Frio Vape Pen Review. All You Need to Know About Frio Vaporizer

    Frio Vape Pen Review. All You Need to Know About Frio Vaporizer

    What is a Frio vape pen?

    The Frio vape pen is sleek, easy to use, and portable. This vape pen batteries offer compatibility to any cartridges. The outfit of the pen is installed with 510 threads that accommodate a coil-less flat disc atomizer according to the user’s preference. The Frio vape has a simple design that compacts everything into a sizable pen, making it easier for an everyday user. 

    The cartridge is screwed on and twisted at the base to adjust to the desired voltage favorable to the user. The simple setup makes it quick to power up the pen and makes it ready for use at the click of a button.

    Once the tank is attached correctly, the button at the pen base is pressed, which heats the vape liquid. Frio packaging comes with a complete kit, including a battery and the pen’s charger, plus everything that the user may need to maximize their vaping experience.

    The Frio vape pens are manufactured by the FRIO company and distributed by ReadyCare, LLC. The company ensures a good stock of authentic products providing wholesale and retail customers with the best value products while still maintaining the highest customer service. The FRIO, located in Walnut Creek, CA, also produces insulin cooling pens for diabetes patients dependent on insulin boasts. 

    Features of the Frio Vape Pen

    • The pen has a battery power of 1100 mAh.
    • The packaging comes with a Smart USB type C enabled  Charger
    • Before use, the button at the bottom of the pen’s base is pressed for Pre Heating
    • The pen has a Twist Battery type of installation model
    • Frio is the leading dealers of the  Frio 510 Batteries
    • 1x Variable Voltage Battery
    • 1x USB Smart Charger
    • 3.3V – 4.8V Voltage
    • 5-Click Turn On/Off
    • Easy Click feature

    Design and quality

    The Frio Vape batteries offer the ultimate option for battery compatibility for any 520 threaded cartridge device requirement. The batter is powerful and ranks highly in performance quotient alongside other premium brands like Ooze.

    The FRIO company has upgraded its version of the pen into a more straightforward type with more efficient batteries that ensure a vaping experience with its price.

    Frio vape pens are designed in different colors, allowing the user to select the most appealing color. The provision of other color choices enables the user to enjoy a calm and elegant outlook as they enjoy the pen, thereby maximizing their vaping experience.

    The color ranges available are silver, dark black color, beautiful multicolor design, simple white, and shiny gold. The color choice and style represent the user’s personality, therefore, allowing the user to incorporate their persona into the vaping experience.

    The Frio vape pen top twist allows the user to adjust the voltage. The controls regulate how strong and hot the user wants to burn the oil cartridge. The design has considered that different products burn better at certain temperatures, therefore, providing adjustment options that allow the user to maximize performance out of the pen.

    Performance of the Vape Pen

    The upgrades on the batteries allow the pens to achieve a higher level of performance compared to other vape pens. The FRIO batteries manage to deliver outstanding performance levels owing to the high quality of their batteries.

    On average, the Frio batteries last of 1100mAh size have a battery life of 2 days. The implications are that with a fully charged pen, the user can achieve approximately 100 puffs out of a fully charged Frio pen. 

    The priority for the FRIO manufacturer is the safety of the customer and ensuring their utmost satisfaction. Investing in a well-made battery is as important as having an effective pen. The vaping experience in Frio vape pens is a factor majorly contributed by the quality of their vape pens. 

    Charging a Frio Vape Pen

    The Frio vape pen takes close to 45 minutes to be fully charged. The Frio vape pen has a light diode indicator that shows whether the pen is charging or not and indicates when the charging is complete. The USB-type cable that comes with the package is fixed to the pen’s input, and the other end can be attached to a USB-enabled output like a laptop or any adapter charger with a voltage regulator.

    It is advisable to charge the battery to total capacity when using the pen for the first time. Consequent heatings can fluctuate depending on the use. Charging the battery always to full capacity allows the user to maximize the vape pen while preserving its battery life. 

    Cleaning and maintenance of the Frio vape pen

    The batteries are removed and wiped nicely dry with a clean cloth occasionally to ensure that they are always dry, free of dirt, cracks, vaping juice, and any vaping material.

    Before cleaning, the pen must be taken apart, and every component cleaned gently and carefully with a brush or a dry cloth. The tanks containing the juice can be dipped in warm water and left to soak for a few minutes. 

    The cleaning of the juice tank ensures that the pen is always pure and the quality of taste maintained throughout the lifetime of the pen. The tank can be soaked in an alcohol-based sanitizer that helps disinfect the tank and ensures it is clean and hygienically safe.

    Occasionally the pen parts can be soaked for hours, especially when the user intends to use the pen or take it for a busy outdoor activity. Once the pieces are dehydrated, they are carefully assembled as neatly as they were before. Regular cleaning ensures that the pen is well maintained, allowing the user to maximize its performance and life span.

    Pros and Cons of the Frio vape pen


    • The design is small enough to fit in the user’s palm. This makes it easy to move around with. Convenient for any outdoor vaping experience
    • The design is discrete, making it less conspicuous
    • The cap is tight enough to prevent any leaks
    • The battery quality allows for a better hour of vaping experience


    • The tank is small and cannot hold enough substances

    Frio Vape pen FAQs

    How does a Frio vape pen work?

    The Frio vape pen has a button at the bottom that is pressed to power the tank. The button heats the chamber that in turn supplies the power to the coil in the section. The user then regulates heat to control the combustion. Once the pen button is powered in a five times click, the pen is ready for a puff. 

    Why would a Frio vape pen blink?

    The LED light on the Frio vape pen blinks when the battery power is low. The blink indicates that the pen should be connected to a charger. The LED light also blinks when charging to show that the plugin has been done correctly. 

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    The Frio maximizes its high battery performance. This makes its functionality effective compared to others. High-quality production provides value with the purchase. Owning a Frio vape pen is a worthwhile experience for a user who desires a durable - efficient vape pen. 


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