G Pen Nova Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the G Pen Nova Vaping Device

    G Pen Nova Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the G Pen Nova Vaping Device

    What is the G pen nova vape pen?

    The G pen nova is a portable wax vaporizer made by Grenco Science. The vape pen is iconic and, at the same time, unique because it has a simple design, incomparable to any other device.

    As a result of this, it gives you the entire experience that a vaper needs and has the distinct features that a vaper needs. 

    The nova vape pen is very much solid as the other pen vaporizers in the market. It is well designed to vaporize both dry herbs and liquid extracts. This makes the g pen Nova a significant pick for beginners who want to try it out in the vaping industry.

    This does not mean that veteran vapers are not allowed, the pen is well designed to serve everyone, so it is all-inclusive. The solid concentrate vape has a joint dab tool that delivers quality airflow.

    Additionally, the pen heats up at a reasonable rate which is very appropriate. You will not feel any pressure on your lung, so you are assured that your internal body organs are safe. 

    It has voltage switches that give you more freedom when it comes to enjoying your concentrates.

    Design and features of the G pen nova 

    • Features a 300mAh battery 
    • Universal 510 threading connection for multiple cartridges
    • Pas through charging to allow vaping as you charge
    • The variable voltage allows you many temperature options
    • Dual compatibility to hold many types of coils
    • Integrated ceramic loading

    When you take a peek at the g pen nova, you may not be quickly drawn by the different simplistic design. The vape pen looks like a budget vape tool. It is not very attractive as you would expect modern vape pens to be.

    The appearance is not very common, but maybe that was intended. The pen has a traditional shape design, and the Grenco sciences company did not care about the outlook and design of the pen.

    The company mainly focuses on functionality, durability, versatility, and portability, but we cannot write off the pen as not being pretty at the end of it all.

    The g pen nova is an elegant vape pen made of aluminum and silicone coating from eth body to the mouthpiece, which is unique for any vape pen.

    The charcoal grey finish looks nice, and when you hold the device in your hand, it feels small enough to fit in your hand and can easily be pocketed and carried around for daily use.

    The vape pen also follows the trend of using the single function button for controlling every function of the vape pen. This button can be used to turn the device on or off and can also be used to navigate through the three temperature presets.

    You can also activate the sesh mode as you would expect on a beginner usable vape pen. The 510 threading is also essential to enable the use of other types of cartridges.


    The mouthpiece on the Nova is the feature that stands out on this vape pen. It comes with an already fitted dab tool that you would not see in other vape pens in the same price and design range.

    This addition is very convenient because you are saved space by carrying an external dab tool. This mouthpiece can be detached to make the cleaning of the mouthpiece simple. 

    After prolonged usage, you may notice that the mouthpiece clogs up after 2-3 sessions, and that makes it hard to inhale the vapor. The piece might as well become sticky and prevent the mouthpiece from closing completely.

    As much as it is easy to clean, you will find yourself needing to clean it more often than other vape pens, which is somehow inconvenient.


    The coil on the nova vape pen is well designed and constructed from ceramic, and this makes it easy to produce a clean and flavorful vapor. The coil is sizable and can hold a good amount of wax which is equally exciting to beginners.

    But it would help if you were careful because the coil can quickly get cracked when dropped accidentally. You, therefore, have to consider this anytime you are cleaning your device.

    How to use the G pen Nova

    This device is flawless and straightforward to use. All you need to do is;

    1. Take out the mouthpiece from the device
    2. Use the dab tool on the mouthpiece to pick a small amount of wax and place it in the atomizer.
    3. Place back the mouthpiece and ensure that it fits perfectly onto the battery.
    4. To turn on the device, press on the power button five times rapidly
    5. When the device is on, press on the power button three times to navigate through the voltage settings and press the power button once to engage
    6. If you want to activate the sesh mode, press on the power button twice to get more power and heat
    7. Once you are satisfied with the settings, take a draw from the mouthpiece


    The Nova has three voltage settings connected to the battery, which are 3.2v, 3.5v,3.9v and these settings are well set to give you variety in your vaping.

    Performance of the G Pen Nova

    When talking about wax pens, we can say that they always fall short of expectations during the performance. The Nova does not have to dismantle your parts away because it also gives good hits.

    The atomizer might carry smaller amounts of material, but you are sure that the flavor is pure and full of flavor. The vapor might not cool off quickly before it hits your lungs, but it is not excessively harsh by all means. The vapor quality of the Nova is slightly above average.

    With the 300mAh battery, you can say that the Nova is well designed for casual users. This is because it will be easy for them to maintain the hits and save the battery.

    The battery might be a disadvantage for frequent users because they will be running down their power and recharge more frequently. The battery charges in less than an hour, so that compensates for the quick rundown. 

    Generally, wax pens have been named to be the most convenient devices ever built. Nova is one of the amazing in the lot. With its size almost the size of a marker, it smoothly slides into your pocket.

    It is and goes devices, and it is the best choice you could ever make. The small and stealth designs make a great addition to the everyday vape machinery. It is easy for the pen to be concealed, and you could even take a ten-second hit without anyone noticing.

    The 510 threading on the Nova is suitable for cartridges with the 510 threading, and they look so natural when placed together. You are assured that you will get the high-quality flavor from the vape pen even if you use other cartridges. This is one thing that makes the Nova so versatile among many other pens.

    Cleaning and maintaining the nova g pen

    The loading chamber has a small diameter, and any amount of material can cause build-up and clog the vapor path if it is not cleaned correctly. Users need to soak the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol to do away with the residue. The chamber only needs a cotton swab on alcohol to reclaim.

    Pros and cons of the g pen nova


    • Small and compact design for portability
    • Easy to use the device
    • Three adjustable voltages for maximum control
    • Soft ergonomic grip
    • Fast charging time


    • Vapor production is not of good quality
    • The 300mAh battery does not last long
    • Involves a lot of cleaning and maintenance


    The nova vape pen has proven to be a good performer when it is placed against other devices. The unique settings on this pen are necessary when seeking to get the best kind of vapor production.

    Many things separate the G pen nova vape pen from other vape pens. One reason is that the pen is made and designed by the Grenco sciences company that has been steadfast in developing well-researched and tested pens.


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