WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ego Vape Pen Review and Instructions

1st Apr 2021 | 722 | ZengGreta

Ego Vape Pen Review and Instructions

Ego Vape pen refers to battery-operated electronic cigarette device which produces vaporized solution for inhaling. The idea aims at providing sensational inhaling of tobacco smoke minus the real smoke.

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EGo-t Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette


In our ego t vape pen review we feature the latest and most popular electronic vaporizer. This starter kit played vital role in kick starting vaping revolution. The eGo-t features amongst the pioneer innovative designs when you think of electronic cigarettes. It still stands strong as the highly favored device amongst new vapors because of simplicity with easy operation.

The ego t vape pen has tank cartridges that can hold up to 1.1ml juice. This drips the e-juice directly to the atomizer. You need the traditional type of cartridge fillers. The entire process creates magnificent vapor while maintaining the real strong taste that you can enjoy.

eGo-t CE4 Tank System

eGo-t vape pen includes a CE4 atomizing tank, an upgrade of eGo-w. The transparent vape tank holds eliquid, easily refilled directly from E-juice jar or through squeezable needle tip bottle.

CE4 tanks holds about 2ml E-Liquid, 100% easily refillable with the vape juice lasting quite longer when filled to maximum.

Each eGo Vape Pen features built-in 1100mah cylindrical shaped powerful battery to power you throughout the day. You can make up to 1000 puffs when fully charged. The device utilizes special vape tank we call CE4 clearomizer/atomizer. This provides a service of about 5 times more than other poor quality e-cigarettes.


The starter kit operates on 3.7V 1100mah rechargeable battery. It features power saving or safety function that protects against accidental discharges and overcharging. It takes at most, 3 – 5 hours for the battery to fully charge.

2. eGo AIO


The eGo AIO Vape Pen features an all-in-one style electronic cigarette device. It has an atomizer inside that adds great convenience to the user. It looks quite petite but very powerful that it produces large vapor you can enjoy.

Has greatest anti-leaking structure that can hold e-juice capacity of 2ml. The tank of eGo AIO electronic cigarette device has a twist atomizer cap and a five-click fire power supply button. The two acts as childproof that ensures maximum security. One has to press an atomizer cap so that you screw or unscrew it.

The eGo AIO device offers simplest and convenient way to use and has very attractive design. It comprises of a mixture of several colors with an indicator light. It has gained great popularity because of efficiency, uniqueness and simplicity.

ANSI recognized the latest UL 8139 version as industrial standard safer to use electronic cigarettes used in North America. It comes as the first vape pen to pass UL 8139 test to receive the UL certificate in line of industry.

The battery capacity of eGo AIO is 1500mAh and has dual circuit protection. This protects the battery against overcharge, over-current and over-discharge. It therefore makes the vape pen highly advanced and more reliable.

Spiral structure mouthpiece benefits the user with mouth inhale while offering maximum security. To feed the E-Juice, you need to unscrew an atomizer cap and inject it directly to a chambered slot.

In order to regulate air inflow, you have to rotate the atomizer cap ring either clockwise or anticlockwise. If both signs rhymes, the air inflow increases and 90o rotation either right or left reaches the least air inflow.



The eGo u vape pen provides an alternative way of changing from direct smoke from cigarettes. With eGo-U electronic cigarette device, you can’t go wrong and won’t regret at all.

Vaping world has better benefits than smelly cigarettes. For most people who prefer electronic vaping gadgets, you need something that serves you right.

The eGo-U electronic cigarette gadget comes in two different editions: standard eGo U starter kit and luxury edition eGo U starter kit. Each of the two have different battery ratings.

Standard eGo U

This edition has detachable mouthpiece, carefully sized top loading tank and rubber grip battery. It is lightweight, has good quality and attractive overall look. You can find it in non-identical colors and with color matching on tank and battery. Features attractive blue LED and connection bands made of stainless steel providing a top-notch finish.

The CE4 tank has dual coil and 4-wick system allows maximum absorption. You can easily fill the tank by unscrewing the mouthpiece then dripping down the chamber’s side.

The standard eGo U also offers ease of use in terms of cleaning, filling or charging. Even beginners can do the whole process swiftly. It comes with 650mAh battery power, perfect for beginners. It provides approximately 6 to 7 hours of vaping and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

eGo U Luxury Edition

Has almost identical looks as that of eGo U standard vape pen. Comes in three-piece style pen kit, carefully and stylishly designed. The luxury kit has small nifty zip case which allows easy carrying, alongside an extra battery for quick changes. It has slightly longer 1100mAh battery that makes it sleeker and appealing.

Furthermore, it features neat little looking dual coil, a 4 wick system for excellent flavor than standard kit. For convenience, the eGo U luxury edition comes along with two extra batteries and tanks.



eGo C twist vape pen comes in as third generation of most popular eGo-T and eGo electrical cigarette gadget. It has latest innovative technology of changeable atomizer system. You can easily and quickly remove and clean cost-effectively. You may use the dedicated atomizer on every liquid option or replace it for freshness.

The newest replaceable atomizer consists of atomizer head, cover and base. This brings big difference from the rest of electronic cigarettes. In case the atomizer brakes, you just replace an atomizer head.

Joytech eGo-C vape pen has huge 650mAh power battery. The battery features high safety, high magnification and high capacity for possible 800 puffs each day. You can enjoy realistic excitement of every smoke thanks to a double-air circulation system.

5.EGo Ce-4


You can confidently put aside the cigarette habit but enjoy smoking with eGo vape pen. This vape pen doesn’t produce actual smoke but sieves tar and other harmful elements present in cigarettes.

Ce4 eGo vape pen is a pioneer electronic cigarette gadget of meteoric rise in vaping in the entire world. As a stable and efficient electronic cigarette device, it offers you ease of use. Has powerful 1100mAh battery capacity and greater amount of juice that powers Ce4 atomizer and any pre-filled cartridge available.

The high battery capacity pumps very huge thick vapor one inhaled. A single full clearomizer tank can last more than 1200 puffs estimated as 3 cigarette packs.


1. How do you Charge ego-t vape Pen

The eGo-t vape pen electronic cigarette gadget usually comes with USB cable. You use the USB cable to charge the device before you can start inhaling thick vapor of E-Juice from the tank.

The ego-t vape pen features powerful battery that powers the vapor. To charge the battery inside the device, one end of the USB cable goes into the ego-t pen. The other end goes into either a laptop, USB wall plug or any compatible USB port. For the first time charging, leave the device on charge for about 12 hours. After that, it charges within 2-3 hours.

2. eGo Vape Pen Not Working

If your eGo vape pen doesn’t work, it might have some certain issues that you may fix. For battery issues, check the following:

  1. Make sure you have correctly pressed the power. Some models require clicking a firing button more than just once. Always have a user manual for guidelines
  2. Check if it requires a charge and ensure you have the right charger for the battery. The battery always gives signal when you make correct charging connection
  3. Check connection faults. Clean the terminal between the battery and the tank with cotton bud to clear dust particles or a gunk of vape juice

If the screen indicates lack of atomizer, check the following:

  1. Check the atomizer by rotating the device while you check for a possible crooked tank. The tank can damage when the device accidentally falls or hit in any way. You can arrange for repair or simply replace
  2. If the tank has the adjustable pin, ensure correct adjustment to suit desired mod
  3. Check the coil by ensuring it is not lose or vape juice has not clogged in the connection beneath
  4. Ensure you don’t over tighten the tank on its mod
  5. Clean the connection terminals for correct contact between the atomizer and the mod
  6. Check for the coil and make replacement if needed

If you can’t receive draw from your vaping device, look out for the following:

  1. Make sure the battery has enough charge and switched on
  2. Make sure the tank has enough e-juice
  3. Ensure clean connection of the coil and the vape battery. If it doesn’t respond, the coil is dud. You can experience this even when the device is brand new from the package. This might require a new replacement

How do I Use an eGo t vape pen?

  1. Unscrew the device’s mouth piece of the tank and look straight through the inside. At the center you can locate the venting hole we commonly refer to as airway hole. The liquid should not through the airway hole
  2. Unscrew the gadget’s cap on the liquid’s bottle. Tilt the tank on the side and insert the bottle’s nipple in the tank. Gently squeezing the bottle, drip the e-juice into the tank and let it run down into the tank’s system side wall
  3. Ensure the tank fills according to required capacity. For the first time feel, give it time so that the wicks soaks with juice
  4. Screw your mouth piece back, done within 1 to 2 thread turns to make it tight
  5. Screw back your clearomizer tank to the battery
  6. Turn the battery on by rapidly clicking the firing button 5 times. The button inside light flashes indicating connected good connection
  7. With mouthpiece in the mouth, press HIT button and begin to draw in. You press the button to atomize your juice while you inhale