Fin Vape Pen. A Guide and Instructions of How to Use the Fin Vaporizer

    Fin Vape Pen. A Guide and Instructions of How to Use the Fin Vaporizer

    What is a Fin vape pen?

    The Fin vaporizer is an electronic cigarette that can be attributed to being among the pioneers of the portable e-cigarettes. The pen is very simplistic in its functioning and the amazing workhorse style has led it to getting so many fans.

    The pen is still among the most popular vape pens in the market till date. This pen has probably been used by any smoker who was transitioning to vaping after quitting smoking.

    The pen utilizes a simple one-button design that has a direct voltage feature that is powered by the 1100mAh battery. The Fin e-cigarette has the iconic 510 threaded connection that is used to connect the tank that comes with it.

    The tank is made of plastic and is assisted by a small port that requires you to use a proprietary bottle for refill purposes. The tank can hold more than 2ml liquid and the battery connection uses a USB charger to recharge. This pen can effortlessly give you up to 1000 puffs when fully charged. 

    Features of the Fin vape pen

    • The clearomizer tank is refillable
    • There is a LED light indicator on the button
    • Has a liquid capacity of between 1-2 ml
    • The pen has an automatic shut off timer when used for long
    • The device uses the timely button press to activate and to switch off
    • Can deliver up to 1000 puffs easily

    The ego-t vaporizer is the best pens when it comes to simplicity, going by the progressive nature of the vape devices being released into the market. The vaporizer just like any other device comes with two sections. The two sections are the battery and the tank only. On the battery, you will get one button that is used for activation and firing. 

    The battery also uses the same rubber material finish that is the trend in ego e-cigarettes. This rubbering makes the device easy and comfortable to have in your hand. The power supply system of the Fin still has the circular shapes that are similar to the earlier released devices. The bottom is flat and rounded but it is very different from other because it does not have the LED lights that light up simultaneously to show charging of the pen. 

    One reason that made this pen get so much liking from many people is the fact that you could use this pen with any e-liquid of your choice. The first release of the cig-a likes and vape pens gave the user limited options of versatility because they were self-contained. Users did not have any option for nicotine strengths because they bought a pen with a liquid already inside. 

    With the introduction of the Fin vape pen, there were availability of refillable tanks. You could use a tank, cartomizer or atomizer in any manner you prefer. This versatility was made possible by the availability of 510 threaded cartridges that gave the pen so much flexibility.

    Build and design quality of the Fin e-cig

    The Fin has a metal battery that uses a single operating button located at the center of the pen shaft. When you hold the pen in your hands, you will feel that it has some weight to it but it is not very heavy as you would think. On the button, there is a LED indicator that will show the activity of the device. 

    When you are charging your vape pen, the LED light will also light up. The battery is small sized and has a height of 7.6mm equal to 3 inches when the tank is not attached.

    With the tank attached, the pen has a height of 4.4 inches equal to 8.9 centimeters. The tanks that come with the pen have a 1.1 or 2ml capacity depending on the outlet that sold the pen to you. 

    Performance of the pen

    The Fin vape pen uses an 1100mAh lithium ion cell that is a more standardized size for most of the vape pens in the market. The battery capacity is strong enough and it can power the device for up to eight straight hours.

    The battery can power the Fin vape pen at 3.7 volts when it is fully charged, this means that it can last for a very long time. Charging the battery may take up to three hours and a fully depleted battery can do five hours of charging. 

    Heating tanks on the Fin vape pen

    The vape tanks that come with this pen are visibly different from the standard type of atomizer that you could find in the earlier versions of the battery. The batteries had a threaded top that were mostly made from glass or stainless steel.

    With the new batteries however, you get a unique design that looks more modern. The battery can be said to be fully polycarbonate and is made to be very durable and light.

    Vapor production of the Fin vape pen

    The coils used in the Fin clearomizer have varying resistance between 2.6 to 2.8 ohms. This range is good for a mouth-to-lung experience. The unit does not have any modifications but they are entirely unnecessary because the vape is generally excellent.

    The power output of the pen is good enough to give you a satisfactory vapor although it does not produce such huge clouds so that should be off your list in what you will find in the vaporizer. 


    The battery has a good holding capacity making the Fin a pen that can be used on a daily basis. The tank capacity is also enough for using on a daily basis but that only applies to smooth users who do not vape hard. For heavy users, you will need to refill your tank frequently because of the low capacity tanks. You get the freedom to add a 510 threaded cartridge with a higher e-liquid content if you need to. 

    The ability to use the unit is very impressive and when a beginner uses it for the first time, they might experience a few leakage issues and spillages in the process of refilling the tank. These spillages occur because there is a small opening for refilling. To efficiently refill the tank, you might be required to use a thin needle tip bottle that will easily get the liquid into the container. 

    Pros and cons of the Fin vape pen


    • The pen is very easy to use due to the simple design
    • The Fin has one of the best vapor production mechanisms
    • The device is lightweight and very portable
    • You get a rich flavor when using the pen owing to its coil technology
    • The pen has a good throat hit that is very soft with smooth effects
    • The battery is long lasting and you can use it for up to eight hours


    • The pen takes so much time to charge starting from three hours at minimum and when the battery is fully depleted it can go up to five hours when recharging.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    This disposable pod system has a built-in 350mAh battery that holds 4.5ml capacity of liquids. You are assured that you are getting a prolonged performance from the vape pen. With the unique thick cotton fitted base coil, the pen delivers a more superior and stable performance with every puff you take.

    This is free from pops and spillages. When using the Upone, you are equally using three 1.5ml capacity pods meaning that you save more money using UPENDS.

    Final thoughts

    The Fin vape pen is a good upgrade from the initial vape batteries that were produced. The pen still holds the smooth functioning that was there in the first pens but does not differ so much from the earlier version of the pen. The unit is a starter kit therefore it is not common to find advanced vape users having it in their collection because it lacks any adjustable settings and functions.

    With the addition of the  tank, the vapor production is consistent and good. Even with the small 2ml tanks, the vape pen has a 510 threading that allows you to connect higher content cartridges.


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