WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geekvape Z Max Tank Review and Instructions

27th Jun 2023 | 490 | upends v

Vapers are looking for vaping devices whose tanks are well-designed and featured to meet their needs and preferences. Therefore, the Geekvape Z Max Tank is a popular tank manufactured by the most recognized vaping company, Geekvape. This tank is specifically designed and manufactured to help you while using cigarette devices. If the device uses coils with 1 Ohmic resistance and below, then the Geekvape Max Tank perfectly suits this category.

The latest flagship tank for Geekvape, the Z max, features a redesigned airflow to eliminate common leaks with previous tanks. With the new top-to-side airflow system, air enters from the tank's side inlets, providing you with an outstanding flavor and more precise airflow control.

Geekvape Z Max Tank Review


  • 510 connections
  • Top airflow
  • Sub-ohm
  • For direct-to-lung vaping
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • Top filling design
  • Compatible with M series coil
  • 32mm base diameter
  • 1x Spare 2ml glass
  • 1x 0.14ohm coil
  • 1x Geekvape Z Max Sub-ohmic tank
  • 1x 0.2-ohm coil.


  • It is portable
  • It does not leak
  • It uses a powerful battery


  • It is relatively expensive

Design and Quality

The Geekvape Z max tank is fairly big, with an overall diameter of 32 mm. In addition to this feature, the tank has a 4ml maximum e-juice and an easy-to-use top-fill design. Also, the tank has a wide-bore Delrin tip that is heat-resistant, and this will ensure that you vape comfortably at higher wattages. Furthermore, the tank's larger size helps you to have a satisfying vaping experience. The 32mm diameter is large compared to other tank products, creating room for an elevated e-liquid capacity and improved performance.

With its large size, you can easily get attracted to it because the bigger size gives the tank a more substantial and robust appearance. It helps you to avoid higher refilling frequencies during seasons of vaping. Considering the tank's proportions, it maintains a well-proportioned and balanced silhouette. The tank has a height of about 55 millimeters, a feature that offers an ergonomic and satisfying size that complements most vape products without devastating them.


The selection of materials for constructing the Geekvape Z max Tank is carefully considered to ensure that the tank will serve you for a long time, resist corrosion and that the device will be more attractive. Stainless steel is utilized for the construction of the tank because this material is strong and can resist corrosion. The stainless-steel material adds beauty to the outer part of the Geekvape Z max vape tank, making it an excellent choice for vaping tanks.

Also, during the construction of this tank, glass is used so that you can easily monitor how the e-liquid is dropping its level for refilling and preventing dry hits. The glass selection also offers the device an attractive appearance. Silicon bumpers or metal accents might be used during the construction of the tank. These materials are strong in that they increase the device's durability and offer protection in case it slips from your hand.

E-Liquid Capacity

To allow you to enjoy a long-term vaping experience, the tank is featured with a relatively large e-liquid capacity. This ensures you can vape for a long time without frequent refills. The volume of this tank is approximately 4-5 ml which is a generous capacity. If you have a busy schedule, this e-liquid capacity will allow you to continue vaping without frequent refills, increasing the level of contentment and convenience.

The bigger e-liquid capacity is a result of both its size and design. The tank has comparatively larger interior dimensions, making it possible to accommodate ample amounts of the e-liquid. Furthermore, the tank is constructed so that its sealing mechanisms allow you to use the e-liquid for an extended period, as chances of e-liquid leakages are highly minimized. However, as a vaper, not all tanks have the same e-liquid capacities. Some factors, such as coil resistance, coil choice, and specific tank versions, may lead to significant variations in the tank capacities among various devices.

The Top-Fill System

The tank comes with a top-filling system that you can use without complications. The system is effective in simplifying the need to disassemble the tank to refill. Therefore, you can fill the tank directly without removing it from the Geekvape device. The following are a series of steps that you will follow when using the top-fill system of the Geekvape Z max tank;

  • The first step is locating the top cap, usually found at the top of the glass tank part.
  • The next step is to unscrew the top cap in a counterclockwise direction because it is threaded.
  • After removing the top cap, the filling ports are disclosed
  • Fill the tank by squeezing the e-liquid into the tank and seal it with the top cap again

Airflow Control

As much as the device's design is concerned, the airflow is an important aspect. The Geekvape Z max, therefore, features a well-constructed airflow system that will allow you to regulate the amount of air that enters the tank during vaping. One of the features of the airflow control system is the adjustable dual airflow slots situated at the bottom region of the device. These slots allow you to adjust the airflow to your preferred level by rotating the ring that controls airflow.

The next feature of the tank's airflow system is precision turning, in which you can easily adjust the airflow to the level in which you prefer. The Z max tank can thus accommodate different vaping styles due to this feature. Also, the versatility of the airflow system will allow you to research a wide array of settings about the airflow and find the perfect balance between throat hit, vapor production, and intensity.

As a vapor, you will find it easy to experience a smooth and consistent airflow delivery, thanks to the perfect airflow control design on the Geekvape Z max tank. This makes it easier for you to inhale and have a satisfying vaping experience. The airflow control system is also designed to reduce the chances of e-liquid leakages, thus adding convenience and reliability to the tank.

Drip Tip

The drip tip of the Geekvape Z max tank is an important component that allows you to inhale the vape generated by the device. There are several ways in which the drip tip is constructed to advance the vaping experience and satisfaction. It features a wide-bore diameter that allows improved vapor production due to elevated airflow. This will enable you to experience an unrestricted draw.

Also, the drip trip is designed to fit perfectly between your lips to improve your vaping experience and satisfaction. Its dimensions of rounded edges ensure that you comfortably utilize the device without any ergonomic disruption. Furthermore, this section of the tank is constructed from heat-resistant materials such as resin, preventing the vaping device from getting hotter. This feature is important as it reduces any distractions that might be caused as a result of elevated heating. Finally, the tank is designed with several drip tip customization options, allowing you to effortlessly choose different colors and flavors that meet your needs and preferences.

Aesthetics and Customization

These are vital elements of the tank as much as its design is concerned. The company believes you may have different tastes and preferences as much as the device's outlook. Therefore, The company works by infusing various components into the tank to ensure that most vapers' preferences are met.

First, the tank provides many attractive colors, such as rainbow, red, silver, and black, to allow you to choose the best color that fits your style. The Geekvape Z max tank also features a wide array of finishes, such as textured patterns and brushed metal, that makes the tank appear more attractive to potential vapers. Furthermore, the company coordinates with the best designers to help design some of its devices. Collaborating with designers offers the company with exclusive designs that perfectly match most vapers' needs and preferences. As much as the tanks are concerned, the company provides several replacement parts and accessories, allowing you to customize different tank parts effortlessly. It is worth understanding that the presence of different colors and other aspects of the tank enables you to customize a vaping device that best fits your setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about GeekVape Z max vape tank.

How often should I change the coil in the tank?

Various factors, such as the type of e-liquid, personal preference and level of usage, influence the lifespan of the coil. Nevertheless, the company highlights that coils should be replaced at least once biweekly. It is advisable that you should replace the coil whenever you detect a decline in flavor or vapor production.

Is the GeekVape Z Max Vape tank worth it?

The GeekVape Z max vape tank is one kind of vape product that satisfactorily brings you delicious flavors and nicotine content for a brighter day ahead. The device employs the latest technology that allows it to be the top choice in the current vape market.

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