Flum Disposable: Learn More About Flum Float Disposables

    Flum Disposable: Learn More About Flum Float Disposables

    Flum Float is one of the leading manufacturers of disposable vapes in the market. This is thanks to their unique vape pen design and colorful options. Most come in an oval-like shape, which is unlike conventional disposable vape pens. Flum Float also offers a wide array of flavors ranging from strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. 

    All vape pens come with a long lasting battery giving you up to 1600 puffs. Besides, the mouthpiece comes in a unique design allowing for uninterrupted vaping. You also get lightweight and portable pens for on-the-go vaping.  As you’d expect, the device comes in a complete setup meaning you don’t have to recharge or refill it. As such, it is ideal for beginners and heavy vapers alike. 

    To spice up your vaping experience, the company offers you three models: Flum Float, Flum Gio, and Flum Wafer. All come in distinctive designs and have different flavors to choose from. If you want, a unique pen that stands out, Flum Wafer might be the perfect choice for you. For more compact and lightweight vapes, go with the Flum Gio option. Let’s look at each model and some of the vapes you can buy today.

    Flum Float

    The Flum Float vapes come in a compact design making them easy to conceal with your hand or store them in your pocket. They offer the user up to 3000 puffs. This means you can vape for weeks without much worry. What’s more, you get 5% slat nicotine, meaning they are safe for beginners as well as intermediate and experienced vapers.

    It is among the most unique vape pens in the market coming in a cylindrical design. So if you like standing out, this might be the best option for you. To ensure quick vaping, it comes with a draw-activation firing mechanism. This means it automatically starts once you take a drag. 

    Its specifications include a capacity of up to 8.0ml of e-juice. It comes with salt nicotine making you have that head rush. It is pre-filled and pre-charged. You’ll love how long lasting the battery is. 


    As mentioned, Flum Float offers up to 14 flavors to choose from. However, for this model, you get up to 11 flavors. They include:

    • Aloe Grape: This is a mixture of fresh aloe and grapes, allowing you to enjoy a cool yet refreshing puff. 
    • Cool mint: If you want an icy cool sensation, then this might be the best option for you. Thanks to the fresh mint leaves, it will leave your throat feeling refreshed.
    • Lush ice: Do you want something sugary and sweet? Well, why not get this flavor. With it, you’ll want to vape more and more.
    • Mixed berries: This is the iconic raspberries and blueberries flavor. 
    • Red bang: This is a fruity punch of red cherries that will leave you craving for more.
    • Strawberry banana: Do you like a smooth and tasty flavor? Get yourself this mixture of bananas and strawberries.
    • Strawberry mango: With each draw, you get a punch of tasty strawberries and mangoes.
    • Breeze: This gentle flavor offers a refreshing vaping experience.
    • Pina polo: A flavor offering a combination of peppermint polo and pineapple. 
    • Strawberry ice cream: This creamy flavor offers a cooling taste for everyday vaping. 

    As you can see, the Flum Float vapes offer you a wide range of flavors to choose from. And all you need to do is inhale and exhale, and you are good to go. 

    Flum Gio

    Flum Gio is yet another line of vapes from Flum Float. This model is similar to conventional vape pens, however, the mouthpiece is a bit elongated. As such, you’ll have an easier time inhaling. Like Flum Float, it offers up to 3000 puffs on a single battery. This type comes in a pencil-like shape meaning you can slip it in your pocket with ease. 

    And thanks to its compact design, you can conceal it with your hand. It also comes with an 8ml capacity so you can vape all day with less worry. With a nicotine strength of 50mg, it is safe for use regardless of your vaping level. To ensure longevity, it has a soft-silicone outer chassis. It is also resistant to scratches and fingerprints, maintaining the colorful look of the vape pen. 


    The Flum Gio only has six flavors to choose from. They include:

    • Tropical punch: This is a relaxing flavor with a refreshing feel to it.
    • Litchi ice: Yet another flavor that will leave your throat refreshed.
    • Berry fusion: If want to arouse your taste buds, this might be the flavor for you. With a fusion of several berry species, you’ll enjoy the sweet punch.
    • Power bull: As the name suggests, it will give you that extra boost you need for everyday duties.
    • Coffee pump: This is yet another flavor to keep you going throughout the day. The coffee extract give you that caffeine boost any time of the day. 


    As you’d expect, there are six colors to choose from which are pink, red, blue, brown, green, and sky blue. 

    Flum Wafer 

    Flum Wafer is one of the most unique vape pens in the market. Boasting of a robust battery and exceptional performance, the vape is a description of what any vaper desires to use. It comes with one of the most effective battery system ensuring even heating of the coil and flavor. 

    This model offers smooth-textured and ultra-satisfying hits with every puff you make. Unlike the Flum Gio, it offers up to 1600 puffs making it ideal for light vapers. With it, you can choose up to 10 impressive flavors ranging from guava ice to aloe grape. 

    You also get a capacity of 5ml with a 50mg salt nicotine strength. Thanks to the ingenuity behind this vape pen, you will not experience leakages. In fact, it comes with safety features ensuring your vaping experience is harmless to your body. 


    • Aloe grape: The aloe Vera and grapes mixture has proven to be one of the most popular flavors in the market. Therefore, if you want an iconic flavor, this might be the perfect choice for you.
    • Banana ice: The banana flavor is yet another classic loved by most vapers.
    • Cool mint: If you are looking for a way to relax, get yourself this flavor. Thanks to the icy mint, you’ll enjoy that refreshing experience.
    • Dragon grape: Grapes are yet another classic in the market. This flavor allows you to enjoy the tasty grape flavor from your vape pen.
    • Guava ice: Embrace your airways with a hefty dose of Guava flavor blended with the soothing effect of menthol.
    • Lush ice: Enjoy the rich taste of watermelon blended with cool menthol.
    • Peach ice: Vibe it up with authentic peach juice that comes with a calming effect of mint.
    • Pink lemonade: Arouse your taste buds with a sweet taste of lemonade.
    • Sour apple: Raw apple juice crafted to a brilliant vapor taste. You would want it more
    • Aloe pineapple: The flavor comes with a unique sweet sensation of pineapple and aloe juices.

    What to consider when buying a disposable vape pen

    Here are some of the consideration when buying any vape pen.

    • Puffs: You should first consider how many puffs you want before embarking on buying a vape pen. For example, Flum disposables have 1600 maximum puffs. 
    • Size of the vape pen: Another aspect to consider is the size of the desired pen. Generally, vape pens are similar to cigarettes, meaning they can fit in your hand, pocket, or small pouch. Alternatively, you can opt for smaller pens that come in a cylindrical design.
    • Coil type: The coil type dictates how even the e-juice will get heated. Also, different coils have different temperature settings. Some of the most common coils are ceramic, mesh, quartz, and wick. 
    • Rechargeable: While most disposable vapes don’t come with a charging port, there are a few that have a Type-C port allowing you to recharge them when the battery dies out. 


    As you can see, the Flum disposable offers you a wide array of flavors to choose from. For example, you get flavors such as sour apple, pink lemonade, lush ice, guava ice, and more. Besides, the company offers you several models to choose from namely Flum Wafer, Flum Gio, and Flum Float. So, which one will be getting today? let us know in the comment section. 


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