Get Weird Vape Shops Location and Products

    Get Weird Vape Shops Location and Products

    Vaping is more than just a practice. It is an experience that holds someone’s thoughts into that fading transition line between reality and imagination and hence pleasure is the best companion through this journey of transitions from reality to trance and more. An eventful and pleasureful vaping experience is the prime thing that every customer expects from a vape product and gifting this experience is one of the motives of the get weird vape shops.

    Get weird vape shops are one of the best stores in the USA. The store has three outlets located in Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson. The company has its prime outlet at Anderson and sells a wide range of vape products ranging from vape pens and vape juices to e-nails, hookahs etc. The company has almost 5-8 skilled employees across all of its locations and has an annual revenue of $416,919.

    Get weird vape shop Spartanburg

    Get weird vape shop Greenville

    Get weird vape shop Anderson

    Our Signature Products

    We sell a wide variety of vaping products with promising quality and compulsive experience. Our products mainly include glass vapes, E-cigarettes, E-nails, E-juices, Hookahs, and Cannabidiol products. All these products are carefully chosen and professionally tested to eliminate the risks and present you with a vaping escapade!

    We have a range of unique and customized products hand-picked by our experts according to the requests and needs of our crazy and zestful customers. All our products are more than just something, it’s anything that can be and what you need it to be. We introduce some of our best-selling products that have never failed to amuse our customers and have been the most vital part of our strong customer relationships and goodwill.  


    The dabster kit wax vaporizer by vapor tech is one of the best pen vaporizers with a wide array of unique features and perfect designs. The product has a classy and elegant finish with a smooth and shiny look. The dabster kit features both discernible and different chambers in sleek and contemporary black and chrome colors. It is a sophisticated, and affordable product completely meant for to provide an ultimate dabbing experience designed especially for the day-to-day consumers. The product also has customizable options that include 4 different coil or chamber attachments. The dabster kit works perfectly with any of the concentrates including wax, crumble, honeycomb, shatter etc. The alternate dabster coils allow the pen to be varied to the choice of the users and yields a complete vaping experience.

    The Vapor tech dabster chamber kits also have four types of coil replacement options which include disc, quartz, ceramic and dual ceramic. The chambers will thus provide the best use out of the concentrates of the user’s choice. Whether long or short draws, the product works at its best to provide fat clouds and that pure raw taste. These dabster kit vape pens are just perfect for anyone who wish to start vaping to someone who is a skilled vaper.


    • Visual heating chamber
    • Discrete heating chamber
    • 650mAh VV battery
    • Stainless steel dab tool
    • Storage jar
    • USB charger

    How to use dabster kits?

    1. Unscrew the glass tube and mouthpiece
    2. Place the contents into the container
    3. Screw on the glass tube and mouthpiece
    4. Press the fire button 5 times in a quick session to turn on the device
    5. Press the fire button 2 times to enter the pre-heating mode’
    6. Press the fire button for 3 times to stop heating after wax meltdown
    7. Press the fire button while inhaling
    8. Start inhaling and enjoy the experience

    Pros and cons of Vapor tech dabster kit


    • Affordable
    • Can be used with a wide range of concentrates
    • Available in different colors
    • Consists of coil replacement options
    • Portable and handy designs


    • Some customers raised issues about packaging


    E-nails may be a completely new term to many of us. E-nails are more than just dabbing devices but that meant to eliminate all the specs of inconsistency and never compromising to the best times of vaping.

    E-nails are carefully made to overcome all the possible limitations of the conventional regular, non-electronic nails that use a handheld torch for heating which results in inconsistent dabbing. It includes a control box that has provisions to control the temperature and heating time of the nails connected to it.

    How to use E-nails?

    1. Eliminate the chances of any residual dirt being present in the nails by properly seasoning the nail.
    2. Select the optimum temperature and set the rig accordingly for your chosen concentration and just dab away.

    Pros and cons of E-nails


    Consistent dabbing

    Easy to use

    Less time consuming



                       Some customers raised complaints about its weight


    A good vaping experience not only needs the best equipment. A complete vaping experience requires a quality e-juice that promises you true flavors. E-juices are a combination of delightful flavors and aesthetic colures that really tempts you to give them a try!

    E- juices are the most relevant and frequent choice of many who wish not to risk the best part of their vaping experience. These include a variety of flavors that include peach green tea, black mamba, frozen lime drop and much more, all selected and blended to form the top e-juices in response to the requests and needs of experienced vapers.

    How to use E-juices?

    1. Shake your favourite flavour of e-juice bottle for a couple of seconds.
    2. Open the cap of your e-juice bottle and add approximately 20 drops of the liquid into the E-cig’s tank.
    3. Aim the bottle tip so that no liquid is getting into the center of the e-cig tank tube.
    4. Allow the tip to set for 1-2 minutes and then start using

    Pros and cons of the get weird vape shop E-juices


    Available in a variety of flavours

    Easy to use


    Can be used with a number of vape products


    Some customers raced issues about packaging


    1.How many storesdo they get weird vape shops to have?

    They get weird vape shops to have 3 stores in different parts of the USA selling a number of vaping products.

    • Spartanburg store address: 2660,111E Blackstock road #100 Spartanburg Sc 29301
    • Greenville store address : 3113 N Pleasantburg Dr c, Greenville Sc 29609
    • Anderson store address:3016 N main St unit e , Anderson, Sc 29621

    2.Is get weird vape shop open on Sundays?

     Yes! To make not to miss our best quality service to our loyal customers, we are open on all days and on Sundays, the store hours will be from 12 pm to 6 pm and on other days we are available from 10 am -9 pm.


    • absolutely love coming here, staff is always attentive and the products are great. Definitely my go-to for CBD, they know their product and are always encouraging to try this or that to help with my anxiety issues.

                                                                                 -Amanda Marie davis

    • I highly recommend Get Weird Vape Smoke Shop the staff is very friendly, super knowledgeable and they have an awesome selection of just about anything you can imagine!

                           -Tammy lee

    • First thing, I work at a shop like this back home and they had everything I was looking for and them some. Great juice selection. You're price are a steal. The employees I talked to were very nice n informative. I brought in gifts because of their kindness. Thanks again y'all for helping me wt my stay here in SC. When the wind brings me through again, I'll drop by.

                                                                                    -John Paul cernick


    Hope this article was useful to give you a broad idea about the timely service and quality products at our get weird vape shops outlet. To know more about our new ventures and idea please contact us and we look forward for your valuable suggestions and review. Please log onto our Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about our unique commodities, upcoming events, future ideas, and innovations.

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