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Freemax vape: Freemax Vape kits, Tanks, coils and Vape store

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Freemax is a vape manufacturer from Shenzhen that is hitting the vaping industry since the year 2013. This company is prominently known for delivering focused advanced vape starter kits, tanks, and coils and owning an absolutely reliable vape store. The Freeemax had put themselves on the map immediately after the FireLuke tank was released. Since then, their strength and domination in the market have never ceased to spike each and every day.

Freemax Vape products review

 Vape Coils

You will get to explore the diverse range of vape coils once you search for them in the market. There exists the mouth to lung and sub-ohm coil. For those who wonder what a vape coil is, then you should understand that these are the heating elements that allow the e-liquid mixture to be heated and turned into a vapor that you are ready to inhale. These vape coils comprise a wire that is wrapped in wick or cotton material. The wick soaks up the vaping liquid and draws it through the coil so as to produce a sweet-tasting vapor. Remember coils come in various resistances, which allows you to customize your vaping experience.

Freemax Fireluke M & M2 Tank Replacement Coils (5-Pack)


In the vape scene, the FreeMax Fireluke M & M2 Tank replacement coils (5-pack) has been found to be a huge hit, solely due to their incredible design. Strategically, these 5-packs are designed to match perfectly with the FireLuke Mesh Tank’s M and M2 wonderful airflow design along with its wide bore drip, which made it the best sub-ohm tank.

If you take a closer look at the features of this kind of coil, you will have to be aware that the coil has got a resistance of 0.12 ohm. At this resistance, the vaping equipment will have to consume the power of a wattage range of 40- 90W. As you can see, the coil does not consume a lot of power, making it power cost-friendly. This will then encourage frequent recharging without any fears.

Once the coil has been supplied with the required power, it is able to give heat that ranges from 400F-500F of temperature. This enables the coil to heat the organic cotton wick so as to vaporize the e-liquid in the vape.

FreeMax FireLuke M TX Mesh Replacement Coils

These are authentic 5-pack replacement coils that are designed explicitly for the Fireluke Mesh Tank and Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub-Ohm Tank. These are the most recently innovated coils from the Freemax company, with awesome features you love to know.

The coil features the patented Tea Fiber Cotton wicking material that is composed of 90% Tea Fiber Cotton and 10% Organic Cotton and an SS316L mesh or a multi-layered diamond-cut kanthal that brings out an unbelievable taste and super cool coil life.

The Freemax TX4 Quadruple Mesh Coils deliver a 0.15-ohm resistance that consumes power that ranges from 40W-80W. This wattage is favorable for frequent recharging of the vape. This coil produces a lot of heat, and it is therefore recommended for experienced vapers.

Other FreeMax FireLuke M TX Mesh Replacement Coils include the FreeMax TNX2 Double Mesh and the FreeMax TX1 SS316L Mesh Coils, with a resistance of 0.5 ohms and 0.12 ohms, respectively.

Vape Tanks

The FreeMax do specialize in manufacturing and designing sub-ohm tanks. This company is credited with producing the first single mesh coil sub-ohm tank. In line with the trends in recent years, FreeMax has consistently featured all models possessing an adjustable airflow and simple to operate top filling. All its vape tanks are attractive as they come with a colorful and lightweight design.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank (Stainless steel edition)

This is a quality 5ml sub-ohm Tank that rests on a 25mm diameter and displays a push-to-open top fill system. As you can notice, the capacity this vape tank has is really enough to give you a longer-lasting vaping session. When you include the bulb glass, the capacity of Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm increases to 6ml.

The Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank is well endowed with dual adjustable airflow control, along with a 9mm wide bore drip tip. This drip tip has got two O-rings on the base so that you ever want to swap it to an 810 tip, you have to ensure that it also comes with O-rings, or it will fall off.

You will be served with a vapor that has been heated within the range of 400F-550F. This coil is composed of three vertical mesh coils and features three huge holes drilled through the formed wicking slots. This will ensure that the juice reaches the coils at a very fast rate, with the aim of making the cotton saturated. This system operates excellently as it brings the burnt taste or even muted flavor in that case.

FreeMax M Pro 2 Sub Ohm Tank

This model is an upgraded version of the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank. The M Pro 2 comes with a 5ml capacity. This capacity will be enough to let be in a position of filling the tank once for a while. The tank is made of stainless steel, which means that it a permanent accessory for your vape pen. This M Pro 2 tank delivers the most delicious clouding for you from the new Mesh coils.

Thanks to the innovative sliding top fill system. This is where there are three balls in the top filling cap, which plays the role of increasing the friction required to open the tank. By so doing, the top fill cap is prevented from loosening in your pocket and also prevents any likely leaks.

At the base of this equipment is a dual-slotted airflow control ring. This delivers a carefully metered airflow to reach the center of the coil to produce wonderful tasting flavors. 

Vape Starter kits

For those who are beginners, the perfect option for you is the use of starter kits. These starter kits are easy to set up and hassle-free. FreeMax brings you the most affordable starter kits for the commencing of your vaping journey. There are different sizes and shapes of starter kits you can choose from.

FreeMax Twister 80W & Fireluke 2 Starter Kit

The FreeMax Twister starter Vape Kit comes with vibrant graphics that make it a sensational vape pen equipment that satisfies every user. You will not be surprised by its powerful battery of 2000mAh, which can be recharged. The battery also records a 95 % efficiency, making the vape pen a perfect option for any vaper due to the prolonged vaping sessions.

You will get to meet the wattage adjustment dial knob, where you will be able to switch to various levels of heating according to the amount of vapor you desire. This dial knob is paired with the new Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank. The twister is screen less so that it can extend the battery life and utilize a wattage adjustment dial at the very base.

The Fireluke 2 Mesh sub-ohm Tank builds upon the original Fireluke tank that has all new improvements and updated mesh coil atomizer heads. This Fireluke 2 also comes with a 5ml e-liquid capacity that can easily be filled using the retractable top fill design.

FreeMax Twister Metal Edition Vape Starter Kit w/ FireLuke 2 Vape Tank

FreeMax has delivered unmatched quality and user-friendly interface like never in the world of endless vape starter kits. This is a FreeMax twister Metal edition. This model provides the vaper with excess cloud production, along with a long-lasting 2300mAh battery to enjoy your vaping sessions all day long.

The coils of this starter kit have a resistance that ranges between 0.1 ohms and 3 ohms. This is after the 5-80 watts of power is consumed by the device. This heats up the e-liquid that measures up to 5ml when full.

This brand new vape tank features a new dimension of flavor and cloud production, thanks to the innovative coil configurations it has. These diamond pattern mesh coils are expertly built to bring the vaper a flood of vaper and windstorm of cloud creation like no other moment.

Frequently asked questions

Here is what almost every vapor tends to ask when it comes to matters related to vape pens.

What are the best-selling vape kits?

The FreeMax vape pens are well-known and most celebrated vaping equipment. This is why it emerges to be the most selling vape pen in the current market.

How much are vape kits?

Vape kits range in price from $14-$80. At the low end, the relatively simple vape pens and pod systems are ideal for beginners. Portability is also the key factor considered when the pricing is done.


For the best vape coils, tanks, starter kits, and even vape stores, you need FreeMax at your service. You will be the happiest vape user once you get to buy one of the vape pen equipment from the FreeMax products.