Fury 2 Vape: Fury 2 Vaporizer Review and Instructions

    Fury 2 Vape: Fury 2 Vaporizer Review and Instructions

    UPENDS Fury 2 Vaporizer Review and Instructions

    As you quit smoking, you need the best alternative to continue enjoying the nicotine and other hits without the harsh and healthy risks associated with smoking. The best alternative is vaping. For you to get the best vaping experience, you need to own the right vaping equipment like the Fury 2 Vaporizer.

    At a glance, Fury 2 Vaporizer is a palm-sized vape that is compact and slim enough with a dimensional size of 2 x 1 x 3 inches. Weighing less than five ounces, you can easily carry it from one point to the other, allowing you to vape anywhere and anytime conveniently.

    Due to vast knowledge of UPENDS, we have set aside Fury 2 Vaporizer as one of the best vaporizers and given it the in-depth review. If you need more insights on Fury 2 Vaporizer, let's read this article to the end!

    What is Fury 2 Vaporizer?

    This is a common question for any vaping enthusiast, especially those new to vaping, who wants to understand more about vaping and Fury 2 Vaporizer as vaping equipment. 

    Well, Fury 2 Vaporizer is an exceptional vaping device that comes with a size of 2 x 1 x 3 inches that makes it lightweight, portable and thus convenient. It is constructed from Kirksite alloy that is lightweight and durable; thus, it has value for your money.

    One of the outstanding features that make Fury 2 Vaporizer noticeable among other vaping vaporizers is its temperature control range that varies from 320℉ to 430℉. This allows you to enjoy a vape of your choice.

    Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

    As mentioned earlier, Fury 2 Vaporizer is one of the lightest, portable and convenient vaporizers that you can always count on. 

    Some of its outstanding features include;

    Ease of use- Fury 2 Vaporizer marked as one of the simplest vaporizers in the market. It comes with a single button that you only need to press three times at quick succession to activate. There are also other two small buttons that allow you to vary the vaping temperature between 320℉ to 430℉. These buttons are highly sensitive that you can effortlessly press and have the command executed. This is why it is recommended for new vapers and those vapers who have no vast knowledge of using vaping equipment.

    OLED Display- this is a notable feature that Fury 2 Vaporizer assures you of. This display allows you to monitor the battery life and other vaping variables. This makes it easy for you to know the settings at which you are vaping and take the necessary action to make sure you get the best vaping experience.

    Fury 2 Vaporizer Mouthpiece- a vaporizer mouthpiece serves the best and basic functionality. This is where you press your mouth when you want to take a puff. Fury 2 Vaporizer’s mouthpiece is made from plastic and a glass insert. This gives you an excellent airflow that makes sure the air you inhale is cooled before you inhale it.

    Fury 2 Vaporizer Battery- every vaporizer in the market is powered by a battery that activates the heating chamber that, in turn, heats the e-liquid to create an inhalable vapor. Likewise, Fury 2 Vaporizer is powered by a 1600mAh 18500 capacity battery that guarantees you 40 minutes of vaping time after a full charge. The batter takes just 90 minutes to recharge fully before allowing you to continue vaping.

    Fury 2 Vaporizer Heating Chamber- a heating chamber plays an important role in holding the herb or e-liquid and heating it to produce an inhalable vapor. Fury 2 Vaporizer’s heating chamber is constructed from stainless steel, and its ability to hold 0.15 grams of dry herb.

    Temperature Flexibility- the e-liquid or dry herb you use in the heating chamber requires some temperature for it to convert into an inhalable vapor. Fury 2 Vaporizer allows you to vary its temperature from 320℉ to 430℉ to allow you to enjoy cool and flavorful hits. The wide temperature range allows you to determine the quality and amount of vapor released per puff.

    High Vapor Quality- with Fury 2 Vaporizer, you are assured of a great cloud size and impressive quality. It includes a WPA that filters out water that makes the Fury 2 Vaporizer flavor smooth and fantastic flavor. The quality of flavor is also assured with a wide variation of temperature that allows you to determine to amount and quality of vapor depending on the temperature level you are vaping at.

    Portability- Fury 2 Vaporizer is made slim and tiny enough to fit on your palm and definitely on your pocket. Weighing less than 5 ounces, Fury 2 Vaporizer is highly lightweight enough to carry along as you travel to continue enjoying the vape. For carrying convenience, Fury 2 Vaporizer comes with a compact carrying bag that makes it safe and clean for hygienic vaping.

    Versatility- Fury 2 Vaporizer is highly versatile. It does not limit you to a particular concentrate but allows you to either use it to vape herbs, oil wax or concentrates. This allows you to enjoy different hits using one device.

    Fury 2 Vaporizer Specs

    • Convectional heating technique
    • Battery Powered
    • 50 minutes average battery life
    • 90 minutes battery recharge time
    • Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
    • Automatic Shut-off
    • 25 seconds heat-up time
    • 136 grams weight
    • 205 grams chamber capacity
    • 2 x 1 x 3 dimensional size
    • 320℉ to 430℉ temperature variation
    • USB Chargers

    How to Use Fury 2 Vaporizer

    Fury 2 Vaporizer is one of the easiest and convenient vaping vaporizers to use. After purchasing the Fury 2 Vaporizer kit and unpacking it, you need to locate the USB charger and have it charged for two hours.

    After fully recharging, run it on two 430-degree heat cycles to make sure any manufacturing residue is burnt off.

    Turn it ON or OFF by clicking the button on its top three times at quick succession. 

    To vary the temperature, use the two buttons near its bottom to increase or decrease the temperature. As you vary the temperature, observe its two LED indicators that indicate Red before changing to Green when an optimal temperature is achieved.

    When you want to refill the chamber, you can easily press away from the mouthpiece, grind the herb, place them on the chamber then replace it back before continuing to vape.

    If the Fury 2 Vaporizer unit is left idle for about 4 minutes, it will automatically shut off to save on the battery and your herb.

    How to Vape Using Fury 2 Vaporizer

    After getting it ready, press the power ON/OFF thrice in quick succession to activate it. Place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale the produced vapor. At this point, the produced vapor has a refreshing hit and is rich in terpenes.

    As you are vaping, you may experience a harsh hit, this may be because the herbs are too hot, requiring that you reduce the vaping temperature, or the herbs are too dry.

    After consuming the hits that you need, you can press the ON/OFF button thrice to turn it off or leave it to settle for four minutes, and it will automatically turn off.


    How long does Fury 2 Vaporizer Herbs last?

    The Fury 2 Vaporizer chamber has a herb capacity of 205 grams. This allows you to make about 15 hits before the herbs are consumed.


    Fury 2 Vaporizer ranks as the best vaporizer that gives you the best hits. Because of its ease of use and versatility, it is recommended to beginners in the vaping world. It only comes with three control buttons that allow you to set the vaping settings even without prior knowledge easily. Apart from the ease of use, Fury 2 Vaporizer is built to allow for great air circulation that improves the quality of your vape with the best flavor ever. Try out Fury 2 Vaporizer today!


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