All About GeekVape Bident Vape and Instructions

    All About GeekVape Bident Vape and Instructions

    GeekVape is a very popular brand when it comes to the production of vape products and you are likely to have come across their products before. Do you know that the GeekVape Brand is about? Have you met their very awesome product- the Bident Pod system? Would you love to know the details and instructions that comes with the use of this particular product? Hang in there! In this article, we shall be taking a look at every single thing you need to know about GeekVape Bident Pod System- its Review and Instructions. So here you go!

    1.      What is GeekVape?

    It is not possible that we talk anout Bident Pod system without briefly looking into the amazing brand that produces this unique product, and that is GeekVape. The GeekVape Company is located in China and it was started in 2015. The company has its website as: . This brand is one of the best brands out there when it comes to the production and distribution of various vape products. In China today, GeekVape is on the top list of good vape brands and this is all thanks to the fact that they are very innovative. This company ensures that they are up to date with all innovations and they upgrade their productions from time to time.

    Asides this, their products all appear in very attractive design and they are of really high qualities. This brand has another uniqueness in the fact that it is the first vape company to include the safe fast charging feature in their products. They have a wide range of products available and their product are reasonably affordable compared to many other vape products out there today. They make use of quality materials and these materials are all-natural, original, and are quite safe to use. The top collections of this brand include Aegis, GeekVape Z, Wenax, Obelisk, and others.

    1.1 Pros

    Quality Products

    Detailed Website

    Wide Range of Products

    1.2 Cons

    Their Customer Care Service is not so Superb

    2 GeekVape Bident Pod System


    This is a high technology product from the GeekVape Company and it has kept them being one of the most trusted vape product producing companies. Introduced in 2019, this product is a high-quality one and delivers efficiently. It presents a unique dual coil technology that makes you enjoy a good range of flavour and vapour production. It also features an Auto Sleep ability that allows it to automatically sleep after 15 minutes of not using it. It comes with a power button that is located in front of the product and the LED indicator that comes with this product is superb. The LED indicator is very clear to look at and it displays the power settings and power level of the product. This product comes with a strong battery that has a capacity of 950 mAh which allows it to power the product efficiently. It has three various power levels which include 3.4V, 3.6V, and 3.8V. GeekVape Bident Pod System is presented in a Zinc-Alloy material, and it is quite durable.

    The items that present in the box are:

    1 Geek Vape BIDENT System

    1 0.6ohm DTL Pod

    1 1.2ohm MTL Pod

    1 Charging Cable

    1 User Manual

    2.1 Pros

    2.1.3 Attractive Appearance

    This product presents in a wonderful design and it is quite attractive. It makes you want to get the product over again. It is all thanks to the team of producers, the product is made with Zinc alloy material which gives it a nice look and also makes it very attractive and catchy to the eye.

    2.1.2 High Liquid Capacity

    With this product, you do not have to worry about constant refills as it comes with a capacity that makes it able to hold a reasonably large amount of E-liquid at a time. This would save you from the stress of interrupted vaping that is usually faced in the use of some other vape brands. Though you would still refill this product at certain points, it takes long before you even think about refilling it. It indeed has a high-quality E-liquid capacity.

    2.1.3 It Produces Amazing Thick Clouds

    If you are a lover of huge clouds, then this product is for you! Powered by a strong battery, this product produces large clouds that give you a nice vaping experience. The variant power level feature also allows you to personalize and control the amount of vapour you want it to produce at certain points. The Unique dual coil technology feature also supports great vapour production.

    2.1.4 Nice Flavours

    The product affords you the chance to enjoy varieties of flavour to the fullest. The dual coil technology makes it possible for the pod to deliver amazing flavours at their peak. Are you a lover of nice flavours? Then try this wonderful product out!

    2.1.5 Easy to Use

    One other good thing about the product is the fact that it is quite easy to use. This makes it a very good choice for first-timers and for people looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

    2.2 Cons

    2.2.1 It does not come with the Adjustable Air-flow Feature

    One major hitch about the GeekVape Bident Pod is that there is no adjustable pod system.

    3.      Is GeekVape Bident Pod System Good?

    Overall, this product is a great one and it comes with good features. Just as we have mentioned above, the product comes with a strong battery that efficiently powers it and it appears in a material that makes it quite attractive and durable. It comes with an Auto sleep features that enables it to automatically go to sleep on its own after 15 minutes of not using it. It also comes with a high-quality LED indicator that clearly shows the power level and settings and also allows you the opportunity to choose between three power levels- 3.4V, 3.6V, and 3.8V. The product also features the dual-coil technology that allows for strong, satisfying, and effective flavour and vapour production. Apart from the fact that this product does not have an adjustable airflow feature, its overall performance is great.

    4.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    4.1 How is The Performance of GeekVape Bident Pod System?

    The product performs excellently well and it is a good option if you are looking to start your vaping journey as it is quite easy to use. The product is great for both MTL AND DTL and it produces an amazing vapour and flavour. There are two coils available for use with this product and both coils perform excellently well. It also has a strong battery life and power that effectively fuels this product for a great job.

    4.2 Is GeekVape a good Brand?

    Yes! GeekVape is one of those brands that you can fully trust out there. They produce quality products using only natural materials and they have a team of well-skilled experts that are saddled with this responsibility. Their products go through all necessary laboratory testing to ensure that they are safe to use and not harmful to your health. Even with the fact that their products are of great quality, the GeekVape also sells them at well affordable prices and they are the best option for anyone new to vaping or anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping. Overall, the brand is a good one.

    4.3 Tips to Finding the Best Vape?

    The kind of Vape products you choose determines how well you are likely to enjoy your vape and that is one of the reasons why you have to be highly selective when it comes to choosing your vape products. One of the best ways to be confident about the originality of your vape products is to make sure that you are getting the products of a well-trusted brand, and as well, from a well-trusted store. There are a lot of vape stores out there today so much that you might find it hard to identify the ones that are trusted and only sell quality products. To solve this issue, for stores that are popular and known for their good quality and excellence.

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    6. Conclusion

    The GeekVape Bident Pod is a great choice for you if you are in search of a satisfying vape experience. It is loaded with amazing features as stated above and it is a product of a brand that is very popular in the vaping realm. To check this product, and many other nice vape products out, visit Upends.com.

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