WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eagle Energy Vape Pen. The Features, How to Use, and Alternative Vape Pen for Eagle Energy Vaporizer

30th Jun 2021 | 211 | upends v

What is the eagle energy vape pen?

The eagle energy vape pen is a different kind of pen to make it to the market. It is very normal to find marijuana, tobacco, wax and oil vape pens. But it may sound unusual to find that there is actually a caffeine vape pen.

The eagle energy vape pen uses caffeine elements to function and it comes as a complete pen that does not need to be taken apart. The eagle energy follows the trend that you can find in other companies and the trade seems to get very competitive day by day. 

There are many possible reasons as to why the caffeine vape pens are finally getting so much recognition. First of all, caffeine does not have adverse effects if you use them for a long time compared to the cannabis and tobacco compounds.

With a few variety to select from in the caffeine vape department, the eagle energy pens seem to have an edge over their competitors. The pens are filled with premium quality caffeine content that have been obtained from various caffeine plants and they have gone through a few processes and certifications to ensure that the products are of good quality and less harmful.

Features of the eagle energy pen

The eagle energy vape pen works like a normal vape pen and is very particular in use. The pen works solely with caffeine and is non-refillable. It is mainly considered a disposable and you can mainly use it for one time purposes. The pen features a pen that holds the battery, cartridge tank with a mouthpiece fitted on it.

The pen has a tiny air hole near the tank opening to ensure that there is a sufficient flow of air. The pen does not have any buttons so you are required to inhale and it will activate.

The eagle energy inhaler features a typical pen style of the battery that follows through the old school e-cigarette design. The pen was made to look different than the e-liquid pods to show the difference. The tank can hold 1ml of caffeine liquid that can easily give close to 250 puffs.

The pen is a good performer considering its small size. The clouds produced on this pen are not very huge because it takes a lot to vaporize the caffeine content to get the combustive components. 

By looking at the simple design of the pen, you get a very light t device that can be carried around anywhere. The battery shaft has an indicator light that shows the charge and activation of the pen.

It has a 280mAh battery that is sufficient for this kind of pen. At the base, there is a standard USB port that you can connect your charger to power up for more sessions.

Getting prepared with the eagle energy vape pen

The eagle energy vape pen is a very straightforward and simple device and with its design, it makes for efficient delivery. The pen will take less than 5o minutes to charge because it has a small capacity battery.

The pen looks very light and it might be tempting to think that it cannot deliver as expected. The pen carries so much action with it and this could be the reason why it is growing in popularity. When the pen is on a full tank of caffeine concentrates, the mouthpiece gives some effortless draws that are well regulated to avoid getting dry hits.

The button less design mean that to use the device, you will have to take a draw after checking that it is full charged. With no additional temperature control features, it is your inhaling habits that control how much you get from the pen.

You can choose to go for shorter inhales if you want smooth flavors with soft effects. If you want a hard hit, you will have to go for a longer and deeper inhalation to give the maximum hits.                

How to use the eagle energy vape pen

To use the pen, you need a pen that is readily charged, with a full tank of caffeine concentrates. The concentrates are non-refillable but there are a few tricks that people have been seen using to refill their own tanks.

The pen design of the eagle energy can be attributed to the fact that it carries the battery and tanks at the same time. The heating elements therefor cannot be taken apart and that means that you get a fully compact device.


When you take your pen and lock it in your lips, proceed to take a draw from the mouthpiece and do not stop until you feel the quantity of the vapor build is enough for you. The optimized heating system has been certified as being the best in offering quality heating that can easily harvest some clouds from caffeine concentrates. 

This pen does not have any refillable cartridges so when you are done using, you can replace the cartridge with a new pod. This will save you time that you would have spent trying to fill in your device with liquids. You therefore do not have to do as much as a vape user.

How to clean your eagle energy vape pen

Since the caffeine pen is a unique phenomenon in the vaping scene, you therefore need to take proper care of the tool. The pen has many internal parts including a cartridge, microprocessor, atomizer and a battery.

All these internal components need to be taken care of to serve you for a longer time but it all depends on how much you clean and maintain your device. 

You have to ensure that the cartridge is not having any leakages that drip into the atomizer. You therefore have to take apart the cartridge to clean the connection parts to avoid building up of dirt. Clean the exterior shaft to ensure that the openings do not clog when it has been used for long. 

To clean the cartridge holder, use a q-tip and a dab of isopropyl alcohol and wipe the device until you get a clear tool. Always ensure that you place your device far away from dirt or lint that could block the openings on the pen and cause it to malfunction.

Pros and cons of the eagle energy pen


  • Being a caffeine pen, it is a very effective way of ingesting caffeine
  • The pen has a simple design making it very easy to use and reliable
  • The pen has a good set up of batteries and atomizers making it a good performer
  • The draw to inhale feature make the device to be less cumbersome when using
  • The pen has a clean design that makes it appear attractive to the user


  • The pen is not versatile enough for multiple usage
  • The vape pen comes with pre-filled carts meaning that you can only replace them but not refill them
  • The pen is not very common within the vaping industry

FAQs about the eagle energy vape pen

Eagle energy pen not working

If you find that your pen is not working, there are many things that could cause this. You need to ensure that your battery is fully charged before you put it into use. If you check and see that the pen has some substance in it, you need to check if your tank has run out and get a new cartridge. 

Alternative vape: UPENDS


Because the Uppen uses an Etchip coil, you are sure that the pen gives you some good satisfaction. The pod coil has an enlarged surface area that allows for maximum heating efficiency and the mesh is of high resistance giving you a sustainable amount of satisfaction when you take the firs puff. This pen will give you value for money and you will enjoy using it.


The eagle energy vape pen has a good performance that you would equate to a vape pen and this is very remarkable. The pen is unique in its functionality and it is classy enough to be preferred by many people.

The pen has been optimized to use and internal temperature control system that works better for beginners. This device is also well prices making it the best option for caffeine vaping.