G Vape Pen Connect. The Features, Battery Quality, FAQs, and Alternative Vape Pen

    G Vape Pen Connect. The Features, Battery Quality, FAQs, and Alternative Vape Pen

    What is G Pen Connect?

    It is a mighty vaporizer that has been designed for use with oils or dry herbs under a built-in safety mechanism. The best thing about the G2 Pen Connect is that it can be charged when the power runs out using a USB charger and is manually operated. 

    The pen is compatible with oils and wax concentrates and any rig with a 14mm connector.

    Its battery is packed with a power capacity of 850mAh and uses an easy magnetic connection for a fast setup. The fantastic feature about this pen is that it has almost the same size as a USB drive and can be carried anywhere. 

    G Pen Connect Features

    The pen features temperature settings that manage the voltage levels. Similarly, it features an extended draw mode that aids you in back-to-back sessions during vaping. 

    Three colors indicate the voltage level. They include: 

    • Low voltage lights up a blue color when the voltage level is at 3.1V
    • Medium voltage lights up green at 3.6V
    • High voltage at red light indicating the voltage is at 4.1V

    When you are heading on to purchase, G Pen Connect comes in different colors to give you free will to choose your favorite such as yellow, blue, black, and green. 

    When refilling the vape pen cartridges, one can choose from various flavors for a pleasant vape experience. 

    The pen features an ergonomic feature whereby a battery pack sticks out from the rest of the pen. This is because the battery is where the start button is located.

    It is clad in a metal body and the brand’s signature on it on the outward look. 

    G Pen Connect Battery Quality

    Its battery has a power capacity of 850mAh, and it can serve well for a long time before it requires another charge. It also depends on the frequency of vaping and at which voltage.  On a higher voltage, it tends to consume more power compared to when it is on a lower voltage. 

    It takes an average time of one and a half hours for recharge, which is more straightforward than refilling a butane torch. 

    How to use G Pen Connect?

    Refilling this kind of pen may seem hectic at first, but it will be easier once you get used to it. The following is how you can use your G Pen connect.

    • Twisting the glass adapter onto the base of the glass.
    • Insert the pen into the dab rig joint
    • Get rid of the cap from the tank
    • At the ceramic bowl, place your dab carefully and replace the cap after you are done.
    • Fix the battery to the magnetic connection point
    • Press the button five times to turn on the device.
    • To select a voltage level, press three times, and for the automatic heating, press the button twice.
    • Hold down the carb release button to increase airflow and inhale from the mouthpiece of the dab rig.


    Vapor Quality

    Generally, the vapor quality is good, but you also need to know some significant points. 

    One is supposed to be cleaning the pen regularly for consistent flavor of the vape. It's because it uses a ceramic disc atomizer instead of a pure quartz atomizer. 

    If you need an excellent vaping experience, in the long run, maintenance has to be high. If you use a high voltage setting all the time, there is a likelihood of the weed taste to 'suffer.' You may note the difference as you proceed on and change the voltage. 

    G Pen Connect Kit

    The G Pen Connect Kit comes with the following: 

    • G Pen Connect
    • G Pen Connect Battery
    • A tank
    • An Adapter which is 14mm in size
    • A connector
    • A micro USB to USB Charging cable
    • Three Replacement O-rings

    The pod has a glass body which makes it very unique.

    Cleaning and maintenance of the pen

    Cleaning the pen regularly minimizes the costs of buying new pens. The following are steps on how to clean the pen:

    1. Dismantle your pen. Unscrew all components starting with the mouthpiece heading downwards. Make sure the chamber is fully emptied by tapping out the contents. 
    2. Use a cotton swab to clean the ceramic bowl. That is the only major piece that requires thorough cleaning.
    3. You can also start a burn off to get rid of the disturbing residue
    4. Once everything is clean and dry, screw everything back and make sure it is properly attached. 
    5. Press the button a few times to start your device. 

    Pros and Cons of the G Pen Connect


  • The pen is pocket-friendly which makes it very economical.
  • It is easy to use
  • Portable. It is smaller in size that makes it very compact and easy to carry around.
  • The vapor is of high quality.
  • It is compatible with ZEUS Iceborn making it easy to vaporize all of the components at the chamber base.
  • Its power consumption is low, and it takes a short time to recharge. 
  • All the necessary attachments that you may require usually come with the product.
  • Cons

    1. It limits your control when using the vape pen since it doesn’t have a variable temperature setting option. 
    2. The shape of the chamber makes refilling or loading hard to prepare them for vaping.
    3. It is not suitable for daily usage.
    4. Maintenance is very high. 
    5. The battery has a short lifespan even though it works well.

    FAQS about G Pen connect

    How long does a G pen Connect last?

    The pen can last for 10- 15 sessions on a single charge, which can only last for day use. The battery is strong enough to handle heavy vaping sessions making it s reliable vape pen

    Does the G Pen dash smell?

    It does not smell as bad as smoking, and at the same time, it is not odorless. All you will get is a smooth flavorful smell from dry herb substances 

    Does it use an automatic shut-off or a manual one?

    For the G Pen Connect, it uses an automatic shut-off. If you go without vaping for a long time, it will turn off to avoid getting overheated and burning.

    What is its heat-up time?

    The heat-up time for this pen is 5 seconds. This is because it has a very superior coil technology that can heat up elements in a very short time

    Alternative vapes: UPENDS 

    UPENDS is the new rising e-cigarette brand. With this device, you can put the flavor of CBD vape juice that you'd wish to have. UPENDS is still the leading brand and wholesaler of vaping products. The developer allows you to enjoy your vaping experience at the comfort of your flavor at a wholesale price.

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    UPENDS gives a chance of vapors to refill the vaping pens once they are over, which explains why they are of a lower cost. So it will favor the mists in terms of spending money. 

    The Pod Kit is designed for people chasing both hygiene and style. The brand focuses on each detail during use and strives for a more accessible, unique, and pleasing experience. 


    The above article clearly shows how amazing the G Pen Connect can be so unique. Majorly in terms of being economical and the vaping experience.This device is ideal for vapers who care more about quality and are willing to pay for it as it has various attributes that make it stand out.

    Since it tastes like a flower, it has super smooth hits, nice cloud density, and a high solid; however, theirs is a catch! Some cons about it are that it has a very bitter aftertaste and tastes burnt towards the end. 


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.