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Vaping is all the rage these days as people see it as an alternative to smoking. Vaping is equally great for people who have just quit smoking and people who just want to try something new. However, to enjoy the vaping experience fully, one needs to have the best possible vaping device. It is not always easy to find the best vaping device as one has to know everything about the vaping device before choosing it. Vaping devices can even prove to be better than smoking in many ways like you can control the nicotine quantity in your vape, which is not the case in smoking. However, the question still remains of how to select the best possible vaping device. We are here to answer this question for you. Element Vape is a name of trust in the field of vaping. We are going to tell you about Element Vape in detail in the article below.

1.      What is Element vape?

Element vape has been here for its customers since its inception in 2013. Element vape has a philosophy of providing its customers with more than they have paid for. Element vape is committed to providing our customers with an unmatchable experience and the best shopping experience. We, at Element vape, take pride in our services and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Element vape works in accordance with federal laws.




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2.      The Element Vape Main Products

As much as people are getting involved in vaping, they need a new brand to fulfil their vaping needs. Element vape is here for you to provide everything you need to have a wholesome vaping experience. You can have multiple vaping accessories from element vape. Element vape gives you all kinds of vaping supplies at reasonable prices without compromising quality. Let's take a look at the products offered by element vape, and then we are going to discuss each one of those in detail.

i.                    Starter Kits
ii.                   Devices
iii.                 Rebuildables
iv.                 Tanks
v.                   Accessories
vi.                 E Liquids
vii.               CBD
i.                    E Liquids
E liquids or vape liquids are what your vaping experience is based on. That is the reason e liquids are the most important content when it comes to vaping. They are also known as e juices vape juices and are used as an alternative to nicotine found in cigarettes. These elements found in these e liquids contain nicotine, glycerol or vegetable glycerin, glycol and propylene. You can also use water to add flavour. The importance of e liquids has made element vape provide you with multiple options for e liquids. You can choose the brand and flavour according to your requirement and choice.
  1. 7 Daze
  2. Air Factory
  3. Aqua Liquids
  4. BLVK Unicorn
  5. Bad Drip Labs
  6. Bam Bam Cannoli
  7. Bantam Vape
  8. Barista Brew
  9. Beard Vape Co
  10. California Grown
  11. Charlie’s Chalk Dust
  12. Coastal Clouds
  13. Cosmic Fog
  14. Elysian Labs
  15. FRYD
  16. Four Seasons
  17. Glas Vapor
  18. Gost Vapor
  19. Hi Drip
  20. Humble Juice Co.
  21. Innevape
  22. Jam Monster
  23. Juice Head
  24. Keep it 100
  25. Liquid EFX

You can order the vape juices of the brands mentioned above, and the following flavours are available for vape juices.

  • Vanilla Custard Vape
  • Ice Guava Kahn
  • Cali Kiwi Frost SALTS
  • South Beach Strawberry SALTS
  • Mahalo Mango SALTS
  • Melon Kiwi

You can order any of these flavours from any of the brands mentioned above and many more from element vape.

ii.                  CBD
CBD is a compound produced by the hemp plant and is short for cannabidiol. It is a non-psychoactive compound. The hemp plant has more than 100 compounds known as cannabinoids, but cannabidiol is the most commonly found. Every compound in the hemp plant has its own benefits, and CBD is famous for its soothing effects and benefits for its consumers. CBD interacts with the body's other endocannabinoid system and helps your body in many functions, like appetite, mood, sleep awake cycle, pain, motor coordination and others. CBD binds the receptors of the system in your body and strengthens its effectiveness. You can order CBD online from element vape, and you can have CBD ordered in these forms.
  1. Oil
  2. Topicals & Beauty
  3. Edibles
  4. Capsules
  5. Vape
  6. Pets

You can order CBD of these brands from Element Vape

  • Boulde Vape
  • CBDFx
  • Hamilton Devices
  • Humble CBD
  • Just CBD
  • NuLeaf Naturals
  • Ooze
  • Social CBD
  • Suorin

iii.                Devices

Element vape is committed to providing you with the best possible vaping devices. You are going to need a number of vaping devices to have the most wholesome vaping experience. These devices can include many devices like Mods and Pods kits. Mods are the modifiable box-like devices, and sub-ohm technology is used, which gives more vapour and more power to the vapers, giving you anan enjoyable experience. Mods, as the name represents, can have the material altered in them. Pods, on the other hand, are compact devices that are better choices for people who have an energetic lifestyle. Pods are stronger in impact and give you a comfortable vaping experience. Element vape gives you a variety of the best devices for vaping, which include the following.

  • All Box Mods
  • Temperature Control Mods
  • DNA Chip Box Mods
  • Touch Screen Mods
  • High-End Mods
  • Built-in Battery Mods
  • High Power Mods 150W+
  • Squonker Mods
  • Clearance Mods
  • Kits
  • Coils
  • Tanks
  • RDA’s
  • RTA’s
  1. Accessories

We at Element Vape are committed to giving our customers a wholesome vaping experience, and we go to every extent to provide our vapers with that. A complete and enjoyable vaping experience is not possible without having the right accessories for your vaping kits. All kinds of vaping accessories can be found on Element vape, and some of those accessories include.

  1. Batteries
  2. Rebuildable Tools
  3. Squonk Accessories
  4. Pre Built Coils
  5. Replacement Coils
  6. Gorilla Bottles
  7. MOD Covers / Cases / Wraps
  8. Cotton & Wire
  9. Drip Tip Material / Caps / Adapters

You can order the accessories of the following brands from Element Vape

  • A leader
  • Aspire
  • Boulder Vape
  • Chubby Gorilla
  • Coil Master
  • Demon Killer
  • Eleaf
  • Freemax
  • Geek Vape
  • Horizon Tech
  • Joyetech
  • Innokin
  • ONE Vape
  • Smoking Vapor
  • Suicide Mods

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  1. The Element Vape Reviews


  • Shigr23: Element vape was my first ever approach to vaping, and I have been in love with their products ever since. Element vape has provided me with every kind of vaping accessories I have every wanted. I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of their products and their best shipping services.
  • Joshua345: Element vape is the best thing ever happened to vaping world. I order the fruit flavored e-liquid from them and couldn't get enough of it. Element vape did not only give me a high quality product but also the prices are so reasonable that I’m hooked to element vape forever.
  • IsaiahV: When I quit smoking, I did not know that vaping was such a big deal. I tried vaping just to avoid smoking again and element vape was the first-ever shop to provide me with the best quality products of my requirements.
  • JanineS: I have been using Element vape ever since I have known smoking and they have never disappointed me in terms of quality or even customer services.

4.      The Element Vape Shipping

Your orders from element vape are shipped within 72 hours of placement with most orders shipping within 24 hours out of Element Vape’s facility. Customers are informed about the shipping of orders via emails unless the customers are residing in the Midwest and Eastern half of the USA. Customers in the western half of the continental US will receive their orders in 1-3 business days and customers in the Midwest or Eastern half of the US will receive their orders in 7-20 business days.

5.      Find The Element Vape Shops Near Me

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6.      UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Supplier

We at UPENDS provide our customers with satisfactory vaping supplies from different brands and retailers. If you are looking for a reliable partner for devices from Element vape, UPENDS is the place to go. We are going to give you everything you need for a wholesome vaping experience. From starter kits to liquid, we have everything according to your requirements.