS about Heavy Hitters Vape Pen

What makes Heavy Hitter unique?

Heavy Hitters offer dozens of strains, and all of them are in high potency format. Furthermore, their products provide spans for 1g cartridge and Live Resin cartridge. 

Are heavy hitter carts advisable?

Since the carts are not refillable, this means they are only of single-use. But this does not mean that the quality and potency of the oil is low; they are of the best standard when it comes to every puff.

How long does a heavy Hitter Cartridge last?

The cartridge can last up to 3 days for a heavy user. But if one is not a heavy user, it is assured that the cartridge can stay for more than three days.

Alternative Disposable vape: UPENDS


Upone by UPENDS is a disposable vape with a prolonged pleasant vaping experience. It comes with an in-built battery and a capacity of 4.5 ml, giving you a long-lasting operation. 

The Upone has been made using thick cotton-base soil, ensuring that you as the user get superior and stable vapor on each puff without leakages and popping.


The Heavy Hitters Vape Pen has proven how much vaping has transformed within a short period and the importance of innovative technology in the vaping industry. Its functionality is the best compared to another kind of vape pen.