WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

G Pen Elite Vape Pen. A Complete Guide About the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

25th Jun 2021 | 8 | upends v

What is G Pen Elite Vape Pen?

The g pen elite is a portable vaporizer developed by Grenco science labs. The vape pen has adopted a unique design feature and it has used one of the best technologies ever used in a vape pen.

The iconic design is not easy to compare to others in the market. You are assured that with this design you get the best vape experience that comes with the best products. 

The elite pen is similar to the other vape pens in the market because it is sturdy and solid. The pen has been well designed to vaporize both dry herbs and liquid extracts.

These features make the pen a very phenomenal device that can be used by beginners and advanced vape users. The inclusivity of the pen is one of the reasons why many people love using this pen. 

The vape pen comes with its own dab tool that can help you optimize the airflow of the pen. The heating time of the pen is also reasonable which is what every vape user wants to get.

The resistance of the pen makes it a suitable mouth to lung pen that has smoother hits and softer effects. You are therefore getting a pen that will serve you all round. The voltage control of the pen gives you the best freedom for optimizing your vape experience.

Design and features of the g pen elite Vape pen

  • Features a 2200mAh rechargeable battery 
  • Has a 510 threading for universal connections
  • It has a pass through feature 
  • The pen has room for temperature control
  • Multiple compatibility with other coils
  • Top loading design for the heating coils
  • 360 degree heating elements 
  • Utilizes convection heating for efficiency
  • LED display to show temperature settings

When you look at the g pen elite vape pen, you will begin to marvel at the extra architecture that was put in building the pen. The device resembles a highlighter pen and is very attractive when you come across it.

The design of the pen is not common among the vape pen market and this is one thing that has set the brand to be very unique. Grenco Sciences Company has a trend of developing vape pens in varied designs that are patented and are signature to the company alone. 

One thing Grenco sciences did not fail on is the functionality and compatibility of the pen. The pen is more durable, versatile and portable. It has one of the most reliable discreetness that could serve many of the vape users who need privacy in what they do. 

The g pen elite vape pen is a very strong device that has been made using both aluminum and silicone elements. The materials have been used for the outer coating and also for building the mouthpiece.

The pen utilizes the signature charcoal grey finishing that looks appealing to the pen owner. You will feel that the pen is small and perfectly fits in your hand meaning it can be easily pocketed and carried around.

The pen joins many other pens that use the single button control feature. This feature maintains the device simplicity and the usability. The button is put there for purposes of turning the device on and off and it additionally functions as the voltage controller.

The pen has a sesh mode that is common in g pen devices and this adds to the advantages of its performance. The pen has a 510 threading that can allow you replace your worn out tanks. But you can only use the proprietary coils from Grenco sciences.

G pen elite coils

The g pen elite has one of the best coil technology. You can get two types of coils, one of them is the ceramic material and the other is the stainless steel. Depending on your preferences, you can get whatever you feel works for you.

The coils have a good size and this improved on the heating efficiency. The tanks can hold a bigger amount of concentrates and this is one of its selling points. One thing you need to watch out for is the accidental drops of the pen because it can easily crack. 

G pen elite mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the g pen elite is the most epic device on this pen. The mouthpieces has a pre-fitted mouthpiece and this addition does not affect the price of the pen.

It is very thoughtful for the pen to have a dab tool because it saves you space that you would have used to carry around the extra devices. You can detach the mouthpiece from the pen to clean the device.

Being a wax pen, you will note that the mouthpiece of this pen clogs after more than three consecutive sessions. The buildup can make vaping irritating with the tight draws due to blocked air holes.

You will also note that such dirt can make the mouthpiece not to close completely and it will force you to clean your device more than once in a week.

Glen elite battery 

The g pen elite has one of the biggest battery capacities that you can find in a vape pen. The pen can take less than three hours to fully charge and when fully charged can last somewhere around six to twelve hours.

Depending on the voltage settings you are vaping on, you can get more that 100 sessions from this device. You also need to carefully pack your dry herbs to ensure that the battery does not strain when you are using the pen.

The digital display comes in handy to show how much battery percentage your pen has. The display is in form of bars which is a very unique feature. 

The battery is completely internal meaning that you cannot remove it or replace it. The good thing about the g pen elite is that it has a one year warranty that can sort out any battery related issues. 

G pen elite performance

The g pen elite is a good performer in many aspects starting from its ability to keep charge for a very long time and the vapor production quality. The battery buttons are very intuitive and with the added display, you cannot doubt your temperature settings.

The most important part of the pen is the pass through feature that lets you vape as you charge your pen. 


The temperature flexibility of the g pen elite is good and is very superior to the other dry herb vaporizers. The digital display shows the amount of temperature you are running on. The heat settings are displayed as 200°F to 428°F and you have so much ease when switching up or down.

When using the pen, you can set the pen to display its temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius by pressing down the firing bottom and moving up or down. 

This is one of the vape pens that gives you so much control as a user. The pen has a special G button which will change its color at various temperatures and it comes an alternative to the constant blue display on the pen. 

Pros and cons of the g pen elite 


  • The pen is economical and reliable for use
  • The device has been made to be very simple to use
  • One of the best units in terms of vapor production
  • The ergonomic design makes the pen easy to grip in the hand
  • The temperature settings are flexible and can be displayed on screen


  • The expensive versions of the pen give better vapor quality
  • The pen may appear bulkier that other portable vape pens

Final words

The g pen elite vape pen is a masterpiece device that delivers the best experience as you would expect from Grenco sciences. The pen has good leverage over its similar models from Grenco owing to its unique design, sturdy shape and long lasting battery.

This pen is an example of how Grenco is trying to use the best technology to gain an edge over the competitors. The 360 degrees heating feature is suitable to ensure that the pen fully utilizes its ability in heating the dry herbs. This pen is a significant addition to the collection of a seasoned vape user.