WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Gorilla Vape Pen. A Comprehensive Guide and Review of the Gorilla Vaporizer

30th Jun 2021 | 316 | upends v

What is Gorilla Vape Pen?

Gorilla vape pen is a disposable vape pen developed from a mix of Chem sister, chocolate diesel and Sour dub. It is one of the world's most potent strains that is majorly used for treatment. The device is most suitable for oils and e-liquids. 

When you buy the pen, it comes in different flavours of your choice. It contains approximately 70% THC level that aids in body relaxation. The pen has a battery capacity of 280mAh with a voltage of 3.3V. It is highly recommended that you make sure your cartridge works with 3.3V devices since its battery is no adjustable.

One of the most exquisite features of the Gorilla Vape Pen is that it has that classy look and shaped like a pen. It features a pen with a metal chassis which makes it so light to carry around, and it is long-lasting. 

Since the Gorilla Vape pen comes with its charger, you highly recommend using the original charger because it charges fast. Each pen contains 5% nicotine and gives approximately 300 puffs, although it depends on the frequency of vaping. 

Gorilla Vape Pen Features

From the outward look, the pen has that metallic casing that is eye-catching, and it comes in various colours of which you can choose from, such as maroon, white, green, pink, among others.

The pen has an atomized LED indicator which indicates the connection with the charging system. If a charge is needed, the charger light will turn red from the initial one, green. When complete, it will turn green.

The pen surface is thin and very lightweight due to its material composition. 

The cartridges are refillable, which gives you an endless vaping experience, and are formulated for consistency and price affordability. 

Gorilla Vape Pen Battery Quality

It is powered by a battery that has a capacity of 280mAh, which is rechargeable. Its batteries have a voltage of 3.3V, which makes charging fast and power saving.  

It is usually charged with a USB charger, and a complete charged pod can stay up to 2 hours, depending on the frequency of vaping. 

Gorilla Vape Pen Design Quality

It is designed for a full, consistent vapour delivery and has a sleek design. It’s also easy to use so that it never clogs since it is well ventilated at the mouthpiece. 

The round and soft edges make it easy to hold, and its surface design prevents any accidental opening when it is in your pocket or purse. Its logo is placed on one end to give it a unique and classy look. 

Gorilla Vape Pods

The pods are plastic build which has coils that are used for combustion. The pod capacity is 2ml with pod resistances of 0.8oHm Mesh and 1.5oHm Ceramic. They have Pro-FOCS flavour technologies and a top filling system which consists of dual ports 3.5mm in size. 

The pods have short circuit protection with a low power alert and 10 seconds cut off protection. 

A rubber grommet is used to stop the fill port to avoid any spillage or leak, and it is not directly attached to the pod, so you will need to be careful to not lose the grommet. 

Pod Shell life

The pod life will depend on how frequent you use and the vaping temperature, making it challenging to give the precise reason that applies to every vaper's vape pen. 

The pods are designed to use e-liquids that are heated up to turn into vapour. The use of e-liquids reduces the chances of the pen getting damaged and does not use many charges. 

Using and refilling the pod

The following are easy steps on how to use and refilling of the pod:

  • Opening the pod so that you may have access to the fill ports. You will be able to do that by flipping the pod upside down.
  • Filling it up by using a needle tube. It mostly comes in the Kit; also, using a syringe can be another option. The reason is as to why it is advised to use the syringe, or the needle tube is to avoid any spillage during refilling. Fill until you see a fill line, and that indicates you shouldn’t add any other e-liquid.
  • Clean your hands after refilling, and the surfaces since nicotine can easily be absorbed in your skin very quickly.

Getting the best out of Gorilla Vape Pen

How you use and store your vape pen cartridge will determine how long it will last. There are various recommendations for storing your cartridge, including storing it in a cool, dry place and an upright position. You should also avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as this affects its oil content. 

Choosing the right equipment has also proven to aid in oil spillage as some cartridges and pens fit but are incompatible. 

Another safety check you should do is checking for leaks and keeping it clean always.  Cleaning it is simple; you use cotton swabs with alcohol as this will remove any residues and even kill bacteria on the pen and mouthpiece. It's also good to recap the cartridge to maintain freshness.

Range of Gorilla Vape Pen flavours

The pen got a variety of flavours to give you a choice to choose: 

  • Banana Custard 
  • 2 Cousins Strawberry Cream Salt
  • Custard strawberry 
  • Lemon Tart Salt Nicotine


Pros and Cons of Gorilla Vape Pen


  • The pens are portable, and they easily slide into pockets or purses
  • Due to their stability, the concentrate tends to stay more robust and longer, maintaining a reliable potency. 
  • They've got a variety of cartridges that come in the same strain-specific variety.
  • Discrete outlook that gives you the confidence to take it anywhere you need.
  • Electronics used together with the pod and pen may be faulty.
  • Vapor Production may be insufficient, which can be resulted in cartridges having issues. This problem can be solved most of the time by setting up your cartridge upright on a flat surface.  
  • Most of the cartridge producers are starting to manufacture additive-free products. Nevertheless, most vape cartridges contain PG (Propylene Glycol) or PEG (Polyethylene glycol). 
  • One has to charge the battery from time to time. 
  • General maintenance includes cleaning the pen so that you may get the best vaping experience possible from it. 

FAQs about Gorilla Vape Pen

Gorilla Vape Pen vs JUUL vape pen pods

JUUL pod uses pre-filled e-juice pods, including a 5% nicotine range, while most of the Gorilla Vape Pen is disposable. The liquid capacity in the Gorilla vape pen is much higher (2ml) compared to JUUL (0.7ml). The Gorilla Vape pen does well in terms of battery performance than JUUL since its power is much higher.

How long does a pod coil last?

The coil can last for two weeks if you are a light vaper, and if you are a heavy user or use it from time to time, the coil can last for a couple of days. 

How does one charge Gorilla Vape Pen?

You will be required to plug the charger into a USB power source and fix the “Atomizer end” to the charger. The LED will flash to indicate that charging is going on. If the charge is needed, the charger light will turn red.

Alternate vape: UPENDS


This vape pod features the Etchip 2.0 flavour master coil and is compatible with many well-known e-liquids.  You get an improved heating efficiency and a mesh coil that delivers a mouthful and original flavour from just one puff.

When you are not using the pod, you can magnetically connect it inversely to store it without having dust and fabric fibres enter the airway.


The above article depicts that this particular device is ideal for casual vapers who do not care so much about power and performance. The vape carters for e-liquid and cannabis oil vapers still stand out as portable and reliable battery due to their sensitive nature. 

The small battery does not hold enough power, but it is backed up by fast charging.