Flav Disposable: No. 1 Cannabis Vape Brand for you

    Flav Disposable: No. 1 Cannabis Vape Brand for you

    Cannabis vapes are really good innovations in the history of the vape industry. With them, you easily get access to the effects that cannabis gives you just by vaping. People with health conditions would appreciate this fact more because Cannabis vapes make it possible for them to easily use cannabis’s psychoactive effects as pain relief or treatment of depression. What this means is that cannabis has uses that are way beyond enjoyment, it is used for medial purposes and a very good way to easily access them is by quickly laying your hand on a cannabis vape. One of the best Cannabis vape brands is Flav Disposable vape, here is a detailed look into what the brand is all about.

    Flav Brand

    Flav started producing strain-specific terpene vapes as far back as 2015 and they have since then maintained a high profile in the history of cannabis vape brands. The brand is a leading and award-winning brand that specializes in producing really good cannabis products that are very safe to use. Their products are scientifically tested and are extracted from natural botanicals without adding any artificial ingredients. They sell varieties of cannabis vapes, with several flavours, and varying terpene profiles. Some of their products are edibles, vapes, flowers, concentrates, CBD products and other vape accessories.

    Flav 1g Disposable Vape

    This product is an all-in-one pod and battery device. It is a cannabis vape that hasan awesome flavour profile and quality cannabis contents that are effective. This vape comes in an ultra-slim, cute device and it is very comfortable and light to hold. This vape product features a LED-light design that makes it more personalized to use. The LED-light indicator lets you know when your device is working, and when it is not working. It also lets you understand the battery performance of the product. Flav Disposable vape is rechargeable, it comes with a USB-charging port that you can plug your cord into.

    This product is available in various strains, and also several flavours that you can choose from according to your taste and according to your cannabis needs. Its available strains are hybrid, indica, and sativa. The product has a great throat hit, and also a wonderful flavour and vapour production. With the device, you get many puffs per vape session. It is built using durable materials that protect it from easy wear and tear. The cannabis content in this vape is very potent, it is going to be a good option for experienced cannabis vapers- in fact, they will like how tough and potent this is. New vapers should only vape a little of it at a time till they are well used to it.  The product is mouth-draw activated and the coils make it easy for it to fire so well. Flav Brand have good customer care service, contact them if you notice any issue or abnormality with your Flav 1G Disposable vape. This disposable is worth you trying out.  It is available in flavours that include Biscotti, Skywalker, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Papaya, Paris OG, Trainwreck, Sleep Vape, and others.

    Flav Disposable Vape Flavours

    Blue Dream

    This 1g vape is a Sativa-flavoured device that has a very amazing taste. It has a delicious berry taste mixed with a very little hint of pungent taste and aroma. This flavour is very potent as it contains 90% THC level- it is not for the fainthearted. It gives good Sativa effects that keep you on your toes and makes you forget about any pain or worries you might be experiencing. When vaping in the morning, you can be sure of a pumped-up day; and when vaped at the night, it guarantees you a blissful night's rest. The flavour is a combination of blueberry, berry, and earthy flavours. Sativa makes you feel really happy and helps take you out of pain from migraine, arthritis, and the like. To get this strain, DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 strain and Santa Cruz Haze were crossed.


    The Biscotti flavour is for the OG vapers. It is a very lovely flavour that aged vapers are going to like. This flavour has coffee tastes, it is a unique one. Biscotti flavour is an Indica flavour that offers you all the refreshments that you need, it tastes like a soothing coffee amid a busy day. Its Indica effects make you feel revamped and make you forget the stress that you have been through. It makes you feel rested. When vaped in the night at bedtime, you can be assured of a good night's sleep. The flavour is a mix of Earthy flavour and sweet coffee- it is delicious. This vape contains up to 90% THC content which combined with the quality flavour makes this vape a strong one.  The Biscotti strain is a cross of a tasty combination of their flagship GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies), Gelato #25, and South Florida OG.

    Sky Walker

    This flavour would walk you through moments of enjoyment, mixed with excitement, topped with relaxation! The Sky Walker flavour is really good! It is unique! What makes it very different is that this flavour has a 50/50 level of both Sativa and Indica strains, it gives you both effects of Indica and Sativa- imagine feeling relaxed, excited, happy, and pumped, all at the same time! This flavour will take you to your All-Times-High feeling. Talking about the flavour, it is a mix of earth, diesel, and blueberry flavours. It gives a sweet and pungent taste, as well as an aroma. The Sky Walker flavour is one that you will fall in love with. Like others in this collection, this 1g cannabis vape device has a potent THC level. Its own THC level is around 79.91%. You might want to try it little by little if it is your first time buying cannabis vapes. The Flav Sky Walker is rated very good in many online vape store’s profiles, the strain was gotten by crossing Skywalker from Dutch Passion Seeds and OG Kush from JoshD Farms.

    Sleep Vape

    Are you so tired that you just want to sleep deeply and forget everything happening around you? Try this flavour out! Just as it sounds, the Flav Slape Disposable Vape is a good vape for not just sleeping, but also relaxing and feeling fully relieved of your stress. The Vape has cannabis contents that include CBD, THC, and CBN- a very great combination for maximum psychoactive effects on the body and mind. It is an Indica strain vape and it delivers the Indica effects like no other. It has a THC content of 64.5% and a CBD content of 2.70%. The 1g vape is for the strong-minded as it is a very potent one. It also has a nice taste too.

    Sour Diesel

    Lovers of sour vapes, get in here! The Sour Diesel Flavour from Flav is everything you need to experience your desired amount of sour vape. The vape has Sativa effects that keep you so energetic, happy, and excited- perfect for early morning before starting the day's activity. The flavour blends diesel, lemon, and citrus flavours to give a quality level of sour-sweet taste. It has an 84.7% THC level which makes it a potent vape too. The strain was gotten by crossing Chemdog 91 female with pollen from a Super Skunk.


    Papaya flavour mainly tastes like Papaya fruit but with some very tiny hints of spice. This flavour is a good one too. It is a Hybrid flavoured vape that gets you euphoric, energized, and hungry. If your appetite is down and you want to wake it up, just try vaping the flavour- you are going to eat non-stop. The flavour is a blend of papaya flavour and a little spicy/herbal flavour. It contains 84.18% THC. To get this strain, Cintral N0. 13 and Ice No. 2 were crossed.

    Flav Disposable Vape Review

    This brand is very good. If we were to score them, then we will give them a good score. Their Cannabis vapes are carefully formulated and they are very effective. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid- all give quality effects. The 1g flavoured vape has really lovely flavours that are unique because you will not easily find the blends of flavours in other brands. It is our rechargeable vape that can be charged and used at any time, it comes in a very attractive design, and it produces good hits and puffs. This vape is a potent Cannabis Vape.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How do I use Flav Disposable Vape?

    Flav Disposable Vapes are easy to use. They do not require any assembly, just open the pack and put the vape in your mouth.

    Where can I buy Flav Disposable Vapes?

    You can buy Flav disposable vape in physical stores and online vape stores.

    Are Flav Disposable Vapes moderate or high-potent Cannabis Vapes?

    As we noted in the article, Flav Disposable vapes are high-potent cannabis vapes as they contain high levels of THC.

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