WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

GeekVape M100 Starter Kit Review: All you Need to Know

27th Jun 2023 | 358 | upends v

What Is GeekVape M100

Several vapes have been introduced in the market with different tastes targeting the vaping audience. If you are a vape user, you might be caught between these vapes and want to choose which one will meet your needs and preference. Geek Vape is an outstanding vape product that meets all the needs and preferences of vapers and is available at affordable prices that you can purchase effortlessly. The Geek Vape M100 is the latest box mod manufactured by the popular Geek Vape corporation. The company is reliable because it has generated several related products over a long period.

The GeekVape M100 is much similar to the Aegis Max, only that the GeekVape has unique improvements such as the USB placement and the screen. Also, the GeekVape M100 has a convenient lock switch on the side, allowing you to put off the Vape while pocketing. It is easy to use and offers vapers a long-lasting vaping experience.

GeekVape M100 Review; Is it Worth it?

Key Specs

  • Output voltage: 8.5 volts
  • size:  13.65 cm x 3.93 cm x 3.0 cm
  • PCBA temperature alarm: 85℃
  • Storage temperature: -20-60℃
  • Longest vaping time: 10 seconds
  • Output: Max 100 watts
  • Temperature: -10-40 degrees Celsius
  • Current: lower than 10.0 uA
  • The size of the screen: 1.08-inch display
  • Low power cautioning (in volts): 3.3±0.1
  • Battery: built-in 2500 mAh battery
  • Charging: 5V/2A


  • It has a fast charge rate of 1.90A
  • It is easy to use the menu provided
  • It comes with a good Temperature Controller performance
  • It features a good power mode performance
  • It offers a nice shiny finish and leather backing
  • It achieves a great build quality
  • It features a watt-curve mode
  • It comes with a lock slider


  • It does not accommodate the MTL Vaper
  • Its airflow is a little washy, and wish

Build and Quality Design

The build quality and design are close to the design of the Aegis. Therefore, if you have used the Aegis, you should know what to expect from the GeekVape m100 product. The GeekVape has a rectangular fire button with the ends cut through on the front of the mod and somewhat angled up underneath.

The Geek Vape m100 has both up and down buttons below the screen. There is a switch on the left side of the mod, which you slide up and down to lock the device completely. With this feature, you will find it easy to use the device as the switch will help you not to turn it off to pocket it. Also, the presence of the switch will enhance your safety while utilizing the device. The device has a Type-C USB port which is situated above the screen below the rubbing plug, which blends this port into a mod, making it easy for you to carry the device around as no one will realize that there is a USB under it.

The Geek Vape is a good size with sufficient space for a ragged internal battery. The device structures a large 1.08 inches color screen that is attractive, clear, and bright. The Geek Vape has a good power mode performance that will give you a good vaping experience for an extended period. The GeekVape is rechargeable with a fast charge rate of 1.90 Amperes. This property will ensure fast charging of the GeekVape, and this will help you continue having the best vaping experience. Furthermore, GeekVape has an "easy to use menu" that is friendly and easy to navigate. An easy menu will help you access different settings and features of the Vape without confusion.

The Geek Vape m100 devices come in various colors that attract you to the products. Some of the colors these devices come with include; Grey with green leather, Black with black leather, Navy blue with blue leather, and Silver with grey leather. These colors look great as they make the devices more appealing to you. The branding of the Geek Vape M100 is kept simple and great, with its frame made of metal that matches the color on the two edges of the leather.


Battery and Charge Rate

The GeekVape is designed so the USB-C port is situated below the plug at the front of the device. The internal battery of the device has a 2500 mAh rate. This rate is sufficient enough as it offers an extended vaping experience. Also, this design can allow you to continue vaping while charging the device. The GeekVape charges at approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes. This property is good because you must wait a short time before you resume vaping or use it while charging. Vaping around 50W can give you between 275-375 puffs before it runs down. Also, the 0.6-ohm coil performs excellently if vaped between 30 and 20 W and thus can help you have it for the whole day. If you vape above 50 to 60W, the battery life might deteriorate significantly, and thus, you need to vape at lower Watts to protect the battery life.


The GeekVape M100's screen is a little larger, which is advantageous because it will allow you to read the menu easily. The screen has a simple display that will make you ready effortlessly over its layout. Also, the beneath displays the battery life, resistance, puff counter, amps, and voltage, while the top margin displays the power mode.

Power Mode performance

The device is designed to hold a 2500mAh battery, and this size is fairly good if you are seeking an "all-day" vaping experience. The battery is slightly bigger than some common pod mods (1000-1500mAh). Before recharging the battery, you can have approximately 300 puffs, depending on how much you have and the power output. The device's battery last well even when it is low, and its power output drops upon completion.

Zeus Nano 2 Tank

The Zeus Nano 2 Tank is well-designed and functions perfectly with the device. This tank is composed of two fill sections on top and under a top cap which you might find difficult to remove at first buts gets looser over some time. You can easily get the top cap off by turning it 90 degrees. Furthermore, the tank comprises two glasses; 2 ml and 3.5 ml.


Coils And Compatible Juices

The Vape has a 0.2-ohm coil whose role is to direct lung vaping. Even though it is a direct lung mesh coil, there is some restriction to draw, but not so much it should be contemplated a truly restrictive lung coil. Also, the Vape is composed of a 0.6-ohm coil whose role is for lower wattage restrictive lung vaping. The 0.2-ohm mesh coil performs perfectly with 70/30 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol liquids, and the 0.6-ohm coil does well with 80/20, 60/40, and 70/30 liquids with no difficulties. To replace the coils, you can unscrew the tank's base and then pop them out. This can only be done when the tank is 50 percent full or below this value.

Using the GeekVape M100

You will find it easy to navigate the GeekVape M100 menu and follow the following fundamental operations for perfect utilization;

  • You will click the fire key five times to turn off or on the device
  • You will click three times to enter the menu mode
  • You will utilize the down and up buttons in the blackboard mode to round through different modes and fire to admit
  • You can utilize the up and down after selecting the mode to regulate between the mode and fire to take.
  • To exit the main menu, you will be required to hold the fire
  • To adjust the screen brightness, you will utilize the fire and up or fire and down
  • You can use the use on the side to lock the mode to prevent further adjustments or fire

Generally, the GeekVape is easy to use and simple, with a good menu that you will find easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the GeekVape M100

Would the GeekVape be long-lasting and still work for 3, 5, or even 11 months from now?

The answer is Yes! The GeekVape device can be long-lasting and still function for 3, 5, or even 11 months. The GeekVape company produces quality products, and the M100 kit is no different. Furthermore, the GeekVape m100 device comes with a 2500mAh battery that ensures you have a long vaping experience.

How much does Geek Vape m100 cost?

The price of the Geek Vape m100 is $64.95 at Direct Vapor. This makes it one of the most affordable vape devices you can find in today's market. You can still find the Geek Vape m100 at different price tags in other vape product shops.

Does the GeekVape M100 device offer the flavor, vapor, and general experience I need to be satisfied with?

The GeekVape Z Nano 2 Tank performs well, and the coils last well. The 0.2 Ohm coil will provide you with an enjoyable vape. The 0.6 om coil also provides a lovely vape, but the issue is that it will limit your battery consumption.

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