WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod Vape Review and Instructions

27th Jun 2023 | 308 | upends v

With the right tools and technology applications, every aspect of life can be changed for the better. Selecting the best vape device for your vaping can be a real challenge, and this may prompt you to do intensive research and maybe end up not choosing any or choosing the less ideal vape equipment for you. This is true since there are seamless vape product brands that avail various designs and quality vape equipment. Most of the vape products made can best work for some people than others.

You deserve vaping equipment that perfectly suits your vaping desires for you to conveniently attain the fun and satisfaction you are yearning for. Check out this article as it presents you with a vape product that you will comfortably purchase and use as it is proven to work to its core for every vape user. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod it is!

What is GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod?

The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is one of the main devices from the Aegis family that features an IP67 rating as it flaunts its stylish physical make. Interacting with the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is the most memorable vaping experience you can get. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod gives you a top-notch taste from its flavorsome mesh coils, leaving you wanting more and more every time you vape. You will admire a vape device like the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod, which features a powerful internal battery that keeps you going for a longer vaping time compared to other vape models. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod comes with an arsenal of irresistible features that make it outstanding among the vape pod mod models in the market.

Key Specs

  • Micro USB Cable
  • 4ohm and 0.6ohm mesh coils
  • 8 by 39.2 by 27.7 mm Dimensions
  • Leather and Silicone, Zinc-Alloy
  • 5-40W adjustable wattage output
  • Easy access to filling
  • 08s Firing speed
  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Easy Access airflow valve
  • LED screen
  • 1-0.6V Voltage Output Range
  • Strain, corrosion, and tear-resistant
  • 7ml e-liquid capacity


  • It is lightweight hence portable
  • It comes with a 3.7ml cartridge
  • It features a top-fill design
  • It allows coil change
  • It delivers an easy and simple operation
  • It offers both mouth-to-lung vaping and Direct-to-lung vaping
  • It achieves the Aegis traditional styling
  • It features a rotatable and comfortable mouthpiece
  • It is rugged and water resistant
  • It employs excellent new GT Boost coils
  • It features a 40-watt adjustable power
  • It delivers accurate flavors
  • It comes with a perfect airflow dial


  • The device’s dark plastic pod makes it hard to read the e-liquid level
  • It features a fiddly filling bung

Design and Build Quality

With the first impression, you will marvel at the attractive Aegis-style design featured on this wonderful vape pod mod device. The material that is used to manufacture the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is a mixture of rubber and leather, and a zinc alloy. The materials complement each other as the zinc alloy makes it a hard-to-destroy device, and the rubber and leather part gives you a grippy and comfortable feeling when holding the device.

The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod comes in five quality colors that feature cool patterns that will give you the confidence to use the device in any place of your liking. The colors include Devil Red, Space Black, Almighty Blue, Aura Glow, and Gunmetal. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod ensures you enjoy longer vaping moments by presenting you with a powerful 1500mAh internal battery, along with 3.7ml of e-liquid.

This Vape pod mod device is IP67 rated, and this means that the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod cannot be threatened by water, dust, or shock, which makes it the safest and most reliable vape device. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is designed to feature rubber accents and plugs that ensure nothing gets into the charge port and the fill port.

On the top side of this device is a recessed area that is designed for you to place the two gold connectors and a rectangular magnet to hold the pod in position since the vape pod mod does not have a clip to hold the pod. You should be assured that the magnet is strong enough to hold the pod without loosening.

On the front part of the device, there are main controls and a large fire button that is in proximity with an up and down single button. All the buttons are trapezoidal. A small LED screen is positioned in between the screen, and it plays an essential role a displaying the wattage, puff counts, and battery status that you need to be aware of.

The Pod and Coils

The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is lucky to feature a 3.7ml vape tank that makes the vape pod mod to be the best fit for direct-to-lung vaping. DTL vaping mode is actualized by the 0.4ohm coil. For you to fill the pod, you do not have to remove the entire pod. There is a top-filling bung that allows you to conveniently refill the vape device. You are assured of no leakages with this vape device’s quality pod. Mesh coils are known for their excellent capability as they are the best at delivering the accurate flavors that you engage in your vaping session. The high wattage-0.6ohm mesh coil- is installed to offer you a decent mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Battery and Charging

The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod has a 1500mAh built-in battery that has special features that can hardly be found in other devices. The battery has got the following protective measures;

Low battery prompt- when the battery level drops below 3.2v, the LED light will flash five times

High temperature cut out whenever the temperature goes beyond 80 degrees Celsius; the device will give two LED flashes and then stops functioning.

No Pod- if you try to use the vape device’s battery without the pod, the device will reject by displaying three red flashes.

Connect pod prompt- whenever there is a need to charge the device, the LED will be displayed according to the battery power remaining.

Sleep function- after ten seconds of inactivity, the device is automated to go to sleep mode.

Short Circuit prompt- in case of a short circuit, the device will display red flashes eight times.

With the above highlighted special features, the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod qualifies to be technologically advanced and hence pretty much to operate.

How to Use the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod

GeekVape Aegis Pod Modis is a brilliantly easy-to-use vape device. Following the below simple instructions, you will be set to enjoy effortless vaping. Here are the settings;

  • Click the fire button five times, and the mod will be on/off
  • Simultaneous holding of the up and down buttons will lock the settings
  • Holding the fire button and the hold down button at the same time will reset the puff counter
  • Clicking the fire button thrice will lock the vape pod mod from firing.

With the above instructions, you be a happy vape user as it will award you with a mind-blowing vaping session.

Frequently Asked Questions about GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod

How do I fill the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod?

Your vape device’s e-liquid level might be running out, and you have the pressure and responsibility to ensure that you proceed with your vaping session. Here are the things to have to do for you to enjoy your vape time for as long as you wish;

  • Eject the pod from the battery section
  • Open the silicon stopper that is located at the base of the pod
  • Tilt the pod slightly and gently fill the pod with your favorite e-juice
  • You will have to replace the silicon stopper and ensure a snug fit
  • After the above steps are complete, you will have to snap the pod back to the battery section.

Is the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod worth it?

The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod is among the best-selling vape equipment that brings a real difference to the vaping community. The vape device brings on board the latest technological features that will impress you. The vape device allows you to vape for as long as you need as it comes with a large e-liquid capacity of 3.7ml and a powerful battery that delivers up to 40 watts.

Is the GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod rechargeable?

Definitely yes! The GeekVape Aegis Pod Mod comes with a micro-USB charging port for you to access continuous vaping.

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