Grasshopper Vape: A Review of Products and Accessories

    Grasshopper Vape: A Review of Products and Accessories

    Vaping device industry is rapidly gaining popularity from e-cigarette users as people are slowly turning away from old-school cigarette smoking.

    Vaping seems fun and interesting, especially when you get the right quality products. That is our topmost concern at UPENDS; we aspire to be the solution you have been looking for. Not only do we pride ourselves on the supply of vaping products, but we also dedicate ourselves to leading you to other top destinations out there.

    Our focus today is on the Grasshopper vape. We review their products and bust some of the common questions that often surround this phenomenal product.

    Let’s dive right in:

    Where is Grasshopper Vape Store located?

    Grasshopper vape is a revolutionary vaporizing device developed by Hopper Labs LLC situated in Niche Workspaces in North Boulder, United States of America.

    Introduction to the device

    As you will easily relate, Grasshopper mimics the design of a writing pen. It takes a largely elegant design; its size, look, touch, the type of material used gives it a sleek design. With that feature, you could easily carry it along with you to wherever you’d like to go vaping. These products are fully assembled in the USA. Contrary to other destinations that make various products, this company just designed and marketed this flagship product with just a few variations and some handy accessories. They have given special attention to it, no wonder everyone just can’t stop talking about this product.

    Grasshopper Specifications

    • 45-watt heater
    • 14mm diameter X 140mm length (0.55in X 5.50in)
    • 22cc herb chamber

    The temperature dial is located on the back of the device, designed with 5 tick marks enabling pen users to set their preferred temperature quickly. Temperature ranges from 266 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature settings arein no way complicated to allow users to navigate through with ease.

    Changing the vape pen battery has never been this easy, grasshopper comes with a swappable battery to enable users to use more than one battery.

    This product is designed to automatically switch off the pen when don’t use your pen for more than 30 seconds. No worries if you still want to use it, you can quickly turn it on by clicking the power button. Its power button is placed at the back of the pen. A distanced click can be noticed when the button is clicked. The pen has 2 LED lights, blue and red. When the pen is switched on, it lights red and afterward turns blue showing that it’s ready to be drawn.

    Mouthpiece: the pen is drawn through the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can be opened from the front. If you want to clean the mouthpiece, you can do so using isopropyl alcohol.

    Grasshopper vape products

    Grasshopper retail vaporizing devices and vaping accessories.

    These include:

    1. Grasshopper Vaporizers

    Grasshopper vape comes in a stylish writing pen design which is available in colored, titanium, or stainless steel finishes.

    Stainless Grasshopper

    From the name, you can easily tell that it is made of stainless steel. This one allows a magnetic charging connection and you can easily replace the batteries just as you might want to. You will also like its sleek design.

    Features at a glance:

    • Adjustable temperature range between 130°C - 210°C (266°F - 410°F)
    • 5-second startup time
    • User-replaceable battery
    • True convection technology
    • 95% metal construction
    • Magnetic charging connection
    • Lifetime warranty

    The Grasshopper - Titanium Edition

    This edition features a 100% titanium of medical grade. This gives it a super durable feel. The weight is still light enough. This means you get both lightweight and durable all in one package.

    Features at a glance:

    • Medical grade titanium
    • Durable and resistant to scratch
    • Light-weight bears a powerful heating element

    The Grasshopper - Color Edition

    The color edition is a product of anodization of titanium which gives it a color coating. That is why they are referred to as the color edition.

    The coating could be:

    • Bronze
    • Blue
    • Dark grey
    • Purple
    • Green
    1. Grasshopper accessories

    Grasshopper vape also got a collection of accessories to give you extra vaping confidence.  You could choose to have an extra battery for an uninterrupted vaping experience or an extra USB charger.

    Others include:

    • Silicone Mouthpiece
    • Hopper Glass Bubbler
    • Hopper Steel Case
    • Spare Hopper Body
    • HT Performance Front-end
    • Glass Cleaning Vial
    • Extra Front-end

    YouTube User Video Guides

    You might want to check the illustrations of these products in a video. If that sounds good to you, you can check out the following YouTube links:

    How it works

    In this guide, you will learn the details of how the Grasshopper vape works. Packed with illustrations, you can easily understand the exact mechanism of operation.

    Device overview

    This one takes you through the nitty-gritty of the Grasshopper Vaporizer. You will a complete overview of the article just in under 90 seconds. It is worth taking a look at.

    How to clean and unload

    If yours is a concern on how to clean and unload the grasshopper device, this YouTube video will answer all your concerns in just under 1 minute. You will emerge a pro in the use of the grasshopper device.

    Grasshopper vaporizer review: Why is it priced ahead of the rest?

    Grasshopper vape seems to score far ahead of other products in terms of its durability. You only buy once, and you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty is always only offered for those products which have almost zero chance of being damaged, and Grasshopper vape is one such certain products.

    Considering the benefits and the performance that comes with the grasshopper vape pen the value for your money is justified.

    These are some of the pros you are set to enjoy from the product:

    Quality of the vapor: Grasshopper is very efficient in its heating performance. This promises quality of vapor, and a smooth and pleasant flavor. No waste for your dry herb, the vaporizing technology in place can’t be rivaled with other similar vaping products. It is engineered to offer nothing but the best vaping experience.

    Power:You can replace the batteries when they get depleted, or you can choose to recharge them. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping as much as you would like to. For every charge, for instance, you can enjoy up to 60 minutes of vaping.

    Temperature regulator: you can set the temperature of your pen to the degrees that are suitable for you, ranging from 266 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Grasshopper temperature technology maintains the unit of temperature set throughout its use. It is, however, advisable to take regular breaks to prevent the mouthpiece from heating up. But if you don’t want such unwarranted breaks, you can always acquire an extra silicone mouthpiece and keep changing wherever it heats up. The innovators who designed the Grasshopper vape designed a solution to every problem they anticipated would happen. They are dedicated to giving their users all they would ever ask when it comes to vaping.


    Even though there are such inconveniences when it comes to changing such elements as the battery and mouthpiece, the pros of the Grasshopper vape far outweigh its cons and you are better off with the device.



    Is grasshopper vape safe for my health?

    Grasshopper vapes are safe for you but it would be a brilliant idea for you to refer to the user manual if you are using these products for the first time. You should also ensure that you keep these products out of reach of children. Furthermore, persons under the local legal consent age should not use such products. Hopper Labs and its suppliers exempt themselves from any responsibility and liability caused by the users’ ignorance to following product safety precautions. In general, vape pens are safer compared to smoking as vaporizers produce less carcinogens.


    How do I change my grasshopper vape pen battery?

    Grasshopper comes with a user-replaceable battery. The procedure to change your battery is very simple and takes less than 30seconds to get it done. We do it in 3 steps:

    Step 1: while holding the grasshopper vape, open the back-end of the pen carefully and go ahead to remove the battery.

    Step 2: Pick your new battery and position it such that the positive (+ve) end faces the front of the device.

    Step 3: Screw it back slowly screw and tighten the backend of the pengently, and you are good to go!

    I don’t have enough herb, can I fill my Grasshopper vape chamber partially and vape?

    Yes, you don’t have to always have enough herb to vape. It is designed to allow you to work with the little you have. The method of vaporization and shape of the chamber makes it technically possible for you to fill it to the level possible for you. 

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    Parting shot: Is Grasshopper Vape worth your consideration?

    Grasshopper vape is a one of its kind vaporizing device, after a thorough review, we can safely affirm that these guys got a real deal for you. The device features: sleek design, quality of vapor and the promise of lifetime use are what put them in the limelight.




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