Firefly Vape Equipment Review And Instructions

    Firefly Vape Equipment Review And Instructions

    Base Info:

    Name:  Planet of the Vape

    Tel: Canada: +1 (647) 946-9276, US: +1 (512) 888-9385



    Open time: 6 am to 6 pm EST, Monday through Friday

    Main products: Firefly2+




    Introduction-planet of vape

    Planet of Vape, abbreviated as POA, started ten years ago through the hard work of a young man with Arizer Extreme, Brooklyn apartment, with the aim of selling stellar vaporizers. This store later has grown to become an international vaporizer retailer as the POV.


    The firm currently has employees worldwide whose objective is matching the right client with the right vaporizer, which has achieved using experienced vaporists.

    They believe in their mission that concludes that vaping is the best way to consume herbs, and it's their joy to spread it to the world.

    The store only specializes in high-quality vaporizers after carrying out thorough experimental. Their blog posts primarily educate their clients about the advantages and disadvantages of the devices to guarantee satisfaction when they select the right firefly Vape.

    They have a 14-day return policy if potential customers are not 100% satisfied with their products. The orders are shipped the same day once cleared from Monday to Friday, and free shipping for orders above $69.99, only in Canada.

    This company stands with its customers and warrants their vaporizers. For any questions, concerns, or any issue related to the devices or their products, they are open to troubleshooting. They even go beyond connecting customers to the manufacturer for direct involvement if the need arises.

    You can check out more from their website here.    


     Main products and Firefly 2+ reviews at the planet of the vape shop

    Although there are other products and devices at POV, the main product is Firefly 2+

    What is this Firefly 2+ for?

    This is a flavor herb Vape. It needs specific knowledge to obtain the best cloud. When you master this ultra-portable firefly Vape, it offers you the convection gem, and at the end, you get your best result.

    Is it new?

    It has just arrived and new as compared to firefly 2 in the market. This device offers an overflow of air 33% more than the predecessor.

    What’s new?

    Firefly 2 plus has 33 percent more airflow than firefly 2. Its heat chamber is modified to bring in the differences increasing hit size hence easy to take in. the difference comes in terms of shiny logo on the lid.

    FireFly 2+ Vaporizer Review 2021

    Box contents

    • Manual booklet
    • One battery
    • Vaporizer
    • Three alcohol Vipers
    • Single extract pad
    • Charging dock
    • USB cable

    Firefly 2+ overview

    Firefly 2 though was regarded as the best and greatest device on the market, was upgraded. This is a great move. There comes perfection, Hi firefly2+. Get it in any firefly Vape shops near you.
    All the promotional features of firefly 2, like the extraordinary taste, short heat-up duration, quality vapor, are also featured in Firefly 2+. Besides making this device renowned, the manufacturers just made one step by refining firefly2+ airflow, which has improved its performance.


    Improvements to laser-drilled holes in the bowl and mouthpiece, combined with modern generation 3 firmware, have resulted in a 33 percent increase in airflow.

    Compared to the original firefly 2, this advancement provides superior draw resistance, resulting in a much more comfy breath. Because the material is only subjected to heat when you draw, none of it is ever lost.


    The Firefly 2+ is a pure convection vaporizer that can Vape both dry herbs and concentrates. This brand has a market-leading preheat time of only 3 seconds.

    However, what sets it apart from the competition is the potent flavorful vapor that you can taste for every draw. The Firefly 2's unique heating system is responsible for this property.

    Most vaporizers simply heat your substance to the temperature you specify.

    Most vaporizers, however, overlook the fact that some of the plants' most crucial compounds only release at particular temperatures.

    The Firefly 2 isn't your typical vaporizer. As you draw, dynamic convection innovation heats your material from a reduced temperature to the desired temperature. This is beneficial to you because each terpene and cannabinoid activates as you draw, resulting in high-quality vapor.

    Mechanical Specifications

    • 1 in / 2.1 cm; Depth
    • 5 oz / 140 g; Weight
    • 15g; Bowl size
    • 7 in / 12 cm; Height
    • Two-year warranty
    • 93° - 260° C from the App
    • 4 in / 3.5 cm; Width


    The Firefly 2 + is a beautifully designed portable vaporizer that is impeccable, smooth, and slim. It has a soft, comfortable feel in your hand. It is readily available in any firefly Vape shop at your doorstep.

    Underneath a borosilicate glass bowl with laser drilled microjets designed to hold 0.15g of material, this exquisite vaporizer has a robust, extended-lasting magnesium alloy chassis with an efficient magnetic lid.

    The combination of the glass bowl and the all-glass vapor path, which cools the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece, ensures quality, smooth vapor.

    Gold, Black, jet black, blue, oak, and zebrawood are just a few of the fantastic colors available for the Firefly 2 +. There's something for everyone.

    The Firefly 2+ is the perfect combination for indoor and outdoor use, and it can be vaped everywhere and enjoyed.

    Battery Life & Heat Up Time

    When the battery is fully charged, it can take up to 45 minutes.  This is between 4 to 6 sessions that are approximately ten draws.


    • Numerous temperatures
    • Superiors taste of vapor of all vaporizers in firefly Vape shops.
    • No waiting for heat up, incredibly 2 seconds.
    • 45 minutes to charge
    • Unique and quality output delivery
    • Perfect for single vaping
    • Low price
    • Compatible with other devices like Firefly 2+


    • Limited for one person
    • It does not include a second battery like firefly 2

    Other products at the planet of the vape

    Besides selling Firefly two and Firefly 2+, Planet of the Vape also sells other vaporizers in the stores. These are dry herbs, portables, and desktops. On their websites, they are also categorized as under $100 or best sellers. Find one at firefly Vape shops.
    They also sell CBD products. These are if not limited to CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, capsules, and softgels. Click here to check out these products.


    Look no further than the Firefly2+, which is available in firefly Vape shops, for a superior, lightning-fast vaporizer that delivers the most potent, delicious cool vapor on the market.

    The airflow and the price were two factors that turned people away from the original Firefly2. The Firefly2+ has significantly improved airflow and a substantially lower cost. There are no more justifications. Purchase this vaporizer, Firefly, and experience the difference.


    This is what customers had to say on

    Great vape

    “After doing a lot of research on mid-level/higher-end vaporizers I decided on the FF2+ and it's lived up to the pros and cons I expected. The learning curve for best hits is real, the need for stirring between draws, the regular cleanings, and the most essential app use are things that I can understand would make people want to avoid this vape. It can seem challenging to use in the beginning. The sleek design, cool easy vapor, decent clouds, incredible flavor (1st couple draws of a bowl at least), on-demand full convection, easy-to-use app and it being hard-hitting make it a great vaporizer IMO. If you can get past the challenges I think anyone would be happy with it.”

    I love the Firefly!

    “We love this vape. It's great for taking one or two hits and coming back to it a little bit later. Vapor is cool and taste super good. Note, for me, this is not a session vape. I also have an Arizer Solo which is great for sitting and vaping for 10 minute sessions. I do not feel you can compare the two because they're for different situations. I like the Firefly for during the day when I can take one or two hits and the bowl doesn't get burned out , and the Arizer for the evenings. “


    I would recommend Firefly 2+ to a client looking to get into vaping and an individual with cheaper hardware who wishes to step up slightly. You can't go wrong with a Firefly 2+; it's a stellar Vape, only with our UPENDS, ultimate perfection.



    How do I turn off my Arizer Air?

    Hold both buttons at the same time until it turns off.

    Does the Volcano warranty need to be activated?

    No. You're covered as soon as you purchase the Volcano.  If there is ever a warranty issue, you will need proof of purchase, though.

    How's the Firefly 2 Battery Life?

    We get about five bowls per charge with the Firefly 2

    Is the cotton in a Flowermate concentrate pod replaceable?

    Yes. You can use regular cotton, a stainless steel mesh, degummed hemp fiber, or any other medium you prefer.

    Are you shipping the newest version of the Boundless CFX?

    Yes! Our stock is the latest with all improvements, including Celcius temperatures and the improved screen for better airflow.



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