EGO T CE4 Vape Pen Review. The Build Design, Performance, and More About EGO T CE4 Vaporizer

    EGO T CE4 Vape Pen Review. The Build Design, Performance, and More About EGO T CE4 Vaporizer

    What is an EGO T CE4 vape pen?

    The EGO T is an electronic cigarette that can be named as the pioneer pens to catch up with the public. The pen has a simple and functioning workhorse style that has gained so much recognition among vape users.

    The pen is still a very common pen within the vape market and you can still find many vape users having this pen in their collection. This device is still ranked as one of the devices to use when you are transitioning from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping pens.

    The EGO T CE4 vape pen uses a single button pen design and uses a direct voltage output on an 1100mah internally built battery. Just like how it was initially released, the pen still uses the 510 threading connection which connects the CE4 tank that you get when you purchase the pen.

    The CE4 tank used on this pen is made of plastic and has a tiny port for refills which forces users to use a special bottle for refilling purposes. The tank on its own has the ability to hold up to 2ml of liquid.

    The battery section of the pen has been fitted with a USB charging port and the kit also comes with a charging candle that you can use to recharge the vape pen. This pen can give you more than 1000 puffs when you get it fully charged.

    Build design of the EGO T vape pen

    The EGO T is one of the pen that speaks of simplicity when you mention it. Considering how much progress the vape pens have made compared to earlier days, you can confirm that this pen has a unique offering for the vape market.

    Similar to other pens, this device also comes in two parts which is the battery and the tank. The battery section has the one button on the shaft which can be used to activate the device, to control the temperature and also to power off the pen.

    The battery comes with a rubber like feeling that makes the device easy to hold. You can also get a circular or tube like shape just like the earlier devices. The bottom of the unit is rounded and flat and has no led indicator that is used to mimic the burning design of a cigarette.

    The removal of this feature by the ego company makes the pen less desirable to people who used to fancy the pen. The EGO T was not trying to be a cig a like pen like the initial ego devices. The pen is very unique and most probably a device that no one has ever seen before. The good side about this is that the pen was easily available and could easily offer whatever people were looking for. 

    The usability of the pen with other e-juice brands was another means that this pen managed to get so many fans. The early cig-a-like vape pens were self-contained and this meant that the pen did not have any options that would allow you to change the flavor and nicotine strength of the liquid already in the tank. 

    When the refillable pens from EGO T were introduced, the tanks, atomizers, cleariomizers and cartomizer of any brands were made to be compatible as long as the unit is a 510 threaded cartridge.  This made the EGO T one of the most versatile pens from the ego brand.

    The outer materials of the vape pen have a brushed metal which have a single button located at the center. The power unit has one of the most desirable weights you can get on a vape pen, it does not feel too heavy and does not feel too light at the same time. The button is fitted with a LED light behind it which will indicate to you when the device is on and when it is in use. 

    When the cell is charging, the button also lights up. From its size, the pen measures about 3 inches with the tank attached to it and it extends to 3.4 inches when the tank is added onto it. The CE4 tank of the pen comes in variations of 1.1ml or 2ml liquid quantity depending on whether you buy the pen from the vendor directly or when you buy from an online retailer. 

    The CE4 tanks of the EGO T

    The CE4 and ce5 tanks that are bundled with the EGO T vape pen could be said to be different from the initial style of atomizers that were sold with the old style batteries.

    The older batteries had threaded tips and were mostly made from glass or stainless steel material. The new design CE4 tanks have however been redesigned to a unique outlook and are majorly made from polycarbonate material. The material is exceptionally durable and very light at the same time.

    One beautiful feature about the CE4 tank is that is has a clear section that has filler lines which allows users to track how they are using their juices. The wicks fitted in this tank are made of silica and you will be able to see them from the clear section of the tank.

    The tanks on this pen are of 510 threading so it means they easily thread into the power unit. The fill port of the CE4 is not large and have never been. To access the fill tank below, you will need to take out the polycarbonate mouthpiece.

    Performance of the EGO T CE4 vape pen

    The coils found in the atomizer has a rated resistance of 2.6 and 2.8 ohms. This gives a very sufficient mouth-to-lung experience. The unit does not have any modifications available but such are very unnecessary because the pen has good consistency. The power delivery of the pen is enough to give a fulfilling vape but not so much of clouds so you should not expect so much of that with this unit. 


    The battery of the EGO T has an attractive capacity which makes the unit an all-day vaping pen. The tank capacity is also enough for holding substances for daily vaping but only for moderate vape users. For heavy hitters they will have to refill the vape pen more than twice in a day. If that process appears to be cumbersome, you can use a cartridge that has larger holding capacity for liquid. 

    Generally, the usability of the pen is much excelled and one thing to note is that first timers might be faced with leakage issues when refilling the tank. The small opening makes it hard to refill and that is why a needle tipped refill bottle needs to be used for transferring liquid into the container. This is the only way you can handle the small fill port issue.

    Pros and cons of the EGO T CE4 vape pen


    • The pen is pen is one of the easier to use devices
    • The vapor production from this pen is great and commendable
    • The pen unit is lightweight and greatly portable
    • You get a good throat hit when you use this pen 
    • The battery used on this device is long lasting


    • The charging time of the pen takes very long before it gets completely full.


    The EGO T vape pen is an upgrade from the original ego vape pen from the joyetech company that was released earlier. The pen still holds the smooth functioning of the first pen and it does not appear to be a very exciting addition. The EGO T can be considered a started device but cannot be considered for long term vaping purposes because it lacks the special adjustable functions.

    Considering the addition of the CE4 tank, the pens produce a good amount of consistent vapor. One thing the EGO T vape pen should focus on is the delivery of high quality potent hits. The tanks are only 2ml in capacity but the 510 threads makes it easy for a vape user to attach a bigger cartridge which has more holding capacity. 


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