WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flawless Vape Shop Review and Coupons

12th May 2022 | 6 | ZengGreta

There’s an astonishing surge in a vape pen or e-cigarette use and there are arguably just as many vape users as there are traditional tobacco cigarette smokers. There are a lot of products that you can find in the market these days such as vape mods, vaporizers, e-cigs, e-cigars, e-liquid, and accessories. Before you can determine the best vape pen to use for your routine, learning the main products to look for and some reviews can help.

Lets take a look at Flawless Vape Shop products and their reviews…  


Introduction to Flawless Vape Shop

Starting with the introduction to Flawless Vape Shop, it is a popular online shop offering vaping products and accessories. The main categories include vaping pens, e-juice, e-liquid, and hardware such as starter kits, pod kits, box mods, replacement coils, replacement pods, etc. You can also choose from a variety of disposable devices, bundles, and alternatives.


Flawless Vape Shop is a preferred provider of the latest vaping products that are manufactured in the USA. The products are popular among adults trying to quit smoking and others who are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, the site also mentions that Nicotine is a highly addictive substance which means you are buying everything at your own risk.


Main Products You Should Look For

Flawless Vape Shop is a place where you will find a huge range of vaping products under categories like E-Liquids, Hardware, Salt Nicotine, E-Juices, Disposable Devices, Bundles, and Alternatives. There is a huge variety of products offered under each category so that you can choose as per your unique requirements.


Though there is a huge variety of products that you will find, we will discuss some popular products you should look for…


  • E-Liquid or Vapor Juices: The shop has partnered with some popular American-made e-liquid brands and top-selling vape juice manufacturers to provide the new flavors. The vapor catalog has something for every taste bud including tobacco, fruity, sweet, sour, tropical, minty ice, and menthol. Banana ICE by Skwezed Salt, SUPER CEREAL by the Mamasan, GUAVA POP by the Mamasan, BRUCE LEECHEE by the Mamasan, and Turkish Tobacco by Four Seasons are some popular e-liquids you may consider. The Banana flavor gives an ice feeling and ideal for those who want to have something fruitful and frigid.


  • Hardware: Flawless Vape Shop has a huge variety of hardware including Starter Kits, Pod Kits, Box Mods, Sub-Ohm Tanks, RTA, Replacement Coils, Replacement Pods, and Chargers. The Starter Kits are ideal for those who are just starting with vaping. SMOK Scar 18 Starter Kit 230W, Voodoo Drag X Plus 100w, Lost Vape URSA Quest Multi-Kit 100w, and Vaporesso Swag II 2 80w are some popular starter kits you can check. The SMOK Scar 18 starter kit comes with zinc-alloy chassis construction, a single firing button, IP67 rating, OLED display screen, two adjustment buttons, and a MicroUSB port.


  • Salt Nicotine: When it comes to Salt Nicotine, you can choose from a myriad of different brands and flavors to suit your needs. Nicotine salt consists of nicotine and acid that allows you to vape at higher strengths without getting the rough hit on your throat. Some popular products under this category include Menthol by Four Seasons Salt, Banana ICE by Skewezed Salt, Menthol Tobacco by Four Seasons Salt, Sweet Citrus by Humble Salts, and more. Menthol offers a cool and fresh experience as it gives a sweet minty flavor and carries the strong throat hit along with a smooth sensation.


  • Flawless E-Juices: The company creates gourmet vape juice and offers a huge variety of flavors to choose from. Some of the best-selling e-juice flavors include Apple, Aftermath, Black Knight, Blue Salt, Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade, Carnival, Cherry Lime Slush, Cotton Candy, French Toast, Game Over, Guava, Mango Pineapple, Rainbow, Strawberry Ice, and a lot more. Talking about the Strawberry Lemonade, it combines the flavors of strawberry and lemon. If you are not sure what to choose, you can try the mix variants like Mixed Berries Lemonade made from sweet and tart strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors.


  • Disposable Devices: Under this category, you will find a good range of disposable vape e-juice pens that can be used for a certain number of puffs and throw it away. These vape pens are great for those looking for something they can use on-the-go and get rid of once used. The company offers disposable vape pens from different brands such as Dream Switch Disposable, Synthetic Beast Bar, Oro Twist, Mr. Fog Max, Hello, Lush Dual, XTRA MAX, Exotic Stick, Vibe Bar, and more. The Exotic Stick is one of the best-selling disposables and all-in-one portable vapor systems. The pen features a proprietary coil located at the top of the tank and provides a smooth experience.


  • E-Juice Bundles: Vape bundles consist of a variety of flavors and a good option for those who want to try something new without spending too much. The eLiquid Mystery Bundle box by Flawless Vape Shop is a limited-time exclusive offer and consists of a total of 6 x 100ml bottles which means a whopping 600ml of liquid. There are three nicotine strengths in each box along with an assortment of flavored e-liquid from some best-selling brands. As this is a mystery box, there is a bit of surprise involved that what liquids you will get.


  • Accessories: Today, a wide range of vaping accessories are available to take your experience to the next level. Flawless Vape Shop also offers many alternatives to choose from such as replacement mouthpiece, water pipe replacement glass, nectar collector replacement glass, coil & cap, replacement pods, vaporizers, replacement atomizer, rolling tray, vape battery, dry vaporizer kit, replacement bucket, electronic smart rig device, and more. You can either buy these accessories along with your vape kit or vape pen or order them anytime you need them.


Reviews - Know Your Vape Pen Before You Buy 

Before you buy anything, it is always good to review information as it allows you to gain a better insight into the product. The more valuable or complex the product or information is, the more effort and research you may need to put in. If you are considering exploring Flawless vape Shop, going through reviews on some popular products might help.

As per ‘Trustpilot’, Flawless Vape Shop has got an 81% excellent rating while taking into account all reviews. Though a lot of people are happy with the product quality and shipping, some stated the processing and shipping of products slow. However, people with great experience are way more than those who are somehow unhappy with the service.


Also, the price offered by the company is quite competitive as compared to other vape shops and you can also find a huge variety of products as per your taste and needs. As far as the juice collection is considered, the shop offers some great flavors at decent prices and fast shipping.


You can always reach the Flawless Vape Shop customer service team if you have any queries.


Coupons - Pay Less and Get More

Yes, you can find coupons for your favorite products and use them to get some discounts on selected items. For coupon codes, you can check sites like Knoji, Sayweee, dontpayfull, couponfollow, etc. You can browse either by offer types such as deal/coupon or discount type and look for different coupons available. Sometimes you may get even a 15% to 35% additional discount on selected Flawless vape Shop products.


You can also find deals like ‘flawless rewards’ for selected says such as your birthday and get the deal. Some other perks that you may enjoy apart from a direct discount include free shipping on selected items, gift cards, coupons for new customers, minimum purchase offers, and other promo codes.


The Final Verdict

Almost all of us know the dangers of smoking and a lot of people these days are shifting to vape pens or e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Though we cannot say that everyone who is using vape devices wants to quit smoking, there are still some safety reasons. However, smoking is injurious to health but if you are thinking about making the transition to vaping, it has some pros and cons.


Vaping is considered safer than traditional smoking as no combustion or smoke is creating the tar and carbon monoxide in vaping. One of the biggest advantages of vaping is no noxious doors which means you and your stuff won’t smell bad as vaping has an aroma. Furthermore, you have more control over your nicotine intake as you can decide the dosage you want to inhale.


You can also find nicotine-free e-juice and also control the amount of vapor you exhale. If you prefer smaller devices like pod vapes or low vapor volume, you can find a huge variety of products to suit your needs. There are flavors available for every palate and price points for every wallet as a huge variety of vape products is available.


The choice is yours…