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Guide to Vape Shops Open Now Near Iowa, IA.

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Find Vape Shops Open Now in Lowa, IA (My Location)

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Vape Shops Open Now Near Lowa, IA (my location).

1           Introduction

E-cigarettes are the first genuinely new way of assisting people in stopping smoking that has been there for many decades. E-cigarettes have the potential to help more smokers keep off cigarettes.

If you happen to reside in Iowa and you vape, you are in the right place because it has the best vape shops with vape equipment and products at your disposal. This article is going to help you find the perfect vape shops in Iowa.

2           Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise deals with Vapor, Tobacco, and Gift Store. They also carry fine Tobacco, Glass Pipes, Tobacco Pipes, Fine Cigars, Hookahs, Shisha, Cigs, e-juice, e-cigs, Gifs, and Much More. The biggest Vapor Shop in Iowa.

Name: Almost Paradise

Contacts: (319) 359-1694

Location: 355 S Linn St Iowa City, IA 52240

Opening and closing Time

Mon-Wed        10AM - 12 AM                                                                      

Thu-Sat           10AM - 3AM                                     

Sun                   10AM - 12 AM         

3           The Konnexion

The Konnexion is a locally owned smoking accessory shop dealing with all major brands of cigarettes, Roll-Your-Own Tobacco, Hookahs, Shisha, e-Cigarettes, eJuice, Mods, Dokha, Kratom, Cigars, Beer & Drinks

Name: The Konnexion

Contact: (319) 321-6401

Location: 106 S Linn St Iowa City, IA 52240

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sun         10AM - 10 PM

4           Unkl Ruckus's Smoking Emporium & Skate Shop

Unkl Ruckus's Smoking Emporium & Skate Shop is the leading tobacco shop serving Urbandale, Johnston, Norwalk, Waukee, Ankeny, and surrounding areas since 2013.

Name: Unkl Ruckus's Smoking Emporium & Skate Shop

Contacts: (515) 244-3075

Location: 1231 Keosauqua Way Ste 102 Des Moines, IA 50309

Opening and Closing Time

Mon     10AM - 8PM

Sun 11 AM - 6 PM

5           MMV East

MMV East operated in Iowa for five years. A  complete Vape Shop offers all Vapers levels, starting with the beginner starter kits to advanced Mechanical Mods.

Name: MMV East

Contacts: (515) 850-1449

Location: 1707 East Grand Ave Des Moines, IA 50316

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sun         10AM - 10 PM

6           Nuclear Vape Lounge

Nuclear Vape Lounge was established in 2015. It offers existing smokers and vapers vaping products and information that fulfil their needs at the best price and eminence.

Name: Nuclear Vape Lounge

Contacts:(515) 412-0555

Location:3810 Douglas Ave Des Moines, IA 50310

Opening and Closing Time

Mon     9 AM - 8 PM

Fri 10 AM - 9 PM

Sun      10 AM - 6 PM

7           Smoke Shop

The E-Cig Superstore, established in 1996. It is the largest E-Cig selection in Iowa. They offer hundreds of e-juice flavors and strength, atomizers, batteries, and accessories.

Name: E-Cig Superstore

Contacts: (515) 283-1288

Location: 1918 SE 14th St Des Moines, IA 50320

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-sat           8AM - 10 PM

Sun                   Closed

8           Cloud-E Vape Lounge

The Cloud-E Vape Lounge, founded in 2015. It is locally known for great deals, vast selection, and a knowledgeable team that is genuine about vaping.

Name: Cloud-E Vape Lounge

Contacts: (515) 277-0319

Location: 3200 Ingersoll Ave Ste E Des Moines, IA 50312

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Thu         11 AM - 9 PM

Fri-Sat              11AM - 10:30 PM

Sun                   12PM - 6PM


9           Route 69 Vapor

Route 69 Vapor customer service is fully knowledgeable and experienced to assist anyone from beginners to advanced vapers. Explore the selection of house juices, mods, coils.

Name: Route 69 Vapor

Contacts: (515) 777-1205

Location: 5914 SE 14th Des Moines, IA 50320

Opening and Closing Time

Mon -Thu        10 AM - 8 PM

Fri-Sat              10AM - 9:PM

Sun                   12PM - 5 PM

10       Central Iowa Vapors

Central Iowa Vapors, started in 2012. It is a one-stop-shop for quality vaping supplies, offers several top-quality brands on the market and has a great selection to meet each individual's vaping needs.

Name: Central Iowa Vapors

Contacts:(515) 265-0004

Location: 3701 E 14th St Des Moines, IA 50313

Opening and Closing Hours

Mon-Fri     9 AM - 7:30 PM

Sat           10 AM – 6 PM

Sun          12 PM – 5 PM

11       Atomic Cloud Vapor

Deals with E-liquid and vaping hardware.

Name: Atomic Cloud Vapor

Contacts: (515) 661-4869

Location: 3823 Douglas Ave Des Moines, IA 50310

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sun         10 AM - 9 PM

12       MMV DISTRO

MMV DISTRO, established in 2015, is a one-stop shop for all your vaping needs. MMV DISTRO specializes in the most challenging hitting mechanical mods in the world.


Contacts: (515) 850-1449

Location: 2310 University Ave Des Moines, IA 50311

Opening and Closing Time

Mon     9 AM – 10 PM

Fri-sat  9 AM – 11  PM

Sun      9 AM – 10  PM

13       Altoona Smoke and Vape

Altoona Smoke and Vape was established in 2021, dealing with Vapor, Juices, Vape Mods, Cigarettes, and much more.

 Name: Altoona Smoke and Vape

Contacts: (515) 967-7540

Location: 709 34th Ave SW Ste 2 Altoona, IA 50009

Opening and closing time

Mon     9 AM – 8 PM 

Sat       10 AM – 6 PM           

Sun      10 AM – 5 PM           

14       Hazel's Smoke and Vape

Hazel's Smoke&Vape, established in 2014. It brings all the cutting-edge Vaping Devices as well as E-JUICE and Coils. Hazel also has Glass and Acrylic Smoking Accessories.

Name: Hazel's Smoke&Vape

Contacts: (515) 657-3560

Location: 2309 University Ave Des Moines, IA 50311

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sat       9 AM – 10 PM

Sun               10  AM – 9  PM

15       World Liquor & Tobacco Vapors

World Liquor & Tobacco Vapors specializes in making customers feel like heroes. They provide a wide range of liquor, beer, craft beer, tobacco and offer an impeccable selection of vape products.

Name: World Liquor & Tobacco Vapors

Contacts: (515) 432-2354

Location: 1030 8th St Boone, IA 50036

Opening and Closing Time

Mon     8 AM - 10:30 PM

Fri-Sat 8 AM - 11:30 PM       

Sun      8 AM - 10:30 PM

16       Budubu Smoke Shop & Art Collective

Budubu Smoke Shop & Art collective is a modern smoke shop & local art gallery with a West African vibe & high-quality glass pipes and smoking accessories.

Name: Budubu Smoke Shop & Art Collective

Contacts: (515) 528-2285

Location: 967 Ashworth Rd West Des Moines, IA 50266

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sat       11 AM – 8 PM

Sun               11 AM – 5 PM

17       GA2 Vapors

GA2 Vapors was started in 2014 specializes in alternate ways to live better, healthier lives. Our shop carries premium e-liquid and quality hardware.

Name: GA2 Vapors

Contacts: (515) 619-9299

Location: 411 Railroad Pl Des Moines, IA 5026

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Fri           11  AM – 7 PM

Sat-sun          11 AM – 5  PM

18       Buzz Smoke & Vapor

Buzz Smoke & Vapor is a store for vaporizers, accessories, e-juices, disposable pod systems, and devices.

Name: Buzz Smoke & Vapor

Contacts: (319) 260-2247

Location: 2125 College St Ste A Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Wed         8:30 AM – 12 AM

Thu-Fri             8 AM – 2 AM

Sat                   10 AM – 2 AM

Sun                  11 AM – 12 AM

19       Liquor, Beer & Tobacco Outlet

Liquor, Beer & Tobacco Outlet is the noticeable liquor store serving Floyd, New Hampton, Orchard, Osage, Nashua, Greene, and surrounding areas since 2006. It offers disposable Vapes, E-Cigarettes among others.

Name: Liquor, Beer & Tobacco Outlet

Contacts: (641) 228-6651

Location: 1908 Clark St Charles City, IA 50616

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Thu         8 AM – 12 AM         

Fri-Sat              8 AM – 2 AM           

Sun                   8 AM – 12 AM         

20       Vape Guys Too

Established in 2013, Vape Guys Too specializes in quality electronic cigarettes and accessories and carries premium-grade U.S.-made e-liquids.

Name: Vape Guys Too

Contacts: (424) 777-9349

Location: 28723 S Western Ave Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Opening and Closing Time

Mon-Sat      10 AM – 7 PM

Sun              11 AM - 5 PM

21       VapeOholic

Founded by "Los Angeles Vaperboyz in 2009, VapeOholic is a one-stop shop for e-juices, mods, and other e-cigarette related products. Its mission is to provide cigarette smokers with an alternative way of smoking and to build a community of like-minded "vapers".

Name: VapeOholic

Contacts: (310) 518-2677

Location: 23409 Main St Carson, CA 90745

Opening and Closing Hours

Mon-Sat    11 AM – 9 PM

Sun            1 PM – 9 PM

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23       Conclusion

If you love quality vape equipment that delivers an intriguing vaping experience, then the listed shops in Iowa are the best for you. They are accessible 24/7, either online or physically, so even if you run out of products any time, they are a call away. If you reside in the US, then accessing the listed stores will be the easiest. You can also try UPENDS.com; they have genuine vape equipment.