WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavrx Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Build Quality, and Alternative Vape Pen for Flavrx Vaporizer

1st Jul 2021 | 204 | upends v

What is a Flavrx Vape Pen?

Flavrx Vape Pens are the former brand for the current Flavrx vape pens. The cartridges have one of the best tastes among other cannabis vape cartridges, especially with their lemon bars. The company Flavrx is a highly rising brand in the market with continued improvements.

Popularly known as a “perpetual think tank,” the company has grown to be a one-stop show for all CBD products offering a range of flavors. The company is winning awards for some of the best vape cartridges and might quickly get to the top.

Their Flavrx cartridge comes in various clean flavors and smooth smoke, which suits the user’s cravings. Currently, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains are available. Each Flavrx vape pan has a leek and smooth silver mouthpiece, an ideal design with an adjustable airflow valve for cloud customization. Flavrx flavor and smooth smoke make it one of the most preferred cannabis cartridges.

Features of the Flavrx Pen

  • A range of sticks and joints favorable for those who struggle with rolling joints.
  • Pre-charged and filled with high-grade THC, which makes it ready to use.
  • The 510 threaded battery is a strong 280mAH capacity with a USB recharger for longer vaping hours. 
  • The pen is pocket-friendly, and one can easily travel with it.
  • The adjustable airflow valve helps one customize the clouds.
  • The pen has a sleek silver mouthpiece that gives a perfect design for a smooth experience.
  • Has a metal finishing that protects the retractable glass from breaking in case you drop it.
  • Custom-made batteries that ensure optimal oil heating.

Design and Quality of the Pen

Flavrx is among the companies proven to apply “cutting scientific edge knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.” The solvent-free concentrated product is obtained from mixing purified raw cannabinoids and unique terpene blends to make various flavors.

The product is a sweet flavor of one’s preference and clean, smoke-free of any contaminants. The product has proven to be compliant with the United States legal requirements and continues to expand its branches in the United States. The packaging is another lovable element of the product.

Each Flavrx comes in a tiny colorful box with each pen so discrete that it easily fits in one’s palms. Each cartridge pen is pre-filled and packaged with tanks compatible with the threaded cape battery making it user-friendly.

Flavrx has above-average quality content, with each pen that can give the user about 150 hits, and the last tastes just as good. The cannabis-infused fresh flower flavors provide the user a natural, tasty, premium flavor and high-quality CBD oils potency. The disposable vape pens are strong and leakproof, which makes them quite outstanding and easy for traveling. 

Performance of the Pen

Flavrx magical performance is one of the outstanding desirable features the company has invested in. If you are tired of having that artificial flavor from your vape pens, Favrx might just be your perfect solution. The manufactures have ensured the vaping experience gives a natural taste through the fresh cannabis oil giving the user a flavor of the flower strain.

Compared to the 100 hits average for most vape pens, Flavrx offers around 150 hits, and each tastes just as good. The vaping power lasts longer with the boosted USB recharger and an airflow valve that allows more air resulting in a smoother experience.

The device also contains several temperature control features and a strong and leakproof element that helps prevent messiness. The combination of good packaging and high quality makes Flavrx one of the best performing in the industry.

Charging the Flavrx Vape Pen

The Flavrx vape pen kit comes with a USB charge cable which one can use to charge the pen either on a PC or a laptop. To charge it, one should plug one end of the cable into the PC and another end into the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it will indicate using light that the charge is complete.

A Flavrx vape pen has a larger capacity hence will take around 4 hours to charge to completion. An advantage of the vape pen is that it comes pre-charged and filled with THC oils which lasts longer.

Flavrx pen is compatible with the universal 510 threaded battery and the button less vape battery. However, one should ensure they do not use other charges or plug the USB charge on a wall or other electronic devices since its maximum voltage speed might exceed the device.

For better usage, cleaning and maintenance are necessary for the Flavrx vape pen. To clean the reusable battery, ensure you often wipe it down with a clean cloth and make sure the connection is clean.

For the pen, ensure you take the different parts like the tank and atomizer apart. Since these contain e-juice and oils, be careful not to stain yourself. Take the tank apart, place the atomizer to the side, and put the other parts, including the mouthpiece, airflow control ring, base, and tank glass, in a bowl.


Soak them in the bowl for a couple of hours using warm water and rubbing alcohol. Clean them afterward and absorb the excess water with a paper towel, then sit to dry completely. Once done, reassemble the parts and do this quite often for better vaping power. 

Pros and Cons of the Flavrx Vape Pen


  • The pen is available in multiple options giving the user a wide variety to choose from
  • The pen has unique features like the temperature control and airflow valve, which gives a great vaping experience.
  • The battery has a large capacity able to give up to 12 hours of vaping experience.
  • The prefilled and pre-charged quality gives new users an easy time.
  • Despite the many components, the pen is easy to use, clean, and maintain.
  • It contains potent joints and sticks, which helps with the rolling joints problem.
  • It’s easy to obtain if one is living near a retailer.
  • It’s legal in most states.
  • It’s leak proof, thus avoiding any messiness.
  • It’s highly portable, and one can use it without any difficulty.


  • It’s not possible to purchase from the website.
  • The numerous products list might be confusing.
  • The battery takes longer to charge, up to 4 hours.

FAQs about the Flavrx Vape Pen

How do I choose the best vape pen?

To choose the best vape pen, one needs to look at features like the type, durability, heating method, battery life, and warranty. Dry herbs vape pens differ from oil pens. Looking at such qualities will help you settle on the best vape pen. Additional elements like the battery life, conduction or convection heating method, and legitimacy of the vapor pen will always determine the quality and authenticity.

Why is my vape pen not working?

The battery contact with the cartridge is vital for the vape pen to function well. First, inspect whether the connection is okay by slightly pulling the contact up until it is leveled. Additionally, confirm if the contact is clogged or coated and ensure you wipe with a Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol, then reconnect and check. Finally, always ensure the battery is fully charged and turned on by pressing the button five times


Flavrx vape pen is worth its price since it gives the vapers an amazing experience of sweet flavors and clean smoke. The pen which meets the legal requirements has proven to contain nothing but pure and natural tastes for its users. Flavrx gives an easy time with the pre-charged and prefilled cartridges ready to use for any new or seasoned vapers.

The large battery capacity and airflow valve allow users to enjoy a smoother and longer vaping experience worth their money. Other than the 150 hits performance quality, which is above average, vapers enjoy durability and portability with the vape pen, which is another good quality to rely on.