Farm to Vape: Farm to Vape Kit, Thinners and Terpenes Review and Instructions

    Farm to Vape: Farm to Vape Kit, Thinners and Terpenes Review and Instructions

    Are you a concentrate farmer? Do you know a store that sells concentrates? If yes, then farm to Vape is the right option for you. It creates high-quality vape terpenes and thinners that you can blend with any wax, oil, or concentrate on creating the best and easy-to-use e-liquids.

    The Farm to Vape company has done extensive research and given out the best formula that you can use to prepare your best e-liquid from any ingredient. Instead of buying an e-liquid, Farm to Vape gives you a formula for preparing the best e-liquid at home.

    In this article, we shall focus on the Farm to Vape e-liquids and how you can make your own e-liquid.

    What is Farm to Vape?

    Farm to Vape is a US-based vape thinner and terpenes company that develops vape products that allow you as a vaper to blend herbal concentrates, waxes, CBD, shatters, or rosins to create the best and customized e-liquid. The e-liquid realized her could be used in any vaping device.

    It was founded in 2014 by two ex-smokers who were trying to give a solution to vaping. After being in the market for a while now, Farm to Vape has stocked a wide variety of e-liquid thinners, accessories, and organic terpenes.

    Farm to Vape can ship your ordered goods before 1 PM EST on the same day and can take 2-3 days to deliver goods to you if you are located on the East Coast. With Farm to Vape, you are assured of 24 hours customer service support, and you are assured of rewards as their regular customer.

    Farm to Vape Thinners

    You can get thinners to come up with many vaping elements like;

    Turning Concentrates into E-Liquid

    After obtaining your favorite concentrate, you can easily turn it into your favorite e-liquid by following an easy-to-use Farm to Vape process.

    Here is the process;

    • Obtain the Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle and add 1g/ml of your concentrate to it
    • Add 2-3ml of Farm to Vape to the contents in the boilable dropper bottle.
    • Boil the content in water for 2-3 minutes before removing and shaking the content well.
    • Fill your favorite vape pen with the obtained mixture and start enjoying vaping.
    • Apart from turning concentrates into e-liquid, you can use thinners to;
    • Make Fruit-Flavored CBD E-Juices
    • Make Your Own Vape Oil Cartridges

    Farm to Vape Thinner Kits

    Farm to Vape allows you to access a variety of thinner kits that allows you to enjoy different flavors. The kits are designed to allow you to convert concentrates like wax, shatter, live resin, distillate, or CBD into your favorite e-liquid.

    Farm to Vape thinner aligns with the molecular weight of CBD or THC and does not contain PG or VG; thus cannot separate.

    Some of the best Farm to Vape thinner kits include; Farm to Vape Raspberry, Farm to Vape Strawberry, Farm to Vape Mango kit, Farm to Vape Grape kit, Farm to Vape Pineapple kit, Farm to Vape Watermelon kit, and many more.

    Farm to Vape Thinner Quarts

    Farm to Vape also stocks several thinners quarts that you can obtain in different flavors. Some of the notable Farm to Vape thinner quarts include;

    Farm to Vape One Quart Pineapple Thinner- This is the easiest way to mix your favorite e-juice using simple concentrates and oils. The Farm to Vape One Quart Pineapple Thinner blend makes use of high-grade PEG 300 and PEG 400; thus, you are assured of consistency, formula, and quality. This blend will not separate easily.

    Farm to Vape One Quart Raspberry Thinner- Farm to Vape One Quart Raspberry Thinner also uses high-grade PEG 300 and PEG 400 and comes with a Raspberry flavor. It does not contain any PG or VG; thus, you are guaranteed that it will not separate.

    Other Farm to Vape thinner quarts include; Farm to Vape One Quart Key Lime Thinner, Farm to Vape One Quart Watermelon Thinner, Farm to Vape One Quart Rainbow Candy Thinner, and many more.

    Farm to Vape Thinner Gallons

    Farm to Vape Thinner Gallons come in sizes and are the best if you want to create your own CBD or THC e-juice line. All the Farm to Vape Thinner Gallons matches the molecular weight of CBD, THC, and THCA.

    Some of the notable Farm to Vape Thinner Gallons includes;

    Farm to Vape One Gallon Grape Thinner- this gives you the easiest way to mix you’re your own e-juice using oils and concentrates. Here you are guaranteed quality, consistency, and a formula that cannot separate. If you wish to make your own prefilled cartridge, then Farm to Vape One Gallon Grape Thinner is the best for you.

    Other Farm to Vape Gallon Thinners include Farm to Vape One Gallon Mango Thinner, Farm to Vape One Gallon Key Lime Thinner, Farm to Vape One Gallon Pineapple Thinner, Farm to Vape One Gallon Raspberry Thinner, and many more.

    Farm to Vape Terpenes

    The Farm to Vape Terpenes allows you to realize all-natural strain profiles, flavorings, non-cannabis products that are accepted everywhere, and super-concentrated products.

    Some of the Farm to Vape Terpene strain kits includes;

    Farm to Vape Strain Profile Kits

    This gives a premium and flavorful blend in a 2 ml bottle. It is realized from the flavorful terpenes that are blended to give a cannabis taste but have no THC, CBD, or any other cannabis compounds.

    You can use the Farm to Vape terpene strains to give your e-liquid a natural and delicious flavor that will enhance the vaping experience. The Farm to Vape strain profile kits comes with a terpene strain profile and a boilable glass bottle that you can use to prepare your e-liquid.

    The Farm to Vape terpene strain comes in 2ml capacity but can be able to flavor an e-liquid with up to 100 to 200ml, thus effective.

    Farm to Vape Strain Profiles

    These are natural terpenes extracted from organic plants such as Lavender and orange. They come in standalone bottles without a boilable glass. With blended Lavender and Orange, you are assured of a pleasant and natural flavor that is delicious and rich. 

    Farm to Vape strain profiles only contains natural terpenes free of CBD, THC, PEG, PG, VG, and MCT.

    They come in a wide range of flavors like Lemon, Pineapple, banana to strawberry, and many more. 

    You can access the strain profiles in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml.

    Farm to Vape Terpene Isolates

    Farm to Vape offers terpene isolates that you can choose from five different flavors. The flavors include; beta-pine terpene isolate, citrusy, woody aromas, alpha-pinene terpene isolate, and beta-caryophyllene terpene isolate. 

    You can obtain them in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. This depends on the quantity of the e-liquid you need. 


    If you need a new way to create your own e-liquid, then Farm to Vape is the best helper for you. Here, you will have access to high-quality vape thinners and terpenes that allows you to convert your homegrown crumbles and shatters to a vape liquid of your choice. You can choose from flavorless terpenes or a variety of flavorful terpenes like mango, menthol, and many more. Try out Farm to Vape and change your vaping experience.






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