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GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Review and Instructions

6th Aug 2021 | 12 | upends v

After you start searching for the best vape equipment for your vaping journey, you will realize that numerous vape equipment in the market may make it hard to get the best for you. Furthermore, you will also realize that there are numerous vape equipment developers that may confuse you when trying to choose the best.

We understand that you need to get the right and best vape equipment for you to enjoy your vape. This way, we have sorted out the best vape tool that is developed by a renowned vape equipment developer to facilitate your vaping journey.

UPENDS Guide GeekVape Frenzy Pod System

UPENDS understands what you exactly need to enjoy your vape. This way, we make sure we bring you a guide to the best vape tools and vape advice that you can use to make sure your vaping journey is smooth. Here is a review of GeekVape Frenzy Pod System;

What is GeekVape Frenzy Pod System

This is one of the outstanding pieces of vaping equipment that can be termed as one of the best vape tools for your vaping journey. GeekVape Frenzy Pod System is a zinc-alloy resin engineered pod system that comes with an AS Micro Chipset with outstanding features. 

The GeekVape Frenzy Pod System is outstanding as it has a magnetic connection, an excellent airflow system, a powerful 950 mAh battery with a battery life indicator that informs you the right time to recharge your GeekVape Frenzy Pod System, and many more outstanding features.

Above all, GeekVape Frenzy Pod System is powerful versatile and delivers a solid performance.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Features

E-Liquid Capacity

The e-liquid pod capacity is one of the features you need to take a keen interest in before buying vape equipment. You need to choose vape equipment with a pod capacity that will serve for long before you will be required to stop for refilling the pod.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System does not disappoint when it comes to the e-liquid capacity. It is built with a 3-ml Pod capacity with an open fill channel that allows easy refilling and easy coil replacement. Depending on your vaping frequency, this pod capacity can take you for long before it is depleted.


GeekVape Frenzy Pod System allows you to use two coils with variable resistance. It gives you the option of using a 1.2-ohm coil or a 0.7 – ohm coil. It needs a fully flavoured mouth-to-lung hit, then the best coil for you is the 1.2-ohm coil, while if you need big clods, then you can go for the 0.7-ohm coil.

Battery and Battery Life

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System is powered by a powerful 950mAh battery that, once fully charged, can give you a vaping experience of over a day, although this depends on your vaping frequency. In addition, because of this powerful battery, you can travel away from the power source without cutting on your vape.

Variable Color Options

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System does not disappoint when it comes to colours; you can choose your favourite colour from among its outstanding colours. GeekVape Frenzy Pod System allows you to choose from the carbon fibre Gold colour, carbon fibre Black, carbon fibre Blue, Black Magma, Black Oynx, Black Ghost, Blue Azure, and silver. With all these colours, you won't miss your favourite colour.

Cost of Purchase

The cost of the GeekVape Frenzy Pod System varies from one vape shop to the other. It also varies from one location to the other. However, most vape stores and shops sell GeekVape Frenzy Pod System at $ 20.86.

Key Specs

  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 5 V – 2.7 V output power
  • 950mAh battery capacity
  • 80C PCBA Temperature alarm
  • 10 – 45 C Working Temperature
  • 1 x 37.0 x 15.7 mm dimensional size
  • 7 – 3 coil resistance
  • 5V charging voltage
  • 2 V output voltage
  • Power boost mode
  • LED battery indicators
  • Bottom ventilation holes
  • micro-USB charging port
  • Magnetized Pod Connection

Pros and Cons


  • It is powered by an outstanding and powerful battery.
  • GeekVape Frenzy Pod System allows you to run it with two coils option making it versatile
  • It guarantees you solid throat hit and massive clouds
  • It comes with mesh heads that have a wonderful restricted lung draw
  • It allows you to adjust its airflow for a variable vaping experience
  • It is manufactured in a precise and slim design, making it highly portable
  • It comes with a high-quality fit and finishes
  • GeekVape Frenzy Pod System utilizes a smart chip system.


  • Its Pod can easily slide out
  • It comes with a non-removable drip tip

Manual, Review and Instructions

Many vapers prefer trusting their vaping journey not only because of its outstanding vape features but also because of its ease of use. However, to start enjoying your vape, you first need to examine the package and make sure everything is intact and included. You can easily confirm the components of your GeekVape Frenzy Pod System from the included user manual.

After confirming that every component is intact, follow these easy steps;

  • Make sure you first recharge the GeekVape Frenzy Pod System battery still fully charged.
  • Detach the Pod and the battery by grabbing them and gently pulling them away from the whole GeekVape Frenzy kit.
  • Remove the sticker in between the battery and the Pod
  • Lift up the fill port of the Pod using your fingernail or any other edged object. This will expose two fill ports.
  • Fill one of the ports with any e-liquid of your choice until it's full, and wipe any spillages using a damp cloth.
  • Replace the Pod and the battery into position, adjust the airflow to your preferred rate and start enjoying your vape.

Apart from the ease of use, you can GeekVape Frenzy Pod System also comes with outstanding vape features that guarantee you the best vaping experience. It adopts a convenient airflow that balances the quality of the vape you get. It utilizes an advanced AS Micro Chipset that is unique in the market, making GeekVape Frenzy Pod System the most advanced vape tool in the vaping market. With a LED battery indicator, you will never be caught off-guard with a low battery.

GeekVape Frenzy Competitors in the Market

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Vs. Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit

Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit is another vape equipment in the market that is almost similar to GeekVape Frenzy Pod System. 

While the Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit makes use of three different coil heads, the GeekVape Frenzy Pod System utilizes two coil heads.

When you compare Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit and the GeekVape Frenzy Pod System, you will realize that they both make use of a 950mAh capacity battery. In addition, they also come with an equal e-liquid capacity of 3ml.

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Vs. Lost Vape Orion DNA Q

Both of them are powered by a 950mAh battery and also allow for airflow adjustment for the best vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between GeekVape Frenzy Pod System and Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit?

The two are both pod kits that you can trust in the market. Their only difference is that the Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit makes use of three different coil heads, while the GeekVape Frenzy Pod System utilizes two coil heads.

How much is GeekVape Frenzy Pod System?

The cost of a single GeekVape Frenzy Pod System costs about $ 20.86. however, this differs from one vape store to the other.

Alternative Vape Equipment: UPENDS

If GeekVape Frenzy Pod System does not meet your taste, we already have the best alternative for you. You can try the vape mod systems from UPENDS like;


This is a super-value mod system that comes with unique features but at a pocket-friendly price. Its performance is always surprising as it comes with a pocket-friendly price that many vapers may think is unworthy. It utilizes an Etchip 3.0 Cloud Chaser coil that brings you an outstanding DL and RDL experience.

You will also love the Uppor Pod system because of its PAV balance technology that balances the vaping power, e-liquid viscosity and airflow to give you the best vape experience. It further makes use of two different coils, the 0.5Ω and 0.8Ω coils; this allows you to enjoy variable vaping experience depending on your vaping experience. Therefore, we highly recommend Uppor for the best vaping experience.


Vaping has been made simple and easy. This is due to the manufacture of many outstanding vape equipment and also made available to you through vape shops. Vape equipment is numerous in the market, and this is why we always sort the best of them to make sure you get the best vaping experience. With a review on GeekVape Frenzy Pod System and an alternative vape equipment Uppor, we hope you can now enjoy vaping.