WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geekvape Wenax review and instructions. A Review of the Geekvape Wenax Devices

26th Aug 2021 | 751 | upends v

The Geekvape Wenax is a new series production under the geekvape devices. The Wenax series has come along with numerous pod systems that have been known to perform very well within the vaping market.

The Wenax series features devices that can be refilled, and the pods come with a 2ml capacity of e-juice, which can be used on different coil types.

The pods additionally allow the user to change the coils, and they can be fitted at the bottom by pushing. The devices are unique, with compact shapes which can allow for easy portability.

The build features have a cutting-edge aluminum body that is light and durable. You are also going to see that they are equipped with two firing modes. Either the automatic draw activation or the knob activated activation. The power levels on these devices can also allow for numerous vaping styles and preferences.

The devices under this model series are;

  • Geekvape  Wenax stylus
  • Geekvape  Wenax K1
  • Geekvape  Wenax c1

Geekvape Wenax stylus

The Geekvape Wenax stylus is an amazing vape kit that features compactness and usability. It comes loaded with features such as variable voltage settings. The device's size is that of a stylus pen, and even though it appears to be thicker, it still comes over 100mm in length. This can be compared to longer devices like the Vaporesso Xros and the Caliburn. 

The lighter frame of the device also makes it a preferred unit, with its cylindrical shape that can easily fit in the hands. A single operating knob on the shaft can be controlled from the bottom with the geekvape logo. It is a perfect fit that can easily be accessed anytime you need to change your device settings.

You also have the freedom to choose whether you want to use a draw-activated feature or the button-activated feature. The location of the extras makes the vape pen look clean, non-cluttered and the exterior is very much plain apart from the logo and USB port. On the side, there are two air holes and has LED battery indicators that show different settings.

The stylus pod is built using a semi-transparent plastic pod that protrudes from the top of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is built from Delrin, and you have an extra one for replacement. You can refill the pod using a side-fill port that connects to the pod using a silicone stopper. There are also removable coils that other styles can replace with special tools.


Features of the Wenax stylus

  • The unit is built using aluminum material which makes it lightweight
  • It uses a strong 1100mAh battery
  • Each pod has a capacity of 2ml
  • The power can be adjusted up to three power levels
  • Allows for power output through automatic draw and button draw
  • The coil resistance of the device ranges from 0.5-3.0 ohm
  • It can be charged using a micro USB


  • Built using simple and intuitive controls
  • Features dual firing styles
  • Variable voltage settings for easy usage
  • Built and designed excellently
  • Lightweight and can be carried anywhere
  • Has a good vapor production


  • The coils are not easy to remove
  • Refilling the pods is not easy

Geekvape Wenax c1

The Geekvape Wenax C1 is the subsequent device introduction in the Wenax series after the Wenax stylus unit. The Wenax c1 was entirely made to serve the new vape users because it is perhaps the easiest device. This product series opted to use the "G series" coils which can be used in the Wenax stylus and the Aegis pod. Geekvape has also assured its clients that future pods will allow for cross-compatibility within their model ranges.

You can choose coils ranging from 0.8ohms-1.2 ohms, and only two of these are included in the kit. When using the device, you will note that the pod is removable, and you can also refill it. The fill port is on the pod’s side and easy to assemble. To refill, you need to pull out the coils and when you are done, push them in. this makes changing coils easier.

You can use your pod in either direction of the battery compartment. So you do not have to worry about the wrong installation. The battery of the mod is 950mAH incapacity which can be recharged using a USB type C charger.

The charging time will vary depending on how you are using the device. When we dig deeper into the power of the Wenax c1, we can see that it gives a power output of 9-20 watts. The power levels are graded as a low, medium, and high, but they have no specific outputs range. 


  • It comes with three output options for vaping
  • Internally built 950 mAh battery
  • LED display to show the activity of the device
  • Can hold up to 3ml of e-liquid capacity
  • Refillable and replaceable coils


  • Pods can be refilled
  • The coils can be replaced
  • The side port fill is easy to use
  • It can be charged using a micro USB port


  • It does not have any protection features
  • The limited color option you can choose from

Geekvape Wenax k1

The Geekvape Wenax k1 comes with a super slim design that feels so compact. It weighs 60grams and is one of the lightest devices currently on the market. With the ergonomic and ultra-contact design, you can easily carry it in your pocket or backpack. The k1 has a variation of colors that you can select from, and you are availed of everything that can match your mood and personality.


The device's body is built using zinc alloy and is finished with a premium paint finish, also scratch and drops resistant. This came off as a surprise at some level. This small-looking device can output between 9-16W, and you can adjust the power using a three power output pre-set. The battery is built-in and is a 600mAh capacity lithium-ion unit.

It is sometimes hard to tell what setting you are on because the LED color does not change no matter how many times you press it. It only gets brighter, and the vape performance seems to be constant all through the session. The multi-color LED indicator is rated as 

  • Green-over 70%
  • Blue-31-69%
  • Red-less than 30%

If you need more convenience with your device, you can use auto-draw or manual control options. You can switch to manual by pressing the button five times. If you want to save your battery to avoid firing by accident, set the auto sleep function to deactivate after 10 seconds. You are provided with two pods that bear coils of different resistance for MTL and DTL vaping.

Features of the Wenax k1

  • Constant power output all through
  • Slim design that is portable and light
  • Adjustable power up to three levels
  • Strong battery with 600mAh capacity and can be fast-charged
  • Automatic and manual draw activation
  • Set to sleep after 10 seconds


  • Compact design
  • Smooth vaping for beginners
  • Selective pod usage
  • Potent and clear flavors
  • Good battery life


  • Too much grip on the body
  • Power settings do not have any difference
  • The fill hole is smaller



The UpOx is a super value pod system that performs better than many pod systems. The amazing price tag on this unit will surprise you with a well thought, minimalistic outlook.

The features are durable, and the unit can last you for a very long time. Let’s not forget that this device used an innovative etchip coil that delivers some good flavor and accepts all liquids.


The Geekvape Wenax is a good pod system that works better compared to other devices. It gives you a wide range of options that will serve you without running short on activity. After the company built the Aegis, they came along with newer and better devices that make the brand look good.

The ergonomic and sturdy look of these devices make them unique and set them apart from each other. The versatility offered by the power settings is also a bonus.