WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

EGO VAPE, EGO AIO, EGO T. A Review of the EGO E-Cigarettes

4th Jul 2021 | 5 | upends v

The EGO vape e-cigarettes were created by Joyetech located in China. The Joyetech Company is believed to be the inventor of e-cigarette technology and managed to enjoy dominance over a long period. The current EGO e-cigarettes have been improved to achieve more vaping satisfaction while still producing elegant, fantastic, and economical products.

EGO vape pen

The EGO vape pen is considered a good and economical option for an e-cigarette. The vape pen has a simple one control button design. Its battery has an output of 100mAh. The pen entails a 510 thread that connects to the CE4 tank. The CE4 tank is made out of plastic and has a ting filling port more extended and filled with a special bottle refiller provided in the purchased package. The tank’s capacity is 2ml. The battery section of the EGO uses a USB-enabled charger to reboot the cells.


Features of the pen

The following specifications describe the features of the pen:

  • The vape pen tank offers a refilling option
  • The button option is a press and holds while vaping
  • With five clicks, the vape pen is activated
  •  The pen has an automatic safety shut down activated when the button is long pressed.
  • Available color options are black, silver, red, white, yellow, pink, and blue.
  • The battery capacity of 100mAh
  • The voltage output of 3.6 volts
  • Nicotine strength of 10 mg

Pros and Cons


  • The vape pen is easy to use with just one operation button 
  • Excellent vapor production is assured for every user
  • Lightweight and portable pocket size that can fit in one’s hand palm
  • Great flavor
  • Good throat hit without much coughing
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Long charging time of 5 hours

EGO AIO vape pen

The EGO AIO vape pen is the advanced version of the initial EGO vape pen. The pen is equipped with the top style for the airflow and it is adjustable. The airflow can be adjusted to give it a better mouth to lung draw due to the tight draws. 

The pen is an all-in-one device hence the name AIO. You can get the tank with removable mouthpiece coils and it appears to be more distinct from the other vape pens because it does not have any removable parts. The coils are built in and have the glass tank built in the surrounding to improve on their heating. 

The EGO AIO is known as a fully compact starter kit for beginners because it is very straightforward and simple to use. To get to the buit-in tank,push the top cap and screw in an anti-clockwise motion to take out the bottom coil. The bottom feeding coil technology used on the pen is also necessary to act as a child lock feature. 

When you take out the top cap, you will get to access the fillable ports located at the top of the pen. The tank is not removable and you are assured that it is leak proof meaning that even after prolonged usage, it still maintains the liquid content. On the glass section, there is a marking to show the maximum amount of liquid refillable to avoid overfilling that could cause a possibly of leaking or spitting. 

Features of the EGO AIO vape pen

  • The pen is one of its kind all-in-one design pen
  • It is built with an innovative technology for leak free devices
  • The devices uses a single button control system
  • The airflow is adjustable using a ring
  • The top fill is leak proof
  • It has LED indicators that come in seven color variations
  • You get a spiral wide bore drip tip for the pen
  • Built to use a bottom feed coil technology
  • It has a pass-through feature that you can vape on while charging             

Pros and cons of the EGO AIO vape pen


  • The pen is simple in design making it available for beginners who have quit smoking
  • The EGO AIO vape pen is a very versatile all-in-one devices
  • The pen has a smooth mouth to lung vaping
  • The device has a child protection safety feature
  • There are varied color options that you can choose from


  • You cannot replace the glass if it breaks
  • The pen experiences leakages when first used
  • You will be forced to buy a new tank if the initial one breaks
  • The device is a bit clumsy in the first usage stage and can give you a few spills

EGO T vape pen

The EGO T vape pen has gained so much fan base from vape users because it is a pen that can be used with any e-liquid. The pen is among the pioneering e-cig a likes that performs better. The earlier versions of vape pens did not offer much versatility as this pen does. Users did not have an option to choose the nicotine strengths for their pens.

The pen has been built to operate on a single button control design that equals as the temperature control button. The pen has an 1100mAh battery and it is one of the pioneering pens to use the 510 threading. This connection is very essential for connecting vape tanks.

The vape tanks have been built using plastic and they are helped by some little ports that need the use of eGo batteries for refill. The tank is designed to hold more than 2ml liquids and the battery system uses a USB charger for powering. This pen can get more than 1000 puffs when you fully charge it.

The EGO-t vaporizer is the best pens when it comes to simplicity, going by the progressive nature of the vape devices being released into the market. The vaporizer just like any other device comes with two sections. The two sections are the battery and the tank only. On the battery, you will get one button that is used for activation and firing.                             

The battery also uses the same rubber material finish that is the trend in EGO e-cigarettes. This rubbering makes the device easy and comfortable to have in your hand. The power supply system of the EGO T still has the circular shapes that are similar to the earlier released devices. The bottom is flat and rounded but it is very different from other because it does not have the LED lights that light up simultaneously to show charging of the pen. 

Features of the EGO T vape pen

  • The clearomizer tank is refillable
  • There is a LED light indicator on the button
  • Has a liquid capacity of between 1-2 ml
  • The pen has an automatic shut off timer when used for long
  • The device uses the timely button press to activate and to switch off
  • Can deliver up to 1000 puffs easily         

Pros and cons of the EGO T vape pen


  • The pen is very easy to use due to the simple design
  • The Fin has one of the best vapor production mechanisms
  • The device is lightweight and very portable
  • You get a rich flavor when using the pen owing to its coil technology
  • The pen has a good throat hit that is very soft with smooth effects
  • The battery is long lasting and you can use it for up to eight hours


  • The pen takes so much time to charge starting from three hours at minimum and when the battery is fully depleted it can go up to five hours when recharging.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The UPENDS Upcott vape pod introduces a simple yet innovative structure that saves you from unnecessary expenses and gives you a pleasant vaping alternative for a very fair price. For people who use disposable and prefilled kits, you get a reduced cost of up to 50%, making vaping affordable again.


The EGO vape pens have been remarkable in terms of performance in the vape market. The pens have been undergoing numerous improvement steps to ensure that users get only the best. It is with no doubt that we believe in the quality delivery of the pen. You can be sure that you are getting the best when using the vape pens.