WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fetch Vape: SMOK Fetch Mini Vape 40W Pod Kit Review and Instructions

12th May 2022 | 65 | upends v

Vaping has gained popularity in the recent past because of its convenience in consuming the right amounts of nicotine, herbs, and even vitamins without any health disorders. Many people prefer vaping to smoking as it does not burn the herb to produce other secondary consumable elements that can pose a health risk.

Vaping could not have been as good as it is without the right vaping equipment.  The vaping equipment acts as an accomplice of getting the best hits from the best e-liquid or herb you choose.

Because of the high demand in the vaping industry, many vape equipment has been developed; others are counterfeit while others are original. For this reason, you need to single out one vape kit and use it to avoid the inconveniences caused by counterfeit vape kits.

In this article, we shall focus on the SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit as one of the best vape kits that you can always trust.

What is SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit?

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit is a vaping kit that is innovative and built with the latest vaping technology. It is visually stunning, a thing to boast of; it is developed with stylish AG Glass panels that give it a stunning visual look.

When you observe SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit from both ends, your eyes will be caught by a high-end and robust glass that combines to assure you durability and style. Apart from the physical look, SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit also comes with great features like a powerful in-built battery, Crisp LED screen, adjustable vaping wattage, compatibility with RPM and Nord coils, among other features that we shall discuss herein.

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit Review

We can review SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit from different aspects that we shall discuss herein. Being one of the best brands in the market, it’s good to understand it from all aspects, thus allowing you to make an informed decision.

Here are some of SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit’s notable features;


Every vape kit is powered by a battery. The battery plays a central role in powering the heating camber that, in turn, heats the herb or your e-liquid to create an inhalable vapor. SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit, in this case, is powered by a rechargeable 1200mAh capacity battery that is able to serve you for a day-long to let you enjoy the best vaping experience.

After the battery is depleted, recharging it is quite easy; you only need to place the Micro USB cable into the charging port and connect it to the power source. Allow it to sit here for 55 minutes, and it will be fully recharged, allowing you to continue vaping.

Variable Power Settings

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit allows you to vape at variable wattages varying from 5W to 40W. This is supported by the advanced technology that allows it to have wide power settings. The high variable power settings allow you to enjoy a quality vape and vape at a controlled setting to control the taste and amount of vapor you consume per puff.

Dual Air Intake

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit comes with a pod designed with a dual-channel that facilitates airflow through the top and broadside. With a mouthpiece with a wide diameter and a newly designed coil, you are assured of better and excellent taste from your SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit.

Perfect Match

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit has a perfect and frictionless match between its Mod and Pod. The place between the Pod and the Mod adopts a large area and strong magnetic adsorption. The magnetic nature makes the Mod and Pod perfectly match, which allows you to shake the kit thoroughly without breaking or hearing a friction sound. This will not only make vaping effective, but it will also let SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit last long.

Excellent Pods and Coils

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit employs two sets of pods and coils to give you the best vaping experience. With an RPM Pod that is compatible with the RPM Mesh 0.4 ohm coil and a Nord pod that is compatible with the 0.6ohm Nord regular coil, you can always count on SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit as the best for the best vaping experience. 

The Nord Pods and RPM have an excellent design that lets you change the coils to suit your vaping needs at different times. You can easily remove and interchange them thus; you don’t need an expert to replace them once they wear out.

E-Liquid Capacity

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit’s pods have a capacity of 2ml. This means that it can hold up to 2ml of your favorite e-liquid. This means that you can vape for a long time before stopping or taking time for recharging.

Diverse Colors

Depending on your home décor and fashion, you can choose from SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit’s diverse colors. You can choose from five stylish colors.

Oil and Dust Proof

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit is made from a highly oil-proof and dust-proof material and can easily and readily eliminate any liquid from its surface and from entering its interiors.

This way, you can vape a clean and hygienic vape without the risk of contamination.

High Build Quality

Both the front and the back of the SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit are made of high-end glass that gives a smooth and exquisite touch. Its 7H hardness allows your SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit to last long but still maintain its smooth texture.

SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit Specs

  • 76 x 42.8 x 18.4mm dimensional size
  • 105g weight
  • 5-40W wattage variation
  • 5-4.1 Voltage output range
  • 3-3.2 ohm resistance range
  • 00015s firing speed
  • 96-inch LED display
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Micro USB Port
  • 1200mAh Battery Capacity
  • 70:30 PG/VG recommended Ratio
  • 0ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • USB Charger

How to Use SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit

Using SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit is simple and straightforward. Many vapers, even those who are new to vaping, reported that operating it is quite easy, and they needed no prior knowledge to start enjoying the vape.

Basic SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit operations

  • To power it on, you need to press the fire button five times in quick succession. This applies too when you want to turn it off.
  • When you want to take a puff, press and hold the power button, SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit will cut the vape after 8 seconds.
  • To unlock the screen, press the power button three times. Once the screen unlocks, use the Left/Right menu keys to vary the wattage output.
  • Press and hold power ON and Left menu to delete the puff count.

How to Refill the SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit

  • On the underside of the pod, you will see an arrow.
  • On the tip of the arrow, gently lift and pull back to expose the refill port.
  • Insert the nozzle of the bottle into the Pod and carefully fill the pod.
  • Make sure you refill to or slightly above the mark.
  • Replace the Silica carefully to make sure that it reseals completely.
  • Leave the coil, pod, and the refilled e-liquid to settle for at least 10 minutes before inserting it into the device to start vaping. This allows you to check for leakages.


  • SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit guarantees complete seal thus no leakages
  • Easy to use, change the coil and refill
  • It guarantees you a quiet and smooth vaping experience
  • It comes in five adorable colors that you are free to choose from


  • It does not allow you to monitor the e-juice level
  • Both pods guzzle the juice


After taking time to review and read through this article, it is evident that SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit is the best kit to use and guarantees you the best vaping experience. Its outstanding features like the dual intake channel system allow you to get the best and wonderful vaping experience ever. Try SMOK Fetch Min Vape 40W Pod Kit today, and you shall surely see value for your money.