Flair Vape Pen Review,Flair Vape wholesale in 2022

    Flair Vape Pen Review,Flair Vape wholesale in 2022

    About the Flair Vape Pen

    This brand is manufactured by China’s Flair Industry and distributed by Heilongjiang Suer Electronic Company Limited. For $10.99, one can purchase the 800 puffs Flair vape pen. 

    The FLAIR company development of the product is guided by the desire to offer an alternative to cigarettes by providing users with a product that replaces their smoking needs. FLAIR products aim to improve the lives of adult smokers by providing products that are verified in quality and health benefits.

    The contents used for the production of the e-juice products are tested to ensure that they met the required quality standards of health and safety.

    The pen comes in numerous flavors such as banana ice, blue razz, brain squeeze, cool mint, Hawaiian breeze, ice watermelon, lushic, mango peach pineapple, menthol, peach ice, pina colada, pink lemonade, strawberry banana, strawberry cream, and thunder grape. These flavors allow the user to enjoy a vaping experience that matches their personality.

    The delicious and force-flavored Flair vape pen offers a delicacy that makes vaping a worthwhile experience. The Flair provides a ready-to-use option of a more superior vaping experience by simply attaching the preferred pod USBdevice’s battery life and to the e-cigarette.  The Flair brand prides in its ability to offer outstanding options of remarkable flavors for their vaporizers.

    The physical feature of the pen offered a stable and high-quality design that ensured the use of the pen's durability.  

    Features of the Flair vape

    The device has five major part components that make up its good performance:


    The Flair pod mouthpiece is used by inserting a Fair pod into the device.

    Flair Device

    The Flair pod is plugged onto this device to make it ready for a puff.

    LED light

    The lighting on the LED changes with the power status of the device:

    Green indicated fully charged

    Yellow indicates 45%

    Red indicated extremely low and in need of charging.

    Magnetic Base

    The base is magnetically enabled for easy connection to the USB charger.

    Magnetic Enabled USBCharger

    The USB can connect to an adapter compatible with it or any USB enabled device like a laptop for charging. 

    Design and Quality of the Flair vape pen

    The device has the following specifications:

    • The material is made out of 210 Stainless steel plug Poly      Cyclohexylene Di-tre phthalate (PCTG)
    • A Battery capacity of 550 mAh
    • A  standard pocket size of 113mm length by 15mm width
    • An average maximum puff of 800 puffs for every device
    • Resistance of 1.8 ohms
    • The average weight of 40 grams
    • Tank capacity of 3.5 ml

    The device offers safe vaping by ensuring that the ingredients used to make the contents are recommended. The manufacturing ensures high levels of testing of the device to measure standards of performance. 

    Every technology applied in manufacturing the Flair vape pen is tested to ensure optimum quality, safety, and consistency of performance.

    Performance of the Flair vape pen

    The battery power allows for longer vaping sessions, especially for moderate. The vape pen takes less time to charge, allowing the user to power up the battery as soon as it runs out. The 880 puffs per vape device allow for a whole device’s battery life USB, the experience of vaporizer without worrying about refills. The device use has increased the level of ease by simplifying the user interface buttons. 

    The LED  light indicator comes in handy in allowing the user to be aware of the device’s battery life. The device offers consistent vaping throughout the vaping sessions. The magnetic technology used on the USB allows for ease in the attachment of the battery to the device. Without refills, the machine has fewer cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

    The different flavors offered by the Flair vape pens ensure that the vaping experience gives a delicious after-taste for the user. The amount of cloud produced by the pen is within the desired amount.

    How to Charge the Flair Vape pen

    The Flair pen is charged by attaching a magnetic enable USB charge to the adapter of any USB enabled device like a laptop or a computer. The instructions on handling the charger and the USB are provided in the instruction manual.

    It is advisable that the charging should not take longer than the specified amount of time. This allows for powerful functionality to be maintained, thereby protecting the overall life of the pen. 

    Once the charger is plugged in, the LED indicator should begin turning from red, then yellow, then finally green to indicate that the battery is fully charged. A new device should be fully charged before the user can engage in any vaping activity. Outdoor vaping required a fully charged battery to avoid power shortage inconveniences.

    Cleaning and Maintenance of the Pen

    The Flair pen is a low-maintenance vape pen. This is owed to the fact that the pen is not refilled. The level of maintenance required for the pen includes dry wiping of the external surfaces to keep them clean of dirt. The battery area should always be dry to prevent damage and power surge. 


    The pen should not be cleaned using water since this might damage the pen. The recommended cleaning agent for the pen is an alcohol-based sanitizer, which can be applied to a piece of cloth and used to wipe the pen’s surfaces gently. The package kit always comes with a tiny brush that can come in hand for dusting and cleaning purposes. 

    The safety instructions indicated on the manual booklet should be observed when using and handling the pen. This will help to prevent damage, malfunctions, and breakdown.

    Pros and Cons of the Flair vape pen


    • Easy-to-use
    • Looks great, excellent design quality
    • Easy-to-load and clean
    • Great vapor quality
    • Very stylish
    • Durable exterior as a result of the metallic material used of its exterior
    • No refills with a variety of flavor experiences


    • Relatively small tank

    FAQs for the Flair Vape pen

    Where can I purchase a Flair Vape pen?

    Flair vape pens are available for purchase at the nearest vape pen store. Online purchases are done by making orders to Heilongjiang Suer Electronics Co. Ltd. the website has a variety of options that one can browse and choose from. Alternatively, one can contact Flair on their official website - flairvapor.com- especially those who cannot find the products on their local vape pen retail store. The Flair website response is quite timely and reliable. 

    How much does a Flair Vape pen cost?

    Flair Vape pens are sold with the cheapest option costing $10.99. Other versions of the Flair pens have varying costs up to $20. The Flair vape pen offers one of the most affordable vaping pens while still maintaining quality.

    Alternative Vape: UPENDS 

    The UPENDS Uppen has a pleasant flavor with 100 mg of maximum purity pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate. The contents of the e-juice are thoroughly tested for verification of consistency and quality. 

    The UPENDS vape is a disposable version with full-spectrum distillates. The e-juice used in the pen is made from resin extracts.  Considering the elegant design, the device offers a more sophisticated vaping experience while still offering an easy-to-operate and specific product.

    The vaping experience in pen is rich in flavor. The vape pen comes in 1200mg and 700 mg tank sizes with other variations of strains. The Uppen vape’s design adopts up to1200mAh rechargeable battery capacities that can be drawn automatically thereby allowing for longer times during vaping.


    The Flair vape pen adopts an elegant design with sophisticated features and design variations yet still maintains an affordable cost. The vaping experience offered by the pen is worth the purchase.

    The variety of flavor options provided by the Flair brand provide the user with a chance to enjoy their desired taste. With little maintenance, the vape pen can function consistently throughout its life span. Purchasing this brand of vape pen is definitely worth the experience.

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    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.