WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fuego Vape Pen Review. The Features, Build Quality and Alternative Vape Pen

1st Jul 2021 | 368 | upends v

What is the Fuego vape pen?

Fuego vape pen is an all-in-one dose pen filled with resin juice. The juice is a small-batch full-spectrum distillate from premium craft cannabis. The premium marijuana is grown by licensed California cultivators who are highly experienced in this sector.

The Fuego vape pen is reasonably new to the vaping market. The Fuego Vape pen is manufactured by Elite Molecular Inc and is made available through Eaze. The Fuego Vape pen is available in California. Fuego is a band from Southern California that mainly sells extras. 

Elite Molecular Inc is a grassroots cannabis company that is run like a modern enterprise. The company has decades of experience and a proven track record of building successful businesses.

The Company provides the best cannabis products to consumers and business partners in the legal United States and international markets. The Elite Molecular Company produces biomass, concentrators, and distillates, making them the most prominent cannabis oil in California.

The Feugo brand provides high potency, high energy formulas in trendy cartridges and disposable. With a significant following on social media platforms, the Fuego brands have grown into a sizeable underground company. The Elite Molecular Company is located in central Califonia and produces highly purified cannabis oil and products. The company is fully licensed and compliant with the federal regulations, allowing them to provide users with products they can enjoy.

Features of the Fuego vape pen

The build is mainly plastic. The pen is compact with a substantial feel. The Fuego vape pen has a sweet floral aroma when used, making it distillate and delicious. The pen vapes smoothly with a decent amount of cloud when exhaled. The letter print of its packaging gives it a discrete design.

The pen feels good to hold with a good weight balance provided by the battery. The pen’s mouthpiece is approximately half the size of the pen’s tank. The tank has the same smooth feel as the rest of the pen. The Fuego Vape pen comes with a bright indicator light underneath the pen is quite visible during daylight. 

Product Design and Quality

The Fuego vape pens have a thick cover that covers their batteries. The thick pen might make the pen overheat quickly, but the pen doesn’t burn the user when held. The pen remains cool even when repeatedly used. The pen can remain cool despite repeated hits hence making it less harsh or too hot. The fantastic balanced feeling when holding and using the Fuego vape gives the user a tremendous vaping experience.

Fuego Vape pen has 87% pure,, high-grade distillate, 10% MCT oil, and 3% terpenes. Fuego offers fun flavors through Fuego Extracts that for pleasurable THC vaping. The refill cartridges contain a standard 510 tread. The sauce within the Feugo vape pen is less runny, giving it a more natural taste. The juice includes products that m-have no cha=emical taste on the user’s tongue, providing a well-rounded consistency in its feel. 

Performance of the pen

The Fuego Vape pen gives a wonderful taste while still maintaining a reasonably good amount of high. The Feugo vape pen’s sauce tastes like a flower owing to its exceptional live resin flavor. 

The sauce in the Fuego Vape pen undergoes a high-end distillation process that separates a broader range of terpenes and cannabinoids. The high-end distillation creates a final product with a rich complex of flavor.

The floral flavor and fruity citrus taste give the user a feeling of freshness as they experience sunshine high. The Fuego vane pen has been nicknamed the Forbidden Fruit owing to its fruity-fresh taste.

Fuego vape pen gives a perfect high despite the 65& Tetrahydrocannabinol content. The high lasts for approximately one and a half hours. The high experience of the pen is mentally and physically relaxing, allowing the user to coast through any feeling they may have.

Despise having a smaller tank compared to other tanks. The Fuego vape pen is less expensive. It offers a puffs ratios similar o most of the vape pens available in the market but at a slightly lower price. For a user who typically consumes a vape pen a day, two Fuego pens at a time will be enough for the entire day. 

The Fuego pens are the best for an irregular user. They are good, discreet, and perfect for use in a busy weekend and engaging outdoor activities like hiking.

The packaging suggests a 2-second puff as a dosage with less smoke than other vape pens with puffy clouds. With two well takes hits, the high slowly starts to set in. Fuego vape pen is plastic, disposable, and with a small tank containing a live resin worth the experience, for 25$ one, can purchase a Fuego vape pen and enjoy it.

How to charge the Fuego vape pen

Upon the arrival of the package, one should find a USB cable inside the package. The USC is usually a C-type charger port that can be easily plugged into a PC, laptop, or USB-enabled port. At the end of the charger, one should connect the Fuego vape pen.

The USB can also be connected to the primary adapter compatible with the charger. The Fuego vape pen has a small light that indicates whether the device is charging and when the charging is completed. The Fuego vape pen takes approximately 1-2 hours for it to be fully charged. The package contains instructions that specify how long every product should take before it is fully charged.   

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Fuego vape pen

Steps taken in maintaining the Fuego vape pens are pretty simple. For appropriate maintenance, it is recommended that the Fuego vape pen should always be leaned whenever the coil is replaced inside. Cleaning the vape pen ensures that the device keeps working and effectively produces a rich flavor and cleaner vapor. 

The following steps should be taken in cleaning the vape pen:

  1. Removing the tank from the pen’s battery
  2. Carefully take the tank and gently remove its contents.
  3. Remove and dispose of the used oil. 
  4. Gently and carefully clean the threading at the bottom of the tank 
  5. Using some warm water, clean all the tank’s components and leave them in the open air to dry, or use a dry cloth or piece of paper to dry the tank’s contents.
  6. Once the tank and its contents have dried, the tank should be reassembled, and the battery finally placed back.

Pros and Cons of the Fuego vape pen


  • Excellent live resin
  • Taste is complex like a fresh bud
  • It gives a super lovely high
  • Discreet design


  • The pen has a small tank

FAQs about the Fuego vape pens

How can one buy a Fuego vape pen?

Fuego vape pens are available in local vape shops. A good sop will always have various samples that customers can test before deciding their preferred option. Customers can also find Feugo vape pen products on online shops like Amazon and eBay, providing opportunities for making orders and awaiting shipment. 

How can I use a Fuego vape pen for the first time?

For first-time users, it is essential that one unsure that the vape pen is fully charged. Once the battery is charged, ensure the tank and the battery are tightly screwed in. The pen is then turned on, and then the fire button is clicked five-time. Press and hold the fire button while inhaling, then release the fire button. 

Alternative vape: UPENDS

UPENDS Upone                                          

Great value disposable vape

Who knew that we could have a disposable vape that leaves you with a long-lasting enjoyment? The Upone from UPENDS comes with an 850 mAh battery and a 4.5 ml liquid capacity. This device might be disposable but it was developed for long lasting purposes. 


The Fuego vape pens provide a great vaping experience overall. The sauce’s flavor in the Fuego vape pens gives a delicious taste adding to the good high experiences. The tank’s small size can offer a tremendous high feeling, creating value for one’s money. The Fuego vape pen is worth purchasing.